Sneak Peek: Facebook Version 1.6 for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 May 2009 09:44 pm EDT
Facebook Version 1.6
Second from the bottom... Facebook 1.6

* UPDATE 2: JUST ADDED a BUNCH of official info on the Facebook 1.6 updates below. Be sure to check these out if you're looking for the detailed goods on what's new in 1.6! *

* UPDATE: OOOPS, My bad. I was a bit distracted when making this post and forgot to include screencaps of the most exciting part of the update - improved in-app profile and photo viewing!! Screencaps below. *

Facebook version 1.5 has barely been out for a month now, and already there's word of version 1.6 being released before May is done. You can refer to our first post for what's coming in 1.6 and check out some screen captures of it in action below. Mainly incremental feature improvements and tweaks, but it's getting there and I'm sure hardcore facebook users will appreciate it.

Facebook Version 1.6 Screen Captures 

Facebook Version 1.6

Facebook Version 1.6

Facebook Version 1.6

Facebook Version 1.6

Facebook Version 1.6

Facebook Version 1.6

Facebook Version 1.6

Facebook Version 1.6

Facebook Version 1.6

Facebook Version 1.6

Facebook Version 1.6

Facebook Version 1.6

Facebook Version 1.6

Facebook Version 1.6

Official Facebook 1.6 Features and Upgrades

Facebook 1.6

Facebook 1.6

Facebook 1.6

Facebook 1.6

Facebook 1.6

Facebook 1.6

Facebook 1.6

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I want it now!! give it now!!


cannot wait to upgrade.....


Serously Facebook, what gives?

This still doesn't look as functional as the iphone version. not by a long shot.


its developed by RIM, not facebook. So all of this suckage is RIM's fault


My bad, I think we all can agree that this is inexcusable. Blackberries constantly get the shaft with software, we were the last to get Pandora, still haven't gotten skype, google maps on the storm is a joke compared to the itouch/phone, and we get to look foreward to an updated facebook app with less functionality than the iphone version has had for months. It just seems like software development is always low on the priority list for blackberry developers and RIM.


You should buy an iPhone


People are getting ridiculous. What are you guys expectingThe Iphone App is not much better. People on Iphone forums complain it is buggy and freezes their phone. I dont know what features you guys are expecting to be able to use on a portable mobile client. The only thing the Iphone app has that people actually use that is better is chat, for the feed support you need @ separate programs on Iphone. In addition the Iphone has a bigger screen so more real estate will of course show a better looking interface. Seriously its not supposed to replace your computer


I just want to see more features in the app, no more redirects to the mobile site. Profile views and more manager options. Also would be cool if it tagged actions done within the BB app as such, rather than just the generic "mobile" tagging.


I just want FB chat like the Apple version...if I am ever in wifi reception I just use my iTouch over my BB to look at FB =/


Any update is a welcome one! But yes, I would ove to see stuff like Facebook chat and better 'tagging'


What does the 'view highlights' tab bring up?


RIM's FB App still seems far too weak when compared to the competition. It does the job......but only just.
These incremental upgrades are welcome, but the App is in serious need of a MAJOR facelift.

Come on, RIM. Show us what you got!


I like the bigger icons and that they removed the archaic "poke."


the live news feed option...


not impressed, release a new version when its worth it


Enough with the little updates, bring a new app out already that is worthy. My iTouch has a better app.


Should We Be Happy "BIG" Change Hooray!!


So what are the big changes from 1.5?


when you go to the applications menu it says 1.6 now:) you should be happy, its +1 number


LOL.. got a good laught from that.. and it's true.


technically its +.1 number. sorry...had to correct you.


I alwaws heard of the facebook , but never use it. It seems like a very good app, and I will try it soon.


Guess they still did not add WiFi usage for the application. Hope to see that soon in future.


If you are connected to wifi, go to manage connections, service status and look for BlackBerry Internet Service. Next to connection it should show WiFi...

My understanding is that this means all BIS data is carried over WiFi...


people keep saying AWESOME CANT WAIT TO UPGRADE, but its just the same old crap... there is still nothing great about the app, the mobile site is x100 more functional then the app.


Like someone injected pure botox into facebook but it's not really fooling anybody...


I was hoping to see better calendar integration. Facebook events going into its own calendar means they won't propogate into my Outlook calendar, or be seen on my Today screen.

I gues it is too much to ask for a change log?


I'm sure I['m missing something really simple, but is there a way to NOT have it send messages to my bb inbox? I hated that feature with the last upgrade.


In the Facebook options screen uncheck the integrate with messages section.


Kevin its nice to see i am your number one friend on facebook. Oh wait its cuz my names starts with aa :(


wow... awsome !!

the new version of FB is very awesome...

cant wait for it...


Where's the FacebookIM support?!?!


I'm really not too concerned about the Facebook app after it made my Storm go crazy!....I DO want that fmylife application!


CrackBerry+BlackBerry+Facebook= One Huge Addiction
I have had my 8900 for only a few months and I am constantly finding new tricks,apps,software. I cant wait for the Facebook update. I did recently start using Opera Mini and found Facebook to work great on that browser. Oh one last thing, I entered the SimpleLeap contest a couple weeks back and won a free app! I chose Appettite and plan on using it today when I go shopping for the cookout tomorrow.


it looks great! i can't wait!!!!


should be a nice upgrade! can't wait to try it out! the photo browsing looks awesome!

and facebook for blackberry will probably never be like what the iphone offers. if that's what you're looking for...go get an iphone.


My mom has the 8330, and I got the Facebook App for when I use her phone (just because I love BB's and want one ASAP). And in no way is this app a replacement for the actual internet/computer version. It was wayyyy to simplified. I personally love the iPhone's FaceBook app and it really works well. So hopefully RIM will grab some ideas from iPhone and make them their own, and create an AMAZING FaceBook app that blows the iPhone's out of the water.


I welcome the additions. How long did we have to wait for the 1.5 release? The fact that we didn't have to wait 6+ mos. for these modest improvements is a good sign! Keep in mind that what gets released was in development for quite some time. I'm sure there are more goodies in store to get this application up to speed with its iPhone cousin...


Wow it's a lot more of a change than I thought. NICE!


Release that puppy... We need it!


Can't wait!! When is this coming out?!


This app seems to be more in line with the MySpace, finally!


At least it's an improvement. Hope it looks good on the Storm.


Well done finally.. Some changes that needed to be there from first version! It is an improvement but we will still wait for 2.0 ;)


"NOTE: Facebook 1.6 is not supported on smartphones with trackwheels."



I hope it works with the (unofficial).148 OS for the Storm. I had to downgrade my facebook app when I switched to .141 :( , and I'm about to switch to .148.

I thought I was the only one to use the mobile site for everything! I only use the app to check updates, lol. Anyone else on the same boat?


The greatest benefit of Facebook is that it has many groups on the site that you can join. So if you are interested in Chicago Cubs you can research Chicago Cubs in the groups section and you will be able to find friends on there that like the Cubs. This is just one example, I know that you can join groups of your favorite football team, television show, or whatever you want for the most part! If you can't find a group for your interest, you can simply create one!



Looks like they are making progress into a better app. I am excited to play around with it.


I'll be happy if they fix the notifications, I miss several a day. I can only presume this is due to the forwarding an e-mail to my handheld that is then supposed to be picked up by the app, but it doesn't seem to happen that way for me.

Pokes are the worst, I poke someone back, they poke me back and I never get it. It's really odd.

The Gift

Until I physically get to play with it, I'm actually quite impressed...I'm not a hardcore user of facebook...just like to read "friends" status comments and view the odd the update is welcomed by me.

Actually I wouldn't mind if they implemented the live news feed into the app too.

C Los

I upload the Facebook app to my Blackberry Bold which is hooked up with my Enterprise Server at work and I was no longer able to update my contacts from my desktop in real time. I finally had to Wipe my berry completely. Just be wary about the app's ability to "Intergrate" itself with your contacts, calendars, or like.


The photo viewing feature looks very similar to the one in the myspace app.


they need to offer video upload already, dammit!! as well as the ability to remove yourself if you are tagged.


it would be nice if this now was able to sync events from facebook with your google calendar. :)


I've been looking forward to this update for the facebook. Already at 1000 hrs on May 28th i'm a little skeptical about it's release today.
Keeping my fingers crossed for the update to occur in the near, and I mean very near, future.

Oh and for those who can't resist complaining about hoe the iPhone app is so much better read this: Being a formal iPod Touch owner I must say the application was rather absurd. Not only did it quit within 1 second of launching the application but it also does not contain many features. These would include the ability to notify you the very instant you receive a new message or post or anything. At the same time, you can't automatically update your contacts and calendar on your BB through the FB app but rather must purchase a stupid 3rd party app to do so.

If you're so keen on insulting the BB and not realizing it's true potential, why don't you just chuck it down the drain and buy an iPhone and give yourself and us a break from idiocracy?


So... Where is it? Not on App World, not on the BB/FB d/l page either...


its no surprise that the app is not available yet. RIM seems to be known for pushing back the dates. Im excited tho


i just noticed my FB ap is 1.2. how do i get it to upgrade to the latest version?


I keep checking the update a few times daily. Cant wait for the update??


well then use ur Itouch and I phones GEEZ