Sneak peek at auto check-in app Magic4Square

By DJ Reyes on 16 Sep 2013 06:00 am EDT

If you're a frequent Foursquare user, this app may be your cup of tea. I'm a huge user of Foursquare, the location-based social media app. I love checking in to my favorite and regular spots and also discovering new places too. Trying to keep my 'mayorship' in some areas makes using the app fun to use too as I compete with friends in the local area. Oftentimes, when I'm in a rush or preoccupied with either chatting away on BBM or communicating via email, I'll forget to check-in to a venue. If I'm not too far, I'll check-in but most of the time I don't like to check into a place less I'm actually there.

Enter Magic4Square, from the developer of ReadItNow. The app that automatically checks you into your favorite venues. This app is perfect for me. I take a walk into town almost everyday and go to more or less the same store to pick up food shopping and other essentials. Now, with Magic4Square, I can preset some of these places so that I am automatically checked in, no need for me to do anything. I must say the app performs pretty well.

When you first launch the app, you have to enter your Foursquare credentials and allow Magic4Square permission. You then start adding the venues to your list. There are a few steps required to adding a venue but once done all you need to do is have the app opened when you leave the house and the rest is taken care of. 

To add a venue first find the location. You are presented with a map of the area around you and just move around the map until you find it. This can be a bit tedious but guess this app is just made for your favorite local spots. Once you have found the location, you then select the Foursquare venues button then choose the venue from the list. After that, you choose how and when it will automatically check-in. So, you choose how long you must be at the venue before it checks you in. Minimum duration is 2 minutes, maximum is 15 minutes. Last step is to choose how far from the venue you are before Magic4Square starts the process of checking you in. This helps a lot as sometimes it can be hit and miss at how far you in reality. So being able to choose helps. At the beginning, I set it too 16ft but it would never check me in as it would always say I was more than that distance away, even it I wasn't. 

Setting up Magic4Square

When indoors too it doesn't always pick up a signal so it can't check you in. I found this to be the case when in a Mall or similar building. So, again, being able to adjust the distance helps.

It's a pretty slick app and I highly recommend it if there are venues to you visit and check into often. You can check out the video above for a quick look at Magic4Square. The developer has said it should go live in BlackBerry World in the next week or so. We should look forward to there being a free version and a paid version. We'll keep you posted on when it lands in BlackBerry World.

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Sneak peek at auto check-in app Magic4Square


I am lucky and a beta tester of Magic4Square. Been using it for a while now and I don't want to miss it anymore. Snatched back some mayorships with it, since often forgot to checkin manually and lost some recently :) I am definately going to buy it when my beta expires.


I'm in contact with the developer of magic4square since several months via BBM. I'm absolutely sure the NSA isn't funding the development of this App, the whole development process would have been a lot easier, I'm sure. ;-)

I'm also spending a incredible amount of time to develop native BB10 Apps (like ClipMan) and my girlfriend is always asking why I "waste" so much time in the front of my PC. If the NSA would found my small Hobby I could create a lot more stuff without problems, because then I would have a excuse! :-D
Do you know how I could get in touch with someone from the NSA which is willing to pay my bills? :-)

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I was wondering if this kind of app existed. This is good news. I would definitely get it.

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Thanks Reyes, I can't tell you how many times I forget to check in. This will certainly come in handy.

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Neat app, FourSquare dabbled with automatic check-in on iOS. This certainly fills a gap for some.

Sounds like set-up could be easier.

This takes the whole point of checking in, and the fun away from me. Then again, OP stated if he wants to keep the "mayor " title then it's the right app. I don't see the point of making a major at a place though.

I love letting every one know where I am and where I go at all times! Oh wait, no I don't...

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1. Set up to post to Facebook.
2. Forget it's on.
3. Visit favorite gentleman's club
4. Profit!!

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I'm also a beta tester for magic4square and I'm absolutely impressed how well it is working, even before the first release.
In case you're already using ReadItNow you may have realized how many love the developer has put in all those small but important details which turns a solid App into a great App! And this is what we're always asking for, great native Apps... aren't we? :-)
In case you're using foursquare you should visit BlackBerry World in about a week or two to get this App. :-)

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