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Snaptu For BlackBerry Updated To v.1.2.8

By Bla1ze on 5 Feb 2010 10:14 am EST
Snaptu For BlackBerry Updated To v.1.2.8

Snaptu, the widget-based application got a version bump up to v1.2.8 from the previously available v1.2.7. Sadly, I cannot find any definitive change log but from my use it does seem to have sped up the application a little bit more and you can now add a Google search bar to the main screen, were as before it was just a widget. 

Since Snaptu allows for multiple widgets to be created from within the app, you can add quite a few of your personal favorites: Twitter, Picasa, AccuWeather, RSS News Reader, Live Soccer Scores, MyMovies and the list goes on from there. I personally enjoy the Google reader widget since Google has yet to give us a dedicated solution. But I digress, you all can ask Adam how he feels about the situiation - he'll appreciate your concern, and of course be sure to check out Snaptu. ;)



I d/l this yesterday and like it better than viigo...i got tired of the memory leak and snaptu seemed to alleviate that...

then I get a prompt this morning to update complied with...and now; all I get is connection errors with it...guess I'll have to uninstall/ times...

any one else?

**and this happens using regular cell data..."Connection failer. Check your internet settings."


looks like blackberry service is down, that may be why you can't connect.


Last time I checked it didn't support WiFi.


I love this app. I wish they would allow users to add currenly installed applications icon to the GUI. Anyway love the weather app, the google reader and the app overall.

One downside is that it reeks havoc on my Tour Battery.


I just installed Snaptu a few hours ago and it really is an amazing app. I've been looking for a good RSS Reader for my Storm for awhile now and Snaptu came to the rescue!

Anyways.. yes, the ability to add currently installed apps, like MSN Messenger, AIM, Bolt Browser or hell, even a few games would definitely be major. Maybe such a feature will be included in the next major update.. eventually.. but since it's free and really has a lot to offer, I can't complain.

By the way, never even heard of Snaptu until CB made a post about it, so thanks CB!


I have the BB facebook app and UberTwitter installed on my BB curve 8530. Now I get alerts when a new tweet or Facebook notification arrives. I just installed snaptu and like the twitter and facebook apps better. They seem to run faster. If I uninstall the Other independent apps Will I continue to get alerts through snaptu?


it works after three re-boots...or the service is back up...


I love my snaptu!!!!keep em coming!


Oh Sh*t, this has Flickr on it?! :D
I downloaded the BB Flickr app awhile back but it just caused CONSTANT reboots on my phone every hour or every hour 1/2. They immediately stopped when I deleted the app.


Viigo has been deleted - this app is AWESOME. Fast, and very full featured.

A keeper!


The touch interface on my Storm 1 is driving me crazy. Nice that it responds to the slightest touch, but it always responds to the slightest touch!

The Twitter and Facebook apps are usable, just underpowered compared to Ubertwitter or Blackberry Facebook dedicated apps.

The RSS reader app is disappointing. I imported my Google Reader feeds, no problem. It does not seem to have any synchronization with Google Reader as to read items, new feeds, etc. Maybe that will come in a later release.

Viigo was better than Snaptu for Twitter and RSS reader functions. But Snaptu is much more memory-friendly.


does this work with wifi only i.e. no data plan? what about wifi only with data plan? ive been waiting quite a while but it doesnt seem to work...


Oh my god, the flickr app on this program is amazing. It's not even very slow. It's pretty quick, it's pretty, it's functional, it's fantastic! You can do pretty much anything you can do online on the PC with flickr, right on your phone.

If you're big on flickr, I'd get this app just for the flickr aspect of it!

Otherwise, the other stuff is good too, but I don't use facebook (don't have one), twitter (don't have one), and most of the other stuff is all intended for the UK.


its a cool app but doesn't support click on Storm devices:(


Umm... works flawlessly(so far) on my Storm though!


i was going to use snaptu for twitter and facebook but found snaptu real slow, ubertwitter and facebook app are way better. uninstalled


yes, you can use snaptu without wifi or a data plan, at least on my blackberry i can.
the only thing i noticed with the update is you can zoom in on pics people post on twitter and you can add a google search bar to the main screen and different language selection.


Why don't you guys review "Unread", the great Google Reader app for Blackberry? See