Snap2Chat - Native Snapchat client for BlackBerry 10 enters public beta

By Bla1ze on 15 Dec 2013 01:41 am EST

Over the past little while now we've heard from a few developers working on native Snap Chat clients for BlackBerry 10 but none having been as vocal about it as NemOry, developer of Droid StoreWhere's My Phone and more. After having laid out the basics of the app previously, NemOry has been working hard to get a beta release out and it's now available. You'll need to grab your USB cables and load up the .BAR file to test things out but once that's over here's what you can expect.

  • Major Changes: Send Snaps, View Snaps
  • Design: Bright and Dark Theme Options, Customize Title Bar Color, Customize The Main Tabbed Pane, Pull To Refresh ,Better Loading and Faster
  • Camera Features: Set Front or Rear Camera, Set Aspect Ratio, Set Flash Mode, Set Shooting Mode, Set Focus Mode, Set Scene Mode
  • Edit Features: Edit Via Built in Picture Editor, Set Snap Lifetime, Add Caption (Simulation for now but doesn't reflect to the final snap)
  • Viewing Snap Features: Timer ticks until snap expires, Tap To Load, Double Tap To Reply, Press and hold to view snap
  • Send Snap Features: Send to unlimited number of friends, Reply to a snap, Send a specific snap to a friend
  • Now Supports: 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 and above, All Devices (But only tested: 10.1 Dev Alpha C and 10.2.1 Z10)
  • Bugs Fixed: Loading Multiple Times Bug now fixed, And many more (I already forgot ahahha)

Again, this is a public beta so not everything is in place yet but it's off to a fantastic start and should you download it and give it a go, please offer up feedback to NemOry​ on how to further improve the app. You can do so in the CrackBerry Forums or through the various other options listed on his announcement post.

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Snap2Chat - Native Snapchat client for BlackBerry 10 enters public beta


Welcome man :) really happy for the progress I made. Another update should be next week again :)

Posted via CB10

I personally don't see why Snap Chat has such an insane valuation attached to it..BBM is better than snap chat, and kik. All these companies with such insane valuations.. its only a matter of time till the deck of cards fall off.

Posted via CB10

Snap chat is for d ick pics and nude pics for teenagers, that's it. It is not a messaging app in any form except quick pics and videos

I like bbm overall. I made this app for everyone who wants snapchat though
I am.also liking it now :)

Posted via CB10

snapchat for networking is amazing, the chance of your photo/video getting seen is apt higher then any other platform in my opinion

If I had to guess why people enjoy snap chat I would say that it has established a presence on all of the major platforms and it gives the air of greater privacy with its self-destructing messages.

I'm not saying that all of you are wrong, but for the most part you're all wrong. SnapChat is great because it allows for an easy transmission of photos or a quick "Hey check this out," you don't' have to tack a photo, go to your text, search for it, and then attach it, it's as simple as snap and send. The disappearing aspect of the photos also allows for a much more casual atmosphere. Take instagram for example, you can't go around taking pictures of every little thing that happens to you that day, but with SnapChat it's more acceptable to send the less important things in life. The video and drawing functionality are also extremely useful. Sorry, nothing competes.

I love BBM too (and never heard of snapchat), but don't discourage the dev. People like options. Support your friendly neighborhood BB Devs. :-)

I can't wait to try from this great developer!! I wonder when videos will be worked into there. I'm sick of my android one not being able to send videos from my Q10

Posted via CB10

Really? I'd say video should be your highest priority. The functionality broken in the side loaded android app is all related to sending/receiving video. If you aren't going to implement it until later, why is this more appealing over the Android app which at least somewhat supports video?

Posted via CB10

It's native.. I hope you know the difference of native and android port performance. Video is coming up but for now, you can just choose a video from your card, not recorded with the app. :)

Posted via CB10

Good to see there are some great devs out there doing great work for BlackBerry apps. I don't care for SnapChat, but it's good to see a native app being written

Posted via CB10

I agree, I don't think I would use it as I am an old dinosaur, but it's great to see devs making native apps. All the power to them!

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry App World still sucks nothing in it can't believe new phones but same shit no apps that's y glad I'm getting out going to android gave blackberry a 2nd chance but still in the same hole

Posted via CB10

I sideloaded SnapChat some time ago and found lil to no use for it. However, I'm excited to see someone take the steps to make BlackBerry World selections even better. BB10 is an amazing platform that is crutched by its lack of top apps. Hope to see more from this developer.

'Mens Fashion & Lifestyle' bbmc:C001214D9

That will be a ways away for most BlackBerry users, and I'd really rather see the Native dev community be as robust and supported as possible so I'll buy this when it's ready.

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It's a form of instant messaging that uses only pictures and short videos, it's really popular among teens

Posted via CB10

That's normal for other browsers like chrome. Try a different one. Or just rename the. Zip to. Bar

Posted via CB10

There are a TON of bugs that I ran into already, but this is an excellent start for when the full version is released

I'm going down with the GrooGrux King

Can you please let me know the bugs? Also the device and os you're running? Thank you :)

Posted via CB10

Will notifications be added? My main problem with the Android version I sideloaded is no notifications. So sometimes I'll go hours without seeing them.

Posted via CB10

Ahhh it feels great to be able to use snapchat on my Q10 without having to worry about which way to move the camera

Posted via CB10

it can only send to snapchat users not on your phone book directly. but it will be able to retrieve contacts from phonebook and will be able to check if they're on snapchat or not. next version

So is this snap chat like u can have cross platform friends? I have a side load of snap chat and it works great with exception of the flash

Posted via CB10 with Z10

Why can't I register a new account? I'm just getting an error message that's not giving an answer to help me troubleshoot. E-mail or user name chosen or make sure all fields are valid? How do i know which?

Posted via my BlackBerry Z10

What are the legal implications of this? I don't believe that SnapChat have released an official API, so isn't this APP in violation of their terms and conditions and liable to legal actions (or threat of legal actions)?

Will still try to submit the app. If they won't accept the app. Then no problem. Will seed the app to everyone. :)

Unfortunately I cant add any text to my snap on the Q10. Well, I can add it in the App but its not displayed on my girlfriends phone... Any suggestions?

To those with bugs. I have a newer version coming out. Also I have private beta testers testing all of my latest versions. So just stay tuned :)

How do I get my friends in to the friend list I have to click on the friend button to see them and I can't send any pictures to anybody as they have to Be in the friend list to send a picture to.

Posted via CB10

This person created this paid app but was apparently not associated with SnapChat. I used it for a few months & then SnapChat made him pull the app..

Shouldn't he have to refund the purchase?