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Snap2Chat jumps to v0.8.9 with lots of new additions and improvements

Snap2Chat jumps to v0.8.9 with lots of new additions and improvements
By DJ Reyes on 9 Jan 2014 05:37 am EST

If you didn't know yet, a third party Snapchat client, Snap2Chat, has been available in beta for a while via the CrackBerry forums. The developer is continually working to improve it and add new features. It certainly has come along way since the first beta. Bugs have been ironed out, it's runs a lot faster and it has some nice extras. I don't use Snapchat often but Snap2Chat certainly looks like it adds a lot things on top of the official app.

Changelog for v0.8.9

  • 99999+ SNAPPINESS!!
  • Minimized Load Times
  • Much More Stable
  • DRAWINGS!!!! (thanks to Joseph Gaston (QXS) for the HTML5 idea)
  • My Stories
  • Friend Requests
  • Confirm Friend Requests
  • Best Friends
  • Recent Friends
  • View Stories in Full Screen
  • Title Bar Color Changes Instantly
  • Knows when you're logged in from another Snapchat app and prompts

If you're a Snapchat user and want to get a BlackBerry 10 native experience, take a look at Snap2Chat. Remember this is still in beta, if you find any bugs, give feedback to the developer in the Snap2Chat forum thread.

Learn more / Download Snap2Chat Beta


jojo beaconsfield

I would take a look,too bad it's in Beta,Chicken?


Yeah :) just a very few features that's missing and you should see it in BlackBerry world ;)

Posted via CB10


Thank you thank you~ i'm a happy Snap2Chat user, now downloading the updated version :)

Posted via CB10


I'm sure you'll even love this one. :)

Posted via CB10


You just keep rocking away nemOry!

Posted via my AzzazzinBerry (STL100-3/


Thanks man :)

Posted via CB10


I keep seeing these, just like the igrann app, great ideas and seems really well put together, but get them out!!!!

Posted via CB10

Duncan Campbell

Looking forward to this being available officially

Posted via CB10


does this support the BlackBerry smilies? if not, that would be an awesome and welcome addition :)


It does :)
You can include blackberry emotions in the captions of your snaps.

8310 >> 9800 >> Z10 (Forever BlackBerry)


How to download it?

Posted via CB10


Instructions are in the forum thread link.below this blog post. There's a youtube video ;)

Posted via CB10


This app is quite simply superb. The developer should take a bow for all of the effort they have put in to this. I'm not even a heavy snap chat user, but this app is so polished I would chose it over a native Snapchat app every time.
I take my proverbial hat off to you.

Posted via CB10


Hey Nem0roy... in the backslplash behind the login screen... is that a Z10 the girls using? or an iPhone?

Posted via CB10


Or a Samsung I guess...

It's definitely not a BlackBerry, the cameras in his wrong side! And since this is a BlackBerry only app... just a thought ;)

Posted via CB10


Sorry but I don't know why Snapchat is getting so popular ;/. It's a waste of time imo. But could be lucrative :)

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


Around when do you think it's going to become official?

Posted via CB10


Also, will this be free or paid?

Posted via CB10


It's gotta be headless before blackberry world

Posted via CB10


It's no good to anyone until it's in BlackBerry World! The majority of BlackBerry users do not side load nor install leaks

Posted via CB10


The purpose of beta is to release the app before it's completely finished so real people can test it and report bugs and give feedback. All that the update the article talks about means is that Nem0roy is getting closer and closer to finishing, and that he has something closer to the finished product for people to test. It will be on BlackBerry World soon, nothing to worry about

Posted via CB10


A little confused...Is this just an app that resembles Snapchat? Or if i download this app, ill be able to use it with friends on Iphone & Android that use Snapchat???


Yes. It is everything an iPhone or Android Snapchat is and more too, and it connects with their Snapchat. Think of it like Blaq or Neatly for Twitter, it is an enhanced version of Twitter exclusive to BlackBerry, but that doesn't mean it's disconnected from Twitter every where else.

Posted via CB10


Awesome! Will give it a shot and start snapping away...Thanks for the response :)


No problem! Just be aware that there may still be some glitches and bugs as its still in beta, it won't be completely flawless until it hits BBW

Posted via CB10


Definitely getting it. Nemory comes through again

Posted via CB10


Thanks for the update I wish all developers worked as hard as nemory does. The app is brilliant.

Posted via CB10

Jack Spain

When is this coming out on the BlackBerry App store? :)

Posted via CB10


I can't seem to download it. I wonder, the link just bums out halfway

Posted via CB10


I can't sign in. *confused*

Posted via CB10

Arno Pan

:( wish it was official so I can try it on my Q5

Posted via CB10


I looked it up in the app store but I can't seem to find it! HELP!!

Posted via CB10

RP Singh

It's for BlackBerry only.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF


The app just made a bug. The notification told me that I got a snap and the app didn't want to load everything. I mean maybe it would show me, but it was really long.. I had to switch on the snapchat android app to see it. But go on! This app is good! I would like to see how it will look like when it'll be completely done)

Posted via CB10