Snappy - A native BlackBerry 10 Snapchat app is in the works

By Bla1ze on 7 Oct 2013 09:38 pm EDT

While the likes of Instagram, Vine and Snapchat are still missing from BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 smartphones there has been plenty of news about those apps coming from indie BlackBerry developers. iGrann is stepping in where Instagram is slacking and Whine is stepping in for Vine. So what's happening for Snapchat? 

As seen above, the folks from Surge Co. Apps are working on Snappy, a native open source Snapchat app for BlackBerry 10 based on snapchat-php that has been ported to Python for BB-Py Project. Although there's not ETA for release as of yet but the app just being in the works is good enough news for some folks.

Of course, if you REALLY need Snapchat on your BlackBerry right now, you can always sideload the Android version but nothing beats having a native version to make use of. I suggest giving Surge Co. Apps a follow on Twitter if you're interested in following along with their app development.

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Snappy - A native BlackBerry 10 Snapchat app is in the works


Snappy. I dig it. Kudos on the name choice. I shuddered when I heard about iGrann and Whine.

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Shame it took this long for people to start working on Snapchat and Instagram apps, but it's nice to see them coming nevertheless.

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."

Seems like it took Alec Saunders basically saying that we shouldn't hold our breath and wait for Instagram any time soon for independent devs to step up.

It makes sense. I wouldn't want to to work on an app, just to have an "official" version drop into BlackBerry World and take my audience. Being told that that's not like for some of these apps makes it easier to commit to development. And good for them! We (as a community) need to make BlackBerry the best we can, since it's clear that BlackBerry the company can't.

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I think these devs are BlackBerry themselves. I mean that that I think BlackBerry is actually doing the coding of these apps and posing as small devs

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They're not, the iGrann dev didn't even had a DAB and I know the Snappy dev, they're not BlackBerry, just devs.

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Maybe you should read the poet. It is pretty clear that it is indie developers

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I did read it mate. Just saw a big coincidence how suddenly we are getting Instagram, Snapchat....

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I guess we had to go private first :/

Just glad things are picking up on the app side :)

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It's a 3rd party developer not BlackBerry or the original creators so what makes you think they won't come??

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Hi. Dev here. I can promise that it will come. Follow along with development! Https://

Join the Surge Co. BBM Channel! C001213C9, follow @surgecoapps on Twitter for the latest news!

Thanks,much appreciated. I personally think BlackBerry should have a special category for these that step up to the plate early.

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I don't use any of those apps but that's nice that they're coming. My shop does use instagram so I may have to grab igrann

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Really? That would be pretty evil. I could do it though.

Join the Surge Co. BBM Channel! C001213C9, follow @surgecoapps on Twitter for the latest news!

take a video using another phone :p, a picture will do if you are quick enough.

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It seems like we're gonna have a very happy end of year with the 10.2 and all these wonderfull 3rd parties

I think so too, it's not and won't ever be the same feeling as native, see the change with Photo Studio, it's amazing, native is literally being home...

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While I'm really happy about all those apps, I'm still bummed out that the companies still don't want to develop their on release!

I'm trying to be as positive as possible, but those companies really boil my temper.

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"You can always sideload the Android version but nothing beats having a native version to make use of..." - this is becoming norms...

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I think if I had snapchat my girlfriend might start sending me some "happy" pics. So let's get this going

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Once, Android was thought of as the home of Indie Devs... not any more.
BlackBerry may be in trouble but you can't say we're not being catered for with Native apps.

Now, all BlackBerry need to do is remove the useless and junks apps from BlackBerry World and curate the best app store on any platform...

Not that I don't love the way the camera is permanently sideways on my sideloaded version. But this is great!

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BB10 is a complete new platform with just 7 months in the market, I'm pretty sure that with that small amount of time neither iOS or Android have the ecosystem that we already have...

It's damn frustrating that there's so many ignorant and stupid a**holes always posting BS here because they don't have this or that shitty little preatty thing and they are over and over again whining and complaining like mamas boys!!

I'm BLACKBERRY and always will be, if you don't like this... stop complaining and go ahead and change to another platform nobody is keeping you from doing that!!

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Chill. Everybody who doesn't like BB10 is moving to other platforms. Just be patient... it take time. A lot has been accomplished in a few short years and pretty soon all the complainers (including me) will be gone.

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Whaaaaaaaat!! Yeyeyyeyeyeyeyeye!! I'm actually So pumped right now!! :D First iGrann, Then Whine and now Snappy!! :D That's wussup! Keep us posted with the updates! I'm following their Twitter page! I'm loving my BlackBerry right now(Always Have) just SUPER duper Loving it right nowww!!!! #Snappy #TeamBlackBerry #BB10Swag #BlackBerryGang

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I'm not a snapchat user, but I'm all about having options available for people who are. Thanks devs!

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So hopefully if the third party apps take off, it will put some pressure on the original devs to release native apps themselves.

Actually there is already a third party app in the works for Vine called Whine! Haha. Pretty ironic isn't it!? Can't be mad though because at least they're coming to BlackBerry! :D #IAintMad :):) #TeamBlackBerry #BB10Swag #BlackBerryGang

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Great, another app probably violating a company's TOS :)
If they all go through and appear on BlackBerry World, it sends the signal that BlackBerry welcomes outlaws with open arms ;). So much for attacking Google Play...

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Gunna make a small suggestion to the blog posters at CB: Don't post anything about big name apps till they're actually released. There's no point in getting everyone riled up, including those who wish the worst, so that the app doesn't get released at all. If it's in the forums and it's being discussed there, it should stay there till some announcement or bar is avail. Snapmate is also in development and as far as I can see, you guys seem to dismiss it completely, demotivating the dev entirely.

Stay quiet till the app is released, seriously. Don't blab about it, it's in the forums anyways (which I see you guys didn't even link to either).