Get notifications galore now that Snap2Chat goes headless

Get notifications galore now that Snap2Chat goes headless
By DJ Reyes on 30 Apr 2014 01:57 pm EDT

Third party SnapChat app, Snap2Chat is making steady progress. Only recently landing in BlackBerry World, it has just been updated to v1.1. It's a small update but a big one at the same time. There are no new features added only that it has received headless approval. So, for those who do use Snap2Chat frequently, you can get notifications without having to keep the app open in an Active Frame. I feel I may see more use with Snap2Chat now that it is headless.

Since the free version doesn't do notifications, the headless feature is only available with the full paid version. There are some bug fixes with this update too. The developer will of course continually iron out bugs that may arise. Note, that while the app has gone headless it isn't fully integrated into the Hub yet, you'll just get the general notifications in the Notifications tab. The developer, Nemory Studios, is looking to bring Hub integration soon. And of course, we'll let you know when that drops.

We'll bring a hands-on review real soon, comparing it to the official Android port too, so watch this space.

Snap2Chat is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. The introductory sale is still ongoing at $0.99, so if you're still thinking about getting the full version, now may be the time to get it. Full price is $1.99. If you want to see what it's all about before diving in, Snap2Chat Lite is the free version.

As usual, if the update isn't showing yet, just give it a bit as it caches through the BlackBerry World servers.

Learn more / Download Snap2Chat from BlackBerry World
Learn more / Download Snap2Chat Lite from BlackBerry World

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Get notifications galore now that Snap2Chat goes headless


Since I've done the update, snap2chat won't open. It just stays loading. It says I have a new snapchat but it won't open. I've rebooted my phone already too.

Posted via CB10

Once again, I have the Bar file on my phone (got it before BlackBerry approved it into the app store). So should I buy it in the app store to get the headless support? Or the Bar file one I have on my phone will give me an update? :O

Posted via CB10

It won't givr you an update. I suggest you to get the BlackBerry World version because it's far from crashing and you get OTA updates :)

Posted via CB10

I purchased it a few days ago. Went to the headless Bar version yesterday instead. Tried to download the new blackberry world one and it is still listed as Beta on my phone and version1.0.15.1 BTW, I deleted the BAR version first, and then went for the BBW one.

Hi. Try deleting alls Snap2Chat instances in your phone firsr, go to BlackBerry World, BlackBerry World settings, restart. It should work now ;)

Posted via CB10

Tried deleting all snap2chat instances. Went to blackberry world settings , refreshed. Same thing is happening.

Just wait a little more. Your BlackBerry World cache must have not cleared yet.

Posted via CB10

For those of you who might not participate in the Snap2Chat thread, great example here of how helpful and responseful this great developer is.

Posted with my BlackBerry Q10.

Yes I bought all his app he's great and well willing developer he deserve support !!

Posted via My amazing White GalaxyNote3 N9005

Ha ha ha... I always find it hilarious when user will go any route to avoid paying a few bucks for an app... but yet most of them will end up buying a coffee everyday or a chip / chocolate bar...

But yet, 1.99$ for an app which took countless hours for a dev to complete. Come on, pay for the app and drop one coffee :)

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Update is all around. You'll get it soon. BlackBerry World caching problem. :)

Posted via CB10

Just tried again and still having the same issue, getting the old version and it says it's the Beta version. I have refreshed my BBW. I will try again later.

Yes, I'm in the U.K. and I see the update. Refresh BlackBerry World or try a manual search

Posted via CB10

Might sound dumb but is till don't understand how it goes headless... Do I have to do something to make it headless or is it gunna go automatically or what?

No need to do anything. Download it, install, done :) you'll now get notifications even the app is not open

Posted via CB10

Bought it, totally worth it at the price. Also the dev cares about his apps and it's pretty damn good.

Posted via CB10

Just outta curiosity is it possible to change the notification symbol to the snap2chat ghost? Orrr no?

Posted via CB10

Not possible. Whne it gets hub integration. The logo will now look like that ghost :)

Posted via CB10

Guys if you're having some issues with shoutbox and with My Profile just wait until Neo check that. He already notice that but he still working. I just sent an email getting this issue.

Just wait.

Posted via CB10

I download lite version last night for test and then buy. But I have register problem. I cant register

Posted Via My Lovely Red Q5

Oliver FYI! The new update is available, but I would change your description. The description still states the app is not headless, might be confusing for people!!

Never got into snapchat...
I don't know why people can't just use bbm for sending photos...

Posted via CB10

It's not really about sending pictures it's about sending silly pictures and chatting

Zee coolest flicking smartphone evah

I didn't get it until I started using it. It's hard to explain why it is good, but it is. It's just fun to use. Think of it as a change of pace from traditional messaging. Its a mix between BBM and Instagram.

One thing I never realized until I used it is that Snapchat is a messaging app, not a photo app. I always thought of it as a photo app previously.

Posted via my Z10

Excellent! I was waiting for this, thanks NemOry!!! Btw I was charged twice by BlackBerry when purchasing your app (blackberry world error) Do you know who I can contact about that, I don't want to contact the refund department because I am afraid they will try to take the refund from you not knowing what happened.

Bought the paid version for my phone, but may grab it for my fiancée's Z10 too (we're going on our honeymoon this weekend, you see ;) ).

May have to just charge it to my carrier bill, unless BlackBerry World lets you gift app purchases? Haven't figured out how to yet.

bb world can't gift purchases yet.

happy to hear this can be useful for your honeymoon! :) thanks dude. hope you enjoy

App doesn't stop showing the snaps I receive.
I can review them anytime. I don't think this is supposed to happen. Oh well.

Posted via CB10

You can disable that feature by going into the settings (top right) and turning off the "replay" feature. It's a feature that Snapchat doesn't even have.
Great app!

Posted via CB10

Nice! Using the app now with my friend and girlfriend. Glad they're still workin at it! Long Live Blackberry!

Posted via CB10

Snapchat is free OTA. Why pay for something that is replicating a free item? Silliness. Get Snap and get legit snapchat

Posted via CB10

YES!!! Load SnapChat then have a laggy experience, awesome!! Oh and another great feature, you can't send Videos, plus you won't even know when you get a snap because there are no notifications, such a great feature!!

Snap2Chat have extra features that aren't available even on the official Snapchat app. The android port doesn't send you notifications when you receive a snap. Also, Snap2Chat is a native BlackBerry Application & it's for just a $1.

You can't beat a native BlackBerry app. While some Android will run smoothly, it's still not as smooth as an app natively built for the OS

Posted via CB10

Great Job Nem, I have left Blackberry for a bit to try out WP8, but do not fear, I will be back soon enough. Until then, you all should purchase the app and support Nemory, enjoy Snap2Chat!!!

Nice =] these are the supporters Nem needs! thanks Wasabi. You can add friends with their username, and then send photos or videos!

Purchased full version. I'm new to Snapchat but willing to support any active developer improving the bb10 platform to us all. Thanks Nemory, keep up the good work!

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Bought the App some days ago to support the Developer, have no interest in using it though :-)

Posted via CB10

Been waiting a long time for this. My wife loves Snapchat and I've never been able to use it appropriately due to not having headless notifications because I don't enjoy leaving active frames open. So happy the app has finally gotten to this point Nem. Thanks a lot!

Posted via CB10

I will do my best to get back to all concerns after i'm done with what I'm doing, thanks so much everyone! :)

Well done Nemory! You are a credit to BlackBerry! I signed your petition and will be buying the full version tomorrow :) top quality BB10 app!! I hope you inspire more awesome devs to get coding! We love you here at CB!

I've already converted some android dev friends to make a BB10 app. :) Doing my best! Thank you jazzy!

NeMory...I just received a commercial snap chat from apparently this going to be ongoing? I have the paid version? Great app!

Posted Via my  Z30 

I will really try to look at it once the update is out. For now i can't sniff their api hehe. Hope they didn't add sniffing protection in the new version

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I don't particularly use Snapchat a lot but I just brought it to show my support for you Nemory!! Keep up the great work

Posted via CB10

Just love the app! bought it anyway to support NemOry doing his amazing job! Keep up the good work.

This app makes the almost perfect app perfect! Thanks again @NemOry!

I will always say it Nemory is the best gift BB10 has given us. Wow your responsiveness is insane. Can we request apps? Like pay some little fee to encourage you to bring an app of our choosing to BB10?

Posted Using the magical typings of da "Q"

Snapchap feels like a child's toy, and not something people use in the real world. Having said that I bought the app to support developers of good 3rd party apps. I also signed the petition to get it going. #bb10believe

Posted via CB10

There is a new update in snapchat with text messaging and video calls, will we see this implemented in the future?

Posted via CB10