Sneaky Sneaky.. Rogers Soft Launches Curve 8900??!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Nov 2008 10:52 am EST

Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8900

Clarifications/Confusion: Since posting this story I've spent the better part of the day trying to figure out the full details behind it, and I'm no further ahead - it seems to be a case of the left hand not talking to the right. On one hand, people have confirmed the 8900 appeared on Sales Central - photos of it have been taken on the computer screens as being available and people have called in and actually ordered the 8900 on upgrade and been told it'll ship in 3 - 5 days. On the other hand, sources have also said the 8900's OS has yet to be certified and that no official release date has been set (others are still saying it won't hit the street till January which is what posted a while back - though hoped it would hit sooner). Contacting Rogers for clarification didn't help as they can't speak about devices that have not been officially announced. The takeaway? Don't start harassing your local Rogers dealer for an 8900 just yet. Though it seemed today that the 8900 "soft launched" so to speak, until we get further word I'd just hold tight and be excited for it... at least until we hear the people who ordered today start taking delivery of shiny new devices.  Confused by all this? Me too. It's after 5pm on Friday. Time for a drink :-)

We knew it was coming, but for the most part though it would be another week or two at the least before you could order the BlackBerry Curve 8900 from Rogers. Turns out the device is now showing on Rogers' Sales Central system and if you call in you call you can order the device! Some details from BGR:

Soon Canadians will be able to exchange a cool $179.99 and 3-years of their life (with voice and data) to have the latest UMA-enabled BlackBerry. We've been told that those who don't want a 3-year commitment will be able to get the 8900 for $499.99 on 2-year with voice and data and $549 month-to-month. Other than that we know jack all because there has yet to be a press release nor has there been any internal communication to management or employees. 

Looks like I have one more item to put on the list of Christmas presents to buy myself! And yes.. that's just a hacked up Bold wallpaper on the image above :-)

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Sneaky Sneaky.. Rogers Soft Launches Curve 8900??!


i should have never doubted i have to wait for the phone to be on the upgrade system. Only a few more days i hope

It's my understanding that it's only on the upgrade system. It's my understanding that it's out of stock for new activations. People who are due a upgrade have already ordered.

I was talking with a rogers rep, a corporate one and he had no idea about it, so it must be circulating slowly, through the ranks and csr's


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I am with Alltel. Which means no matter where it launches, I won't be able to get it. We were lucky to get the 8330!

I'm gunna be first in line (well, in my town) to get this sweeeet bb curve 8900!! I'm soooo thrilled... *panting* damnit, 1 to 2 more weeks?!?!

Damn Rogers! I want the 8900 so bad...
Now I have to convince my boyfriend to take my 8310 so I can upgrade to the 8900...
I hate these soft launches!

So, it is only $20 cheaper than the Bold on 3 yrs contract? That doesn't seem right to me.

I am new to this, but why would someone get the Javelin over Bold for mere $20 difference?

i called customer retention, twice...
it's still in softlaunch mode which means it's not available to customers for shipping's technically not in their system. but they said within a few days it should be officially launched.

I saw this sitting on top of a counter at Wireless Wave/Telephone Booth aka Glentel a few weeks ago..

I remember thinking how odd, there wasn’t any promo for this or press release - and even thinking that perhaps it had already been released and I was out of the loop.

Perhaps Rogers doesn’t want to take away from either of their Bold or iPhone promos.

Just called Rogers retentions with no luck. The guy I talked to didn't know anything about it. Will call back in a few hours.

Spoke with someone at Rogers and they informed me that i cannot order it yet on the phone but should be able to pick it up in the store.

Spoke with about 5 different Rogers outlets as well as some stores and know one knew anything about the phone some thought i was confused and was talking about the 8300.

Called Rogers back and spoke with CSR and they had not clue and spoke with someone in Retention and they also said they haven't heard of this phone yet.

I guess still some more waiting. :(

I dont understand.. why would anyone go for this curve over the bold? Rogers has both but I dont see any advantages to this curve. Can someone eleborate pls?

Better camera, smaller form factor and cheaper price point. In addition, I love the keyboard of the Curve much more than the Bold.

I've played with the Bold but the size is a little too much for me to carry.

No one has this in stock, most dealer stores didn't know it launched, most CSRs dont either, it is in an update in one of the tools, but no one really read about it ..

as for differneces

the 8900 is UMA capable, and has a 3.2 MP camera...

The look of the phone is also different, the size of the phones is different not by much, but still
Volume/Size: 109mm x 60 mm x 13.5 mm (4.29 x 2.36 x 0.53 inches)
Weight: 109.9 grams (including battery)
Size: Approximately 114mm x 66 mm x 15 mm
Weight: Approximately 136g w/ Battery; 105g w/o Battery

I work for rogers and ever since i saw this post this morning i've been looking into this matter to see if it is true or not.....

1. The 8900 is NOT in the sales central system for new activations OR upgrades, perhaps the person who reported this mis-read one of the other blackberry models...

2. I have spoken with Rogers Dealer Support which is the be all and end all for information, again nothing about the 8900.

3. I checked out our companies inventory system, again no 8900 listed to sell.

Sorry to say but if this is happening, we will be hard pressed to sell something that isn't in our systems anywhere...

It's almost 2009, I don't want to buy a phone that is not 3G capable! This is the equivalent of Ford or GM rolling out a car that can do 20mpg while Toyota is making cars that can do 50mpg.

I felt the same way as you this morning, and I looked for it and saw the updated. I also work for Rogers, I am sorry the DIG rep you spoke with didn't know what he/she was talking about.

There was an update that this is available, it may not be available for HUPs or new activations because of stock issues or something, I don't know about Sales Central, I don't deal with it, but there is still information available in regards to the Curve 8900 if the CSR knows how to search for something!

Everyone on Rogers should check out the new BDVP - includes EVM, CID, WHO CALLED, 500 MB (BIS), 10,000 SMS & MMS. $30 - $10 credit = $20 - great deal to go along with the BOLD or JAVELIN!

by the time this phone is released from T-Mobile I'm gonna be dead....I'm tired of waiting...unlocked Bold here I come!