Video social networking with Snipper for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 19 Dec 2013 03:33 am

Snipper for BlackBerry 10 is a essentially a wall of video clips that users can upload for others to view. I know we already have the likes of Vine and Instagram (although not officially on BlackBerry - yet) so I'm not entirely sure whether Snipper will take off or not - but it's a nice application to say the least. 

As the app is an Android port I headed on over to Google Play to check out the reviews before testing it myself and things are looking positive. As you'll see from the video, the user interface is really nice - consisting of video tiles which you can glide through. Tap one and the video opens (with a choice of players as it's Android) where you can view it in landscape or portrait. Like many other social apps you can comment, like and even add hashtags.

With the ability to record video for up to a minute, and share via Twitter and Facebook, Snipper may just find a place in the market, but time will tell. It's free to download so why not give it a shot and see what you think? I'm keeping an open mind at the moment but would love to hear your views in the comments. 

Features include:

  • Film up to 1 minute video clips
  • Upload videos from your own gallery
  • Add #tags to your videos so others can easily discover them
  • Save your favorite #tags in “My Interests” 
  • Share your videos instantly on Facebook & Twitter
  • Comment on / like videos, let others know what you think 

More information/Download Snipper for BlackBerry 10



Sounds cool

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BlackBerry 's Kik?

Posted by Menshawy who's using Z10STL100-1/ and is anti Android ports on BlackBerry 10


Oh wait.. it's an Android port! *killme*

Posted by Menshawy who's using Z10STL100-1/ and is anti Android ports on BlackBerry 10


BlackBerry gift for today is 'Angry Bird'


For the Q devices, for the Z owners it's NBA Jam. Wish we got AB instead, but what can ya do.



Does this social platform have the potential to be worth 1 billion dollars without a genuine revenue source?

If not, I'm not interested ;)


C0038297E Quote of the Day!

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Pilot Prop

Was going to give it a try but it's not available for the Q10

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In last weeks I keep seeing too many Z exclusives :(

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I'll give it a try,why not? But I wish it wasn't an android port.
Wish we had instagram, vine,etc....

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No more android ports please.

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I tried to download and it says not available for your device.
So there goes that

Insanity with my Z-10

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