Snooby - A fantastic Reddit client for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 19 Apr 2013 12:06 am EDT

Looking to talk politics, technology or Doctor Who? Maybe you just want to see some rather hilarious GIF's or some lolcats? If so, Reddit is the place to check out and perusing the front page of the internet as it's called, is simple with Snooby. Snooby is a native Reddit client built specifically for BlackBerry 10 and offers pretty much all that you will need to get your Reddit on. You can login to your account and get your mail, vote on posts, leave comments, browse all the default subreddits plus, unlike some clients out there, you can also access all your personalized subreddits. The app comes as a free download but that's not to say it's entirely free. It uses an in-app purchase called Snooby Gold:

Snooby Gold unlocks the full suite of features for Snooby. Non-Snooby Gold users are subjected to a 50 token rate limit and every action expires in 24 hours. Currenty, voting costs 1 token while commenting, costs 3 tokens.

With that mentioned, the upgrade to Snooby Gold costs $1.99 and can be purchased from right within the app. While I've not blown through my tokens yet through normal use, if you're a hardcore Reddit user you just might need the upgrade. The developer, Amos Chan, is quite active when it comes to updating Snooby so I'm sure he'd appreciate it if you purchased the upgrade.Plus, good developers deserve to be rewarded for their work. If you're in need of a Reddit client, hit the link below to check out Snooby.

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Love reddit, alien flow is a nice app too

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Screen just turns white upon loading the app up?

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Might need to restart the device.


alien flow is much better


I've used alien flow and snooby, but I prefer the latter. Great app!

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I downloaded the free Snooby but it didn't really impress me enough to leave Alien Flow. Good to see there are options for people to choose from however. All part of great dev support for BB10. Just whichever one you choose to use, go on and upgrade to the full client and pass along your thanks with some cash :)

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Hello everyone, just wanted you know, we're working on a Native Cascades reddit client, the same that snobby, with much more features and and very good UX, can't tell you more information, but it's almost finished, also note that it'll be free ;)
Stay tuned.


Can you say what the name of the app is? Is it reddit in motion? Because that's the only cascades reddit app that I've heard is coming.


Edit: it worked.. just took a while to load for some reason. Would rather have the the images and sites open up in a new page with the "Back" button than the sheet with the "Close".. It's a pain to view sites and images /:

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Slow because it's HTML5 app, we're preparing a Native Cascades app, and it's awesome.


I found it quite hard to click on the images and links (there was a lot of lag) and I was kinda surprised that I couldn't invoke the share menu when I clicked on an image or link.

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I have snooty, it let's me go on all the subreddits

I also have Alien Flow, which I prefer, is unlimited voting and commenting and it uses Cascades, it only let's you see specific subreddits

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I use it quite often, only the free version, there is some drawbacks to snooty though, there is no way to open links in browser or at least copy links.
I do however like how it displays comments people leave because of the coloured lines you can see who replied to what. I wish there was a way to save sub reddit in it, maybe in the gold version you can but I'm not sure.

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R Field

I use snooby its a good reddit client

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I personally like alien flow a lot better

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I used snooby for a while but ended up buying Alien Floe

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Sweet!!! Love it!

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John Gee

I just checked this app out. It is the second bb10 reddit app I've tried. IMHO, Alien Flow is better.

Alien Flow has better use of bb10 ui elements, better use of screen spac, better share options built in... only problem is that the pic viewer is slower than just using browser link. (hence my interest in checking out Snooby) Funny thing is that Snooby is better in this regard ... if only it had a better pic viewer ui (i hate the close button on top left)

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Look forward to trying it avatsev!
I hope it includes ability to play videos within the app!

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