Snatch a pre-owned BlackBerry PlayBook for $99 today only on CowBoom

By Michelle Haag on 17 Jan 2013 02:35 am EST

If you're in the market for a back-up BlackBerry PlayBook and just don't want to shell out a ton of money, CowBoom currently has a great deal on the 16GB wifi version. You can pick one up for just $99 plus $5 shipping today only. The only catch is that these are used PlayBooks and therefore may have some cosmetic imperfections and the like. CowBoom is a Best Buy brand and offers a 30 day no hassle money back guarantee on every purchase as well as the option to add a 1 or 2 year protection plan.

This looks like a great opportunity if you're thinking of installing a PlayBook in your car or want an extra for the kids to play with. There's no way of telling how many of these BlackBerry PlayBooks CowBoom has in stock for this deal, so if you're interested you won't want to delay. You can check the deal out at the link below, and let us know in the comments if you got one!

BlackBerry PlayBook on

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I don't think the Playbook is ultra thin compare to the IPAD..
PLaybook is more Ultra Mobile than THIN.


A part of me thinks RIM should have just waited until BB10 to release the PlayBook. Imagine how nice the PB would be if it were being announced/release in a couple months from now. Its not like RIM accomplished anything by releasing it almost two years ago(damn time flies). I love the PB but it could be so much more, cant wait for the Z10 to fill that void.


But then the Playbook would sell at $599 instead of $99.
Also the Playbook gave them the experience to be used for developing BB10.


I'm not saying they should have never made the PB, i'm just saying they released it too early. RIM should have never released it without native e-mail, calendar, contacts etc. If it were as flawless as it should have been I'm sure people wouldn't mind paying the premium price.

I love the PB(I have one) but i'm just a very harsh critic.


They accomplished a lot. PlayBook was a Qnx BB10 beta test.


RIM could have done the developing of BB10 without release a half-baked tablet a year ahead of it having e-mail etc. Imagine if that were the first BB10 phone.


Doesnt work for addresses outside the US.

Oh well.


Is there somewhere I can go to find out how to do this?


Is it possible to buy it abroad?


eBay is your friend. This isn't that good a deal---you can get 16GB models for less than this, and 64GBs for not much more.

omega supreme

I don't think this is such a good deal considering you could get a new one for $169 nowadays...not to mention that if you were to buy the 2 yr warranty it would cost you pretty much the price of a new one or come close to it.


Does the playbook have a offical kindle app?


I don't think so, but it can be side loaded:

FWIW, I don't own a Kindle or a Playbook, but read Kindle books on my 9900 all of the time. It does work, but you have to think outside of the box.


Doesn't much matter - Kindle's on BB 10 - Woot! Woot!



New and faster playbooks are on the way for later in the year.


If I could install Skype I would buy it.
Friends and family doesn't have PB


Microsoft has to make the app for you to be able to install it. Don't skimp out.


Microsoft is already working on it. They are building skype that will use webrtc, which means that if browser support webrtc they will be able to use all skype functions


I just ordered one YAY!

I will see how it looks when I get it to see how the quality is and go from there.


I have a playbook already, but if anyone is waiting, DON'T WAIT!!


anyone know of a reputable ebay seller? might get me one of these....


Not that great a deal. Pre-used 16GB for $99, or brand new 32GB for $147 CDN? Mmm, I know which I bought. Oh, but I got my 32GB on sale for $118 CDN.


Awesome! Just ordered one :D


I want to order one...but can someone explain to me what "44601P" means? I found that the 4460 is the cpu/gpu used for the blackberry playbook LTE, but couldn't find what the "1" and "p" means. Thanks.


plunged. saw enough good word about a simple, easy return policy (worst case) and a fair mention of conservative condition grading (best case).