How to get Snapchat on your BlackBerry

While it isn't officially available for BlackBerry 10, you can still download Snapchat on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone right now.

By Adam Zeis on 18 Jun 2013 03:30 pm EDT

If you're into sending photos to your friends but don't want the files lingering around - Snapchat is the app for you. It's a simple free app that lets you send photos or videos to your contacts with a set expiration time - so they'll have say, 4 seconds to see it before it's no longer available. It's a bit of a novelty but still fun to play around with.

Unfortunately Snapchat is not currently available for BlackBerry 10, but thanks to the hard work of some CB forums members, you can sideload Snapchat to your BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 right now. Overall it works pretty well,  videos don't seem to be working and I did have some issues on my Q10 though like the app not showing the proper camera orientation, so you have to be a bit crafty when taking photos. Other than that I haven't run into any other issues thus far.

If you're into giving it a shot it will take a bit of work but we have help for both Windows and Mac users to get it done. You'll need a bit of time along with some debug tokens for your device, and keep in mind that after you convert the file it will only work for your specified device. You won't be able to send the BAR along to anyone else for their own use as it will be tied to your personal PIN.

Up to the challenge? Head to one of the links below to get started. The directions are pretty straight forward but if you have any issues you can drop a comment here and let us know. If you need help sideloading we've got you covered there as well.

Download the Snapchat APK

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How to get Snapchat on your BlackBerry


I used a regular BAR file I found in the forums which works fine, do some searching if you don't want to do any converting mumbojumbo

Seriously for every native app made available we see up to nine or ten ports of which a third require me to sit in front of my computer rather than visit app world. SMH...

Posted via CB10

Lol exactly why sexting is never 100% safe. Even if they came out with a feature to also deactivate screenshots/other apps from invoking the screenshot, someone could use another device to record the screen.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 & loving it!

On other platforms the app informs the sender if the other person takes a screenshot. From what I can tell though, on BB10 it must not detect the screenshot through the Android runtime because it doesn't say a damn thing. Ha!

I see features like this good for resources too. I send a lot of pictures screenshots around to family or friends. The screenshots are usually nothing worth keeping for more than 5 minutes and would be great if people didn't have to worry about weeding through the good stuff I send to delete the useless stuff. Then again we are starting to move away from phones that even need housecleaning at all.

Yeah this has been possible for a while now. I posted the Snapchat BAR file in the forums a couple months ago. A converted BAR works fine, no need for the debug workaround, that doesn't make any difference.

Posted via CB10

I have About 3 bar files all different versions. Video one is a little glitchy but it works fine. Also you cause just use a regular bar file instead of using the debug token.

Posted via CB10

I attempted to use this link last night and it wouldn't work. I would get to the download page and then nothing. Am i supposed to do this from my BB browser or on my cpu?

then what do i do? after i download it to my computer that is.
to be honest I am not familiar with bar files or sideloading apps. this is my fist attempt.

Yeah I've been using one from for a while now first one they released was buggy didn't work well so I did some searching in the forums found the updated link. Only issue I've really had is it sometimes freezes and forced to close and camera orientation issues but other than that I think it's good.

Posted via CB10

Don't want to be a downer but its getting kinda depressing with all the articles on how to get (insert popular app name here) on your bb 10 device and it doesn't involve going to BB world and downloading it...

Glad there is a way to do it...too bad its not just downloading the app.

Hopefully things will be simpler once Jelly Bean arrives in 10.2 later this summer or--unfortunately--in December 2015 if you're with an American carrier :( :(

Posted via CB10

Whatever version I got videos work fine :S ( sending ) not tried receiving.

I have realised on the WWE app whenever a video would play on android of iphone crashes on blackberry so not sure if its not supported the videos through android player or something

The videos on my wwe app work fine. I got my bar from goodereader. What version do you have?

Posted via Vader10

What's the point of snap chat just wait for BBM to come out for all platforms and let everyone else get BBM.. just saying?!..

Posted via CB10

Currently bbm doesn't have the ability to set a time limit for file transfers or an auto delete function.

That being said most of the code is there, why doesnt BlackBerry just bake snap chat capabilities into bbm? Should be easy to do, file transfer code is there, would just have to add a timelength function. Patent issue?

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

Uhh this has been working since the first snap chat bar file. Have had it since AT&T launched z10 and it works fine other then you never know when you get a picture until you open the app

I really wish BB would stop wasting their time with the big name brand apps like Instagram and focus on bringing up and coming apps like Snapchat and Vine to BB10. Those two apps are really going to blow up over next months, almost all of my iOS/Android friends use these two apps everyday (a couple of which refused to switch to the Z10 cause of these apps specifically). Even Instagram is feeling the pressure from these two and are bringing short video messaging to its app from what I heard. The bigger these apps get the more stuck up they'll become and the less likely they'll show up on BB10, BB needs to seriously realize this before its too late.

BB needs to get in the mindset of them not being able to land the big name apps like Netflix and Instagram etc. and finding worthy replacements for their OS.

Why would BlackBerry make any effort to bring Snapchat to BB10 when BBM cross platform is imminent?

Posted via CB10

Snapchat and BBM are two very different apps, thats like apples to oranges.
I guarantee BBM going cross platform will not be a hit for BB. The only scenario where somebody on iOS/Android will use BBM is if they are directly communicating with someone on a BB device. I don't think there will be any iOS/Android to iOS/Android BBMing, there are so many apps right now that connect the two platforms already. Cross platform BBM is too late to the game.

So glad to have this app up and running for my Q10. little slughish at times, and the orientation issue is a bit of a pain at the start but totally worth the time. hopefully things will be better with the 10.2 update

Loaded the one from this page and I am unable to modify my mobile number under settings and when I try to "Find My Friends" nothing shows up like it is not loading the contacts. I'm using a Verizon Z10 on has anyone had success with a different bar using the same OS I am on?

Hello, I used the debug token method to sideload candy crush saga but when I try to convert this apk file, dropping it on the command convertandroidapp it opens the command and the closes but nothing happens. Could someone tell me how to fix this? I tried with other apk files I downloaded with apk leecher but then it says,error installing bar file
file does not exist or is not a file or cannot read

Can anyone tell me how this can work again. It's really weird because it worked just fine before hand.

I had it already and can confirm it works. It can sometimes get the orientation wrong and be a little sluggish overall. It's still better to have it than not.

Posted via CB10

God that's the bbm problem u decide to get a BlackBerry have fun enjoying cross platform apps in the end who is missing out the BlackBerry user with a superior phone and no apps or Android users who have tons of friend connected apps

Posted via Z10

This link wants to download an .exe file and install a video player. I stopped the install. Did anyone try this or is it malware?

I have downloaded snap chat, after the downloading I tried to open it but they say *unable to open*. :/ what's the problem?

I am really bad at technology but I have still been able to do all the steps, but when I slide snapchat in my playbook app manager, it says that it's a package app. Does it have anything to do with the token? (veryveryvery bad at technology) I had one from BB website but I don't know how to put it in my cellphone

Hi, so I downloaded the snapchat bar file and it starts working but it then tells me that i need google play services and won't let me do anything. I downloaded an apk file but the playbook app manager kept on failing it. what's the problem?

I have just recently have upgraded to the latest OS, allowing the download of android apps as I'm sure you all know (just noting that I'm on the same page). SnapChat IS available on 1mobile market, and I am able to download the APK file. However when I attempt to install the program to my phone i immediately receive a message saying that "there was a problem while parsing the package.". This greatly saddens me, because i have been waiting for this moment since i purchased this phone. I know it sounds SAD, but I would really appreciate some help.


Hey im.managed to sideload snapchat on my z10 version 10.2 but anytime I try to register it says I need to upgrade? Help plz

I'm getting frustrated because once I installed Snapchat on my BlackBerry Q10, it said I needed to upgrade Snapchat to the latest version. Also, I tried to do install more things on my computer, from watching this youtube video on how to get Snapchat, and it's still won't work! So i'm starting to think this Snapchat on a BlackBerry is not true. Can anyone help me!

I installed the apk onto my q10..i like thi version of snapchat and it works fine EXCEPT the camera is sideways? how do i fix it? help!!!

So i downloaded snapchat onto my BlackberryZ10, from the link on here but the snapchat version is extremely old and the camera appears blurry. It is like version 1.1 and i can't add anything to my story, record videos or even write text, Help!

Very interesting post! fairly described. YoTurf app ( is also an iOS mobile chatting app available on App store for downloading. This app is specially developed for introverts. Snapchat is somehow different feature rich app.

I installed Snapchat using Snap (Google Play client). It successfully installed but its prompting for Google Play services when run.

After install the apk file into my blackberry leap, when i launch a pop-out message says "get google play services", so when i try to install google play services, an error says "unable to install app".
help needed.

Yeah, its been an on-going issue for a while. As of now I don't think there is any way to get a working snapchat app for BB10 :(