Snap2Chat gets BlackBerry World approval, available to download now

Snap2Chat get BlackBerry World approval, available to download now
By DJ Reyes on 24 Apr 2014 10:54 am EDT

Snap2Chat was developed as a third party native app for BlackBerry 10 users who wanted to see Snapchat on their favorite platform. It had been available in the CrackBerry Forums, since December 2013, in beta forum for people to download and test. It started small but eventually the developer added lots of cool features and extras not found in the official Snapchat app. And of course, continually ironed out the bugs. It was then ready for prime time and submitted to BlackBerry World, however, it didn't get approved. We then saw a petition to try to help get the app approved. Eventually, hope faded that it would ever be available in BlackBerry World, though the developer continued to have it available to download via the forums.

With a little help from different sources, Snap2Chat finally got BlackBerry World approval and is now available to download. Awesome news for those who use Snapchat. I have to admit, I never gave Snapchat a second look until Snap2Chat was developed. While it's not something I use often, it's a little bit of fun sometimes and props to the developer for bringing the app to BlackBerry 10. It may not be an app for everyone but at least we have an app for that.

For those who don't know what Snapchat is all about, it's a social photo messaging app that allows you to send pictures or videos or 'Snaps' to other Snapchat users. You can set a time on how long they recipient can see the photo for and I'm talking in seconds. You can add text or doodles to these 'Snaps' before sending them too.

Snap2Chat features

  • See your feed, Friends, Stories, and Profiles
  • Send and receive snaps
  • Upload your own Story
  • See who viewed and took a screenshot of your story
  • Register directly from Snap2Chat
  • Front Facing Flash
  • Replay – re-watch your snaps.
  • Edit your snaps with filters and more
  • Set # of best friends
  • Block, Unblock, Unfriend, Add, Set a friend's display name, and accept Friend Requests

As well as those features, Snap2Chat has extra features beyond those of the regular Snapchat app

  • Snap2Chat presents a whole new way to communicate with other Snap2Chat users – The Shoutbox! 'Shout' in the Shoutbox and other Snap2Chat users will be able to like and comment on your 'shouts'! Also add friends from the Shoutbox!
  • Customize your app! Select any color for the title bar and choose between a light and dark theme for the whole app.
  • Customize your snap! Use BlackBerry 10's built in photo editor to edit your snaps. Also choose from a variety of font types of sizes.
  • Unlimited text in captions! Snap2Chat offers the flexibility to write captions longer than one line.
  • Edit your profile
  • View stories individually
  • See your feed in the active frame
  • Invite friends via SMS, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks
  • Set a refresh interval

Snap2Chat is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. It will be available for an introductory price of $0.99 for the first three days, afterwhich the regular price will be $1.99. There will be a free version available within the next week too. Of course, that will have less features. We'll keep you posted on when that becomes available. In the meantime, you can head on over to the Snap2Chat forum thread for more information.

As usual, if you're not seeing it straight away, please give it time to cache through the BlackBerry World servers.

Learn more / Download Snap2Chat for BlackBerry 10

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Snap2Chat gets BlackBerry World approval, available to download now



A free version will be out soon but it won't have all the features of Snap2Chat. It's only $.99 right now. It's worth the money trust me. And show your support for the developers who are bringing big name apps to bb10

It's not a big name developer though... it's a bandaid solution for the 4th place ecosystem which doesn't have enough users to interest the 'actual big name developer'.

Posted via CB10

What's amazing though is that is has more features, a better UI and looks way better then those "big name" developers. It's amazing when a young man with skill, knowledge and determination out does million dollar company's from his laptop. Congrats on the app Nemory, keep me coming and never be discouraged by people like these

Posted via CB10

You should be trying harder to improve your offering Mr. Chen rather than try to reframe your company's failings.

A Shareholder.

Posted via CB10

The native app is not nearly as nice as this BB10 version. Nice to see the little guys kick the crap out of the big but lazy app developers.

Posted via CB10

It works if you try again! Great app dude! Thanks a lot! Was starting to get sick of the sideloaded app...

Posted via CB10

yeah but its slow, not native, drains you battery and you cant replay snaps anywhere near as much as this app.

But it won’t integrate with the Hub or run in the background unopened. For an instant-messaging app that is a pretty big deal. Not to mention that native apps are easily a better option when it comes to performance, battery usage and often also aesthetics.

@itzk3n, the Android Snapchat is available, and does run. However, you may experience higher battery drain, and I have found that the natively-developed Snap2chat offers a much faster, better experience. The options and interface are enriched. And a big plus: you can grab pictures from your phone and use them as snaps. Also, the developer has been very responsive - it's nice to know that someone is listening. I haven't used the Android version at all since February, for those reasons.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

I hope you're reading correctly the comments below. :) A free version will also be out in a couple of days :)

You're right. you cant beat native, but that doesn't mean I have to pay for an experience that I essentially already paid for by purchasing the device.

Everything costs on BBRY. I get the dev needs the dough (don't worry, I supported you...had a $1.05 to spare), but it's kind of lame. It's not like the BBRY is this premium experience. I'm just having a hart time wrapping my brain around why pay for something that is free everywhere else. Wait, I know...because it's simple supply and demand.

NOTE TO ALL DEVS: You can can make a nice amount of money on the BBRY platform because it doesn't have the big name app support. Understand the needs and what apps people want that's on Apple and Android, create the app (make it really good though), and the people will pay.

And good job on the app NemOry. It's a good "Top App" alternative.

People that can't afford $.99 for an app should reconsider whether they can afford their monthly phone bill.

And who cares if it's free on other platforms. $.99 is so close to free it doesn't make sense to complain about it.

Just saying

Buy a bb, get a droid for free

On Android you **will** pay. With your data.

On BlackBerry I pay for security and apps with my dollar, and keep my data.

Thanks for making this native app, might even get me onto it, social apps not usually my things, BBM is good enough for me.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Buddy, the security sales pitch is old. The consumer market has spoken and they don't give two rats about security.

Posted via CB10

comin. but not sure how will the hub integration will look as snap2chat reads chat messages differently.

It's awesome they decided to bridge the app gap themselves but the android version works fine and it's free.

It's not about the money but the redundancy.

Stop, drop, and roll.

The Android version is only available to side-loaders. Considering all the negativity against Android apps and ports especially here on CrackBerry, a native third-party app is still the best you could hope for. Not only for those people that avoid side-loading (or don’t know about it), but also for those that might consider switching to BlackBerry 10 when they have their favourite apps here too.

Not necessarily true. With Snap2Chat I can have a dark theme for my Z30 and save battery, change the writing font, replay snaps, better battery efficient because it's not an android app, headless (soon), notifications, use any pictures not just those taken in the app, just some of the benefits.

And the Android SnapChat wasn't working for me, wouldn't let me write.

Now legally would this be okay to charge for the application? Seeing that snapchat is free, I remember we were discussing the same thing with an instagram client.

Posted via CB10

there is a free version comin out :) i;m actually charging only for the 3rd party features. sorry free version is delayed. but was already submitted yesterday. should be approved tom or next day

@kkanejb, there is a problem with payments right now. Some (like me) can't pay at all. I guess your problem is a little different.

I wouldn't worry, though. The developer/team is very interactive, and there is no doubt you'll get what you paid for. I would post a note to the BBM channel if Oliver hasn't already seen yours here.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

try swipe down from the very top. then settings, then refresh blackberry world. and re download

Go into settings and refresh BlackBerry world. Then try downloading. That's what I had to do.

Posted via CB10

Remember the bar is still available for free if you know how to sideload, buying the app gives you headless and easy updates and allows you to show support for the developer!

Posted via CB10

I experienced the same. There could be several reasons:
1. High activity level on BlackBerry World for Snap2chat
2. The presence of the sideloaded version of Snap2chat.

I solved my issues of first not being able to pay and then being able to pay by:
1. Deleting the sideload version of Snap2chat
2. Refreshing BlackBerry World (pull down Settings >General>Refresh)
3. Completing my transaction.

If you have already paid, but couldn't download, you won't have to pay again.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

There is a free version coming that gives you the basic functions for free. Paying a tiny $0.99 or $1.99 for all the additional features is well worth it. Been using this app since day one and its fantastic.

Posted via CB10

This work! Why don't people read before posting complaints.

No need to delete Snap2chat, it will install and save your settings.

Posted by a proud NRA supporter

could you try refreshing bb world? swipe down from the very top. then settings, then refresh blackberry world

Bought it! For this app I don't care about the price because the developer is one of the best and most responsive i've come across. He deserves being paid for a great app! Thanks Nemory!

Posted via CB10

I don't even use snapchat and I paid for it because Nemory is busting his butt. Keep making apps man. My kids will use this one even if I dont.

Posted via CB10

actually you need to blame me not blackberry. also i'm charging for 3rd party features. a free version will be out very soon

There's no call for that. The android version (which is free) is available through Snap (which is free) from the Google Play store. However, you get what you pay for ;-). In my opinion, Snap2chat is much better, and takes you beyond what you can experience on an Android phone or with the Android Snapchat on the BlackBerry phone.

We all like free, but a developer like Oliver (Nemory) spends his late nights working on stuff not because he is trying to get rich, but because he has a passion for his talents and the BlackBerry community. He deserves to get a bit of money so he can eat and enjoy life.

If you want free, get Snapchat. If you don't mind spending 99 cents, get Snap2chat and enjoy a better experience. The choice is yours.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

If you weren't such a moron and bothered to read, you would have found out that a free version is imminent.

Jeez man its a freaking dollar... 1DOLLAR!! you get McDonald's dollar menu for more than this and it's 1 DOLLAR!!!!!!!

Posted via CB10

try again please? try swipe down from the very top. then settings, then refresh blackberry world

try again please ? try swipe down from the very top. then settings, then refresh blackberry world

I don't use it, but downloaded all for supporting BlackBerry developers!

Posted via CB10

I've never used this social network. But I'll give a try just because I support developers like this one. Making native blackberry apps :)

Posted via CB10

try again please ? try swipe down from the very top. then settings, then refresh blackberry world

I lurve this app :-) been using it since it was first released...... even got my BlackBerry mates to switch....snap2chat is far superior than snapchat.... awesome app nemory :-) congrats..

Posted via CB10

Thanks so much Chris!! Enjoy the app. I'm happy to hear someof your mates switched because of my app. awesome!

the beta bar will never can run headless. only apps downloaded inside bb world can run headless. the bar will remain free forever :)

Refreshed, getting same error. I will give it a rest for a few hours. Probably too many of us trying at the same time. In fact....think I will go have a pint in my local pub. Really looking forward to this app, already deleted the android port!! And sent messages about it to all my BlackBerry contacts :D

Posted via CB10Zed30

I have it side loaded but paying for it now will include headless notifications?

Should I delete the side loaded app before downloading the one from BB world?

If I decide not to, will you continue support on the side loaded version? Obviously bar adding headless support

Posted via CB10

I had to delete my sideloaded version before I could download the paid OTA version, but others have had no issues.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

headless not yet in this current version. but for sure next update will include headless :) thanks much. better to delete the sideloaded one befre you install the one from bb world.

Hey nemory, I know hub integration will come later. But idk if it's already headless. Could you confirm?

Posted via CB10

Snap2chat has already given notifications in the hub for some time when in active frame, and I just confirmed it's working in the new download from BlackBerry World. I believe headless is in progress, but not yet implemented.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

headless not yet in this current version. but for sure next update will include headless :) .. headless first then hub. will still need to think how the hub integration should work,

NemOry, you are an all star blackberry Dev!

Blackberry should be in debt to you! As you have brought some of the most sought after apps to the platform.

Not all are my cup of tea bit to each their own they are important nonetheless

Posted via CB10

This is a good day for BlackBerry 10, NemOry, and the community! Let's celebrate and SUPPORT him.

Yes I've been SQUIRCLFIED!™

I Iike showing my support for a developer don't get me wrong here...but the fact remains that we are trying to encourage people to come to BlackBerry. People who migrate from any other platform to B10 will have no doubt been use to having these top apps that are full featured. So when they come to BlackBerry they may expect the same. My point is, we are trying to attract new people and the app gap is a major problem as to why BlackBerry is struggling. Charging people for something that is free on other platforms may in the long hurt. FYI. I'm just being a devils advocate, but I do love what the developer is doing and whole heartedly support him. Keep up the great work. Snap2chat is awesome!

Posted via CB10

If you read the comments carefully you would see he developed a Snap2chat "lite" which is 100% free and is pending approval... It would provide the same functions that the official SnapChat app does... the $0.99 is a paid app because you have all the third party content that is NOT available in the regular snap chat app...

brother .don't worry. free version is coming out soon. also the sideloadable bar file will remain free. and it's the paid version/ thanks much! :)

Already bought it, not that I'm going to use it a lot but to support great developers like this one. Not available to download it yet even after refreshing BBWORLD, will try later ..

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry World says app can't be purchased. I get the same error when I try and download Viber.

Posted via CB10

try again please ? try swipe down from the very top. then settings, then refresh blackberry world

I clicked download, got an email saying I paid with the BlackBerry worlld recept. And then an error mgs ppops up saying app cannot be downloaded??????

Posted via CB10

try again please ? try swipe down from the very top. then settings, then refresh blackberry world

Just purchased for my z10. This app works great and at $0.99 (which is less than a cup of coffee) is very well worth the price. When I get home I'll be picking up this full version for my two kids and the wife.

Coffees for everyone!!! :)

try again please ? try swipe down from the very top. then settings, then refresh blackberry world

Make sure you have not denied any application permissions during the installation. It needs access to camera and files to work.

Failing that, might want to remove your finger from the camera lense ;-)

Posted via CB10 on Q10

could you please double check permissions? it must accept all permission t owork properly. please open settings, app manager, permissions, snap2chat. pelase enable all.

This is great, BlackBerry really needs this app to recapture the youth market. This version is way better than the original too, ironically.

One question, does my side loaded version from before it was available in BlackBerry World count as the paid version? Will subsequent future updates be free for me?

via Z10

yes I will always upload paid versions as bar file in forums :) but note.. only apps from bb world can run headless. next version will include headless.

Come on people stop saying that $.99 is too much. When something is really good and you like it, Why would you think the cost? This app is really nice. I can't wait when the dev put headless. If we show support to these devs I'm sure Android will never beat blackberry

Posted via CB10

Congrats to NemOry on building such a wicked NATIVE app! (Even better that it's finally in the BB App World)

To all those complaining about paying:

Go buy yourself a Android/iOS device if you want free crap. Devs like NemOry work their asses off in order to bridge the app gap and support BlackBerry 10, yet all you people can do is complain about the cost less than a coffee?

What would've happened if BlackBerry never included the ART? Or better yet, what if they finally kill it off and commit to that "short term use" of the ART. Every single person complaining would have useless Android apps on their BlackBerry devices.

Just suck it up and support the devs. Hell, I just went and purchased the app and I don't even have a BB10 device anymore.

Between BB10 and WP, 3rd Party Devs with as much skill and passion like NemOry are a dime a dozen, and deserve every penny.

Exactly. to be honest with you I just open an account because I support these developers.

Posted via CB10

I'm surprised that this app was approved by bbry especially when it goes directly against snapchats aup., in addition not to mention the lack of security when uploading pictures, something that could easily be saved to an alternate location for later use. This defeats the whole purpose of disappearing pics which really now might never actually disappear.
Anyway my 2 cents

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!

There have always been workarounds to save pictures in the android Snapchat, so that's nothing new.

Just don't send any pictures you wouldn't want your Mother to see, and you'll be fine ;-)

Posted via CB10 on Q10

Yes but isn't that the whole premise of attraction to snapchat being able to send pics that you wouldn't want your mother to see. I find it ironic that bbry is supporting this, I wouldn't be surprised if the developer receives and cease and desist from snapchat as Craigslist has done with many other CL client developers in the past for working against their aup. It's a fine line, I'm sure it will get interesting shortly

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!

I'm glad Memory is on this forum responding to people's comment. That awesome! I know I'm not gonna use it but I'm buying the app for that reason.

Posted via CB10

I don't like this app because it doesn't bring about world peace. Very disappointing. I believe the one on iOS has that feature.

I actually don't understand what you mean. what is the feature on ios that isn't in snap2chat?

Haha. Comment of the day.

The Snap2chat 'World Peace' Special Edition is $19.99. I think you have to send a payment directly to the developer ;-)

Posted via CB10 on Q10

Finally!! I have waited sooo long. I just bought this app. It is the very first app I have ever paid for.
I had the andriod version side loaded but on my q10 it cut off snaps I received and apparently the snaps I sent were very small.

A dollar is well worth it for native support and features.

Posted via Q10 a device that doesn't bleed personal information


Good for you getting your app approved but a question.

For everyone who started with beta testing and have been using the app since December, why have you decided to make everyone pay for the released version? Was there no way to only charge people who've never used the app? What's stopping beta users from continuing to use the app for free? (albeit without current bug fixes and features)

Thanks for your work on the platform. Wish there had been something for us early adopters/users.

Posted via CB10

dude.. a free version is coming out. and the bar file in forums will remain free and open forever.

I think you missed the point of my question and final comment.

If I wanted to come out and attack you or your app, I'd be more upfront, relax.

Anyways, enjoy your day.

I was just saying the free version is coming and the bar file in forums will remain free too. I'm charging people so that I can suppport myself. donations since december up to last few days didn't reached $70 very low. I can't support myself with that strategy so I need to price it. thanks bro

Congratulations Nem! You deserved this man! I felt so sorry for you when they wouldn't allow it I'm BlackBerry World at first. Great day for you man! Keep the updates coming and we hope to see many more of your work brother!

Posted via CB10

I'll add to the congrats Nem, thought it was a done deal but glad to hear it!

Posted via my AzzazzinBerry (STL100-3/

Lol chill people it's only 0.99, just think of it as if you're buying your morning coffee or something lol. #jeez

Posted via CB10

Had to make an account here just for this. Signed the petition last week, even after you said you wouldn't continue support (saw your chat with that guy on twitter lol). Imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw s2c made it to the BlackBerry World. Normally not someone who pays for an app, but I will be making a purchase shortly!

Pretty cool for only .99 cents. Already found some bugs I think, but i've only read good things about Nemory and fixing them

Posted via CB10

Been waiting a long time for this. I've been with you every step of the way, NemOry, and am more than happy to pay to support you to keep working on this great app! I grabbed Snap2Chat from BlackBerry World this morning as soon as it was available. It's worth $1 just to not have to sideload updates!

Posted via CB10

I already ported the app, but I will pay for a full version, only because I'm hoping that headless support will come. This is a very important feature for snapchat that I hope will come soon! Happy to support Nemory after all the effort he put into making an incredible Snapchat app.

If you had it from the Beta, don't delete it like I did, it now costs! Doesn't cost much but why should we pay and Android/IOS get it free right? It's like we get punished for owning a BlackBerry device.

Posted via CB10

dude.. calm down. a free version is on the way. and the bar file will remain free and open forever.

To everyone complaining that you have to pay for this version of snap2chat, by all means go and program your own version that is native and offer it for free. If you can't support someone who is going out of their way to do this then don't.

You don't have to pay anything if you don't want. That's the joys of android runtime I guess.

Stop complaining. Sheesh

Posted via CB10

Hey Nemory,

Could we make it to organize our contacts by their display name as well as their user name? Many of my contacts aren't alphabetically sorted anymore because their user names are completely different from their real names (which I set as their display names so that I know who they really are).

Thanks! Great app otherwise!

Posted via CB10

I will really make the app more beautiful and more features to come like filtering, grouping. thanks so much dude!! :)

Never was interested in this app, didn't understand the whole idea. After watching the forum threads and reading all of the developers posts and interest in getting this app to work, i just had to buy it! Dang, now I have to learn how to use this app and annoy my friends...LOL

hahaha.. I hope you find friends. add me too nemoryoliver is my username. thanks so much aming!! :)

You are very welcome. I will continue to follow you and see what other surprises you have up your sleeve. I hope and pray my sicko friends will NOT send me crude snap chats! LOL

Great to finally see it in BlackBerry World NemOry, I bought it as soon as I could !!

Thanks for all of your hard work on Snap2Chat & BlackBerry10.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10 app

I've never used it before. This will be the first time. Great job to the developer, excellent app. It's smooth and the UI is just amazing!!
How about Skype, who's gonna jump on it? The one from with the Android port is crappie!!! It lags a lot.

Posted via CB10

I would be nice to upload an updated video here, on how to use it and take advantage the great features of this app. Thanks CB.

Posted via CB10

Do the right thing and support this guy by buying his app instead of using a half gimped Snap Chat apk file. Don't think he's deserving of it? Go check the 100+ pages on the forum of his non stop development and listening to suggestions and complaints. If app developers could be half as good as he is, BlackBerry apps would be 2nd to none.

Glad to hear you finally got accepted into BlackBerry World, man!

First Off, let me say thank you NemOry for this amazing app that you spent tons of time on creating for us the users. I will pay the $0.99 on Blackberry World to help support you because you've done an excellent job, but what stops me or others from going to your Crackberry forum and downloading and sideloading the Snap2Chat's Beta absolutely free?
Is the .bar file on the Forum not the same as the final app on Blackberry World?

@ben yes it is the same, only the name is different. from forum is Snap2Chat Beta and BBW is Snap2Chat. :) the bar will always be free and open to everyone, but just note, headless won't run with apps not from bbw Thanks so much!!

Nem has stated that the next release in BlackBerry world would be Headless.

Posted by a proud NRA supporter

Just bought it. Doesn't look like something I would use, though my daughter's pretty excited about it. Still based on the reviews it's worth the buck just to support the developer in my opinion.

Keep up the food work.

Posted via CB10

I bought this app and I love it! Because it has all the feathers that iphone and andriods have fro their snapchat app

Posted via CB10