Play SNES games on your BlackBerry PlayBook

SNES BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 31 Jan 2012 10:15 am EST

Super Nintendo games on my BlackBerry PlayBook?? Yes please! Forums members A7omic and jtokarchuk have successfully ported SNES9x to the BlackBerry PlayBook -- which means you can play all the Super Mario World or Star Fox you want -- right on your tablet. Emulators are nothing new as there have been plenty of NES and SNES ports on various devices for years. Geeky gamers (like myself) love being able to play old school games on new school devices ... there's just something about it that is super fun. You can grab the SNES9x bar in the forums, but keep in mind you'll have to track down some SNES ROMs to play as well. Hit the thread below for the skinny on how to get up and running, and remember that you install at your own risk -- we take no responsibility if you break something trying to play 20 year old games :-)

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Play SNES games on your BlackBerry PlayBook



Adam, you might want to check into the legality of this.

I couldn't care less if users want to run SNES games, but I wouldn't want to see CrackBerry involved in a lawsuit.

I remember that when I used to download and play SNES games on my computer, the general rule was that you were only supposed to download roms for games that you owned (unless it was abandonware and the developer no longer sold it or enforced the copyright). Obviously there's no way of enforcing that, so people do whatever they want.

Whether that is legally correct or not, I'm not sure.

It's just my opinion that some of this stuff is better when it's not advertised in public like this, because then you get the "Hulus" who get greedy and say "no, you can't use this device because we didn't get our check from RIM."

This emulator is an open source project, and no one's publishing the ROMs. The app is even being submitted on App World

We have NES and GameBoy Advance emulators too from froggyface. Plus someone JUST released a SCUMM emulator!!!!!!

This is another example of a missed business opportunity. Why doesn't Nintendo just make an official SNES app and sell games! They'd make a fortune. There is obviously a market for it. I hate having to download illegal programs or seek out roms.... I just want to play my old NES and SNES games on my playbook. I'm not the type of person who wants to jailbreak or root a device. It's not a moral thing, it's an "I don't want to mess around with my playbook" thing. I just want to go on APP world, pay 99 cents and play an old game.

Companies try to hard to squeeze money our of the market but when a genuine opportunity to make money arrises, they resist. I don't get it.

I know Nintendo has their own handheld gaming device offering, but with millions of tablet computers out there, they're missing a golden opportunity.

You answered your own question. As long as Nintendo is a hardware maker they will never develop software for other platforms.

You do not need to "root" or "jailbreak" your playbook to side load apps.

Snes9x for Blackberry Playbook WILL run on non-rooted PB's.

RIM has provided the ability to side load applications onto their devices, this is mainly so that developers can load and test their apps and provide the a bar file to others who will test their apps as well.

You are not "messing" with your playbook by doing this, you are using the functionality that was provided to you.

As for the ROM thing, well .... no comment.

Great an emulator comes out just when I sold my Playbook =/.. I honestly thought the Playbook would have no future after Mike stepped down.. To my surprise they are working on a new Playbook and we are now seeing more games..

Now I'm really regretting it.. Well I guess I can always buy it again when Playbook OS matures more..

you just sold your playbook!!! just before OS 2.0 and all the good stuff that were announced including this emulator!!!!!!!!

If you sold it in september after the convention's lies I would understand but now!!!!

I don't have a playbook, but I saw billy lee from double dragon in that image and that is wicked!

I'll have to crack out the emulator for the tablet pc and go at it. :D (I'll need a USB controller to have some fun too!, both on that and my desktop.)

This is for sure a killer app. Awesome and works better than some emulators on other platforms. And the best is you dont need to jailbreak anything to get this working. If we keep the good job we will see soon other emulators. (MAME, N64...) I cant wait to play Killer Instinct 2 on my Playbook.

I'm still crossing my fingers hoping someone makes a Commodore 64/128 emulator for playbook. Mail Order Monsters is one title I wish Electronic Arts would revive...

Does the save game feature work in this? I just loaded up a game and got to the first save check point and saved it. Closed out Snes and went back to it later and the game is not saved....

Works like an absolute charm! Thanks for the hard work guys, your efforts are greatly appreciated :D

seriously everyone needs to lighten up, i understand people should respect copy right laws but these are super nintendo games! what like 20 years old? this is just a glimpse of what is possible with the new era of blackberries and everyone should be excited that rim actually has a product powerfull enough to run something like this

I've been waiting for this since I first started following the forum thread a while back. Thank you, A7omic and jtokarchuk, I have a new excuse to play Chrono Trigger, Killer Instinct, and the DK Country games!

(P.S. don't forget that you can connect your playbook via HDMI to a HDTV, so that should be a nice work-around to the controller issue until the drivers are released!)

I'm not really familiar with side loading. Can anybody help me with this? I have downloaded the .bar file to my computer. Do I just transfer it to the playbook now?

Just read this:
"Ryan_LR Ryan Robinson
Chrono Trigger on my #PlayBook through the SNES emulator! So awesome. Who needs the Android emulator when you have SNES?
31 Jan
Retweeted by BlackBerryDev"

What will nintendo think? :)

Nintendo should just do ahead and make an official one :D

When downloading the .bar file it only saves as 2 different folders. One called "META-INF", and the other "native". I'm trying to use ddpb installer to side load these files but it doesn't recognize them. I also tried just putting those files onto my playbook via "my computer" and dragging and dropping into the playbook, this puts the snes 9x icon on the playbook but when I touch it to open it the screen just flases and nothing happens..... please help me what am I missing??