SnowBomber for BlackBerry PlayBook [Game Review]

By Jared DiPane on 29 Jan 2012 03:24 pm EST

When it comes to gaming on any portable electronic device, my preferences are a bit odd and I find it rather difficult to find games that meet what I am looking for. I would much rather a game that I could pick up and put down at any point in time without having to worry about hitting a save point, or being in the middle of a mission that I won't finish anytime soon. SnowBomber for the BlackBerry PlayBook allows me to do just this, and while the concept is very simple, and you could wonder just how much fun can be had throwing snowballs at snowmen -- the answer is a lot.

Once you launch the game you are presented with a pretty simple landing page, you can start the game play, view high scores or jump into the story mode. From here you can also toggle the sounds and you have the option to share with Twitter and Facebook as well. After jumping into the game play you have your controls on the left hand side to pause the game or to duck behind the wall, in the center is the sling to shoot the snowballs at the opponents, and on the right hand side is a table which builds up with various extras and perks to help beat the snowmen.

The snowmen pop up from the ground and the idea is to throw your snowball at them and knock them down, but the tricky part is they also throw them back at you. Luckily you can slice their snowballs and gain a few points for doing so, but be careful because careless swipes will also knock out your own snowballs. There are a few different size snowmen, each of them requiring a different amount of snowballs to knock them out, and as they grow bigger they also throw more snowballs at you each time.

Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours to pass by you won't want to miss out on trying this free game. Hit the link below for some additional information and to download SnowBomber for your PlayBook. 

More information / download of SnowBomber

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SnowBomber for BlackBerry PlayBook [Game Review]


I bought this game, it's great fun but it's meant for right hander's. If you're left handed you won't make it far

Pretty interesting. Not to sounds like an ass but, Jared, you sound like you smoked a big reefer doing this review. Put some enthusiasm into it. ;)

It was a really nice game at the biginning but there is some trick. I'm Dom in the log and I easally have reached 5,1M points. I played during a fuc*** hour the get there, I was tired so I let them killed me (was still full of life) and I don't know why but sometime the game doesn't save the point, so my score is not in the log! Anyway... Good game! But I tell you, there is some easy trick to never get killed and get a lot of point.

Dom agree with you there. just need to get low.
but then you miss a swipe.

this was what i played pre angry birds..