Snaptu- A Multi Resource App For Your BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 7 Oct 2009 09:03 am EDT
SnapTu Bringing Widgets To Your BlackBerry

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This is a great application that seems to have been overlooked on the blogs, but certainly not in the forums. While digging through the forums and App World my girlfriend pointed out Snaptu and one of the threads which explains it quite nicely. I had not heard of Snaptu until just then so I installed it right away to check it out.

Snaptu is a widget based application which is customizable on your BlackBerry and offers a wide array of "applications" to choose from. Everything from news to Google calendar right up to Twitter is covered in Snaptu and is done so in a small but well running interface. Some portions make it seem just like a mobile launcher but for the most part everything is integrated in the application itself. Be sure to check Snaptu out today, I think you'll be impressed with it.

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Snaptu- A Multi Resource App For Your BlackBerry


I made it to the Blogs Front page. Wow. i feel special. This is a slick app tho. I use it all the time.

I see the gmail icon is different than mine. This one has a "G" next to it and an arrow on the bottom left corner of the icon. I use gmail daily on my bb, but it only has the gmail icon "m envelope". Is it the new version of gmail? I went to and it's the same version I currently have which is 2.0.6. Where can I get this one shown in the screenshot?

Great intention for an app.. real smooth but i find a lot of the features stripped from each sub-app..

SnapTu has replaced completely ultrabugged RIM Facebook client and i also enjoy other widgets as well. This is perfect app for people that have limited resources on their BB and prefer to have one lite app with basic but essential functions than bloated apps that finally trashes your BB in memory leaks offering only slicker interface and implement poorly functions non avilable in Snaptu. I am happy that one of my preffered apps finaly gets presented on Crackberry blog :=)

I remember trying this app out a while back but was not impressed with it. It was quickly deleted and forgotten about until this moment. I like this new version. It is fast and sleek. I have removed some of the channels I don't use, added in some new ones, and have moved this program to a prominent place on my menu. This is a keeper.

I liked the idea of Viigo, but could never get that app to work just right. It seemed to slow EVERYTHING down. Snaptu is sleek and fast, and I love the way the touch screen works.

Too bad there wasn't more stuff geared towards US things, rather than UK, like the movies section etc. I still prefer the Facebook app to this, but its nice for other things

I like this App. I recentely found out ant started using this App. It's like a one-stop shop for the Blog-World.

I just d/l the latest version (1.25) and don't see the last 3 icons (Gmail, Flikr, & Sudoku) on my App. Is this photo taken from a paid version of the App??? I originally d/l the App from the web. Shortly after, I went to d/l it from BBApp World, but canceled b/c it was an earlier version(I think it was 1.23 on BBApp World).

for the record, how is this version of facebook better than facebook bb, and socialscope? this is ridiculous.

You have to use it to understand. It brings all of the apps you use on a daily basis into one app. Facebook is a full featured client that is better than Blackberry's and socialscope and, and the twitter client is very good too. You can actually see older posts. It has an excellent news reader, and you can sync your google news. Plus dozens of other apps.

It's what Viigo should be, or should have been by now.

That is until I actually downloaded it and used it. I had ubertwitter which is a good stand alone twitter client for example. I deleted that app quickly after seeing that twitter within snaptu gives me the same info and options that I used on ubertwitter. Snaptu is still making updates. Just last week it got a facebook upgrade. I'm thinking of ditching the facebook app for this. However, I will be missing out on some of the extra features offered by the actual facebook app. Im so close to deleting facebook. You get alot with this app for the amount of memory it uses. I even have it auto start after a reboot thanks to the Startmeup app. Heck I have a 8320 which means I dont have as much memory available to me as the newer phones do and I always leave snaptu running in the background with no problems.

When I click on an icon to add it, it adds a different one then I selected. Anyone else have this isssue? I have an 8830. Awesome app though, I just need to be able to get the right apps on here. The first few work, but after scrolling down a few it starts having the problem. I reported a problem to them, which is an option in the menu.

After downloading and setting it up, I've come to the conclusion this is one sweet app. It does work as advertised, and that is of great worth. Thanks for the review.

I am deleting Viigo, Ubertwitter and Weather Lite apps-this one does it without using so much memory. It's fantastic, the more you explore it the more you find! :)

It's great!

I almost can't believe it, but it's replacing a bunch of apps. It's as good as AddOnIs for me.

Phenomenal lightweight app that incorporates much of what other individual apps do. Can import Google Reader links automatically!