Sneak Peak of New Windows Live Services for BlackBerry

Windows Live for BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jun 2008 11:35 am EDT

Ronen just posted some screencandy and details on upcoming Windows Live Services for BlackBerry smarpthones. Here's the goods:

  • Windows Live Messenger offered with BlackBerry Service
    • Fully-branded client experience
    • Best-in-class BlackBerry push data performance and reliability
    • Picture Messaging
    • Emoticons and Avatars support
    • Addressbook integration
    • Multi-User chats
  • Windows Live Hotmail access via BIS-E v2.5
    • Real-time push delivery
    • Branded Hotmail inbox icon
    • Automatic Login easy integration support
Good stuff all around. Too bad this didn't come out two years ago... it may have prevented me from fully becoming a Gmail boy :-)

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any word on when this will drop? last i heard was this summer, but that's too vague and ebuddy just isnt cutting it


google talk is my all in one messenger program.


i just searched under software on the blackberry website and it comes up along with aim and yahoo.


but it's carrier dependent, doesn't work on any carrier other than t-mo actually, and only on the older "wheel" berry's not the "ball" berry's


All I can say is variety is the spice of life. So get which ever one makes you happy. Personally, I think the BB is the Bomb, so whatever blows your hair back....go for it :-)


Just burned 15$ on jivetalk last week for msn purpose only:(


I did the same last month


Yeah did the same, but JiveTalk works for me though


Anybody know if this is out and if so where to download it?


Looks good, better late than never!

I will be getting it.


I've been using MSN Messenger on Bell Mobility on an 8703e for the last month or so for free. Ever since it was announced in the 5/13/2005 Owners Lounge newsletter. Point your BB to

and see if you can.


Great tip, but only Bell and T-Mob customers will be able to download it, all others will get the message "We're sorry your device does not meet the software requirements" blah..blah..blah..


I wonder how picture messaging will work. I have Sprint so this would be a warm welcome.


Will work by using a the "Send a file option" much like how BBM allows for you to send a file now.


With the exception of the new BIS 2.5 upgrades MSN has been available on T-Mobile and Bell phones for a long time time now, I can even get the MSN client on my phone but it will NEVER connect due to the fact the provisioning for the services comes via RIM, it's carrier dependent so I'm hoping at this point they are removing the carrier depndancy but I doubt it cause everyone that cannot axxs it now from their device is forced to pay for it from their carrier, ie...Rogers charges a monthly fee to axxs MSN messenger currently.


Isn't this the one with OS 4.5???


I just im+ all in one I got that for free

Luis Lasso

When will this be available for us users?


So no one has mentioned if this will be availble anytime soon other than around summer...I'm with tmobile and the rason I upgraded my plan was to be able to have push email but I set up my hotmail and it still hasn't pushed through...its been a will this let hotmail users have push hotmail email so we don't have to use the browser and get our email that way?


BIS 2.5 (coming with OS 4.5) will gettcha Hotmail ;)


The page to download the IM has changed. You now press a search button and it returns available IM clients for your combination of phone/carrier. It now tells you to check with your carrier if the one you want is not available. Definately makes it clearer.


No luck for Telus 8330 users. Only Yahoo and Gtalk work. I think jivetalk is going to be the only good app for most of us.


Its already available in Mexico with Iusacell and works like a charm.