Snap v3 is coming - Here's a sneak peek!

By Bla1ze on 10 Aug 2014 03:53 pm EDT

Although there's several ways to load Android apps onto your BlackBerry 10 device and come BlackBerry OS 10.3, the Amazon Appstore will be pre-loaded, Snap remains a favorite for BlackBerry users everywhere with well over 3 million Android apps downloaded through the app.

The developer behind Snap, James Paul Muir, isn't worried about the Amazon Appstore and as such has been working away on v3 of Snap and has now offered up a sneak peek of the app in action complete with a new design based on Android L and the new version of the Google Play Store.

At this point, there's no ETA given or full change log but it's nice knowing the app is already in the works.

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Snap v3 is coming - Here's a sneak peek!


I think he really deserve some credit and cash ;) I literally love this guy for such app.. PayPal and ill give :)

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I gave him and Nemory a donation awhile back. Not really rolling in the dough but wanted to help native devs a little bit for stuff I actually use.

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Can't wait to "Snap it up"......OOoOooooohhhhh....

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this guy should make an android version of Snap, so that dumb people can install it without side loading it.

They should just add snap in blackberry world making users easier to download the file rather than manually side loading it or at least follow amazon, just have it pre-installed in 10.3. How hard is that.

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+100. Yes add snap to BlackBerry World and allow no tech people to get access to majority of google play apps. Amazon is missing A LOT of apps.

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If we have snap already I don't know why blackberry made a deal with amazon, I think BlackBerry just wasted a lot of money unless it was one way to market them publicly to get attention of the consumers.

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This and Snap could possibly get shut down anytime if Google really cared, not exactly what you want to bet the farm on.

Yes, violates Google T&C.

Large corporations either play by the rules, or sue, get sued and counter-sue each other. One thing BlackBerry can't afford right now. That why they play the Amazon game.

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I understand but Google hasn't said anything so far and what is the difference having snap pre-loaded or in blackberry world to sideloading in terms of making Google sue blackberry?

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What part violates the T&c's. If someone knows this then maybe we can help make Snap legit.

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My guess is that Amazon approached BlackBerry, finding that their appstore was being using on BB phones which probably violated a terms of use somewhere. I think that cash had to be spent. I hope for a native version but who knows.

How could BlackBerry ever violate it if BlackBerry USERS use the amazon app store? You can't blame BlackBerry if users are doing something "illegal". But by the way, why should using the amazon app store be illegal?

Amazon doesn't care that BlackBerry users are accessing their store and they actually encourage it. They have a significantly larger portfolio of cross-platform apps, but they are still lagging way behind Google Play. The more users/downloads they can report, the more developers will be enticed to add their apps to the Amazon app store. Also, don't forget that you can't even purchase apps [through your BlackBerry] from Google Play or do in-app purchases. With the Amazon App Store, you can both purchase apps and do in-app purchases. However it is quite laggy to do so and sometimes you don't receive the "goods" you purchased but are charged for it anyway. That happened to me with an in-app purchase from Amazon. I was charged for the purchase but never received the in-app item.

Yup! Happened to me with Cut the Rope. So now I don't play any game that requires in app purchase at some point. If I can't progress through the game "naturally" without having to spend 3.99 on something then I'm not playing it. Man....thats the biz to be in. make a game and have in app purchases. Ching! Ching!

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We don't "have" Snap already. Snap has to be sideloaded whereas Amazon App Store can be downloaded and installed directly from Amazon. I'm going to guess you only download free apps and you don't do in-app purchases. You can't purchase apps through Snap and you can't do in-app purchases with apps downloaded through Snap, thanks to Google Play services being blocked.

That's right. BlackBerry'd better add Snap to BlackBerry World. You've got a point there.

That'll be awesome!!!!!!

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Snap apparently has more apps available as compared to the Amazon store.

For apps from Snap, those apps sometimes don't work because BB's do not have Google Play Services available.
For apps from Amazon, those apps sometimes don't work for other reasons :(

I am not partial to BB, Snap or Amazon's app stores so long as the app works at all.
BB native and 'built for BB" apps are better than the rest for BB phones.

With Snap, there is no use for Amazon, unless Amazon has up to date app versions that don't require Google services to be installed...such as Candy Crush.

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Not true. Ever purchased an app through Snap? You can't. Ever tried to do in-app purchases with apps downloaded through Snap? You can't.

I know. But that was my point. You can't purchase anything "through" Snap itself. And you can't do in-app purchases with any apps downloaded through Snap.

I'm not knocking Snap. I like it and use it a lot.

I have noticed issues with snap and hub notifications repeats BUT I do agree, it's better then Amazon

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Snap is easiest and most consistent way to get goog play apps on BlackBerry10.

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Not sure if one is "better" than the other... I've used both.

Snap connects you directly to the Google Play Store. Amazon App Store connects you to Amazon's Android app selection, which is somewhat more limited than Google Play.

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I've noticed that developers tend to post their apps on Google Play first, before Amazon's Appstore - if they even want to go the Amazon route. Even if they post on Amazon, apps tend to remain un-updated.

Seems to me snap is smoother. I do have amazon app store back since the deal went down. Might as well take advantage of free app of the day if I see one I want.

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Snap offers you all android apps but no Google play services so there is no in app purchases while amazon app store offers less apps but gives you amazon app services which allows you to do in app purchases. So if you want a app without using in app purchases use snap but if you might want to do some in app purchases use the amazon app store

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The Amazon app is required to be on your device in order for any Amazon app to function. For this reason, they have to be making developers create a special version of their app to exist in the Amazon store. I believe this is the reason why so many Amazon apps are behind in their versions in comparison to Snap and Google Play. I look at Amazon every day for their free app of the day. I have multiple Amazon apps that have more up to date versions in the Snap store, but I can't load them without purchasing the app again, while Amazon shows no updates.

Too cool, can't wait. Thanks to the developer who works hard for the BlackBerry crowd to enjoy this.


I think 1Mobile market is the best download direct Android App Store for BB10.
You still have to side load Snap. A pain to say the least, until that changes it is not on radar or should be.
Amazon is terrible as it missing dozens of top apps like Starbucks and Uber. Hopefully that changes but I won't use until then.

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Awesome! Love snap. Will this be an update somehow or will we have to do a fresh sideload?

From my z30

All updates prior have needed a fresh sideload. I have yet to see a OTA update for sideloaded apps

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Great news! To those that can't be bothered to sideload or havent wanted to up to this point, you're missing out

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looking at the photo it appears to be a bar file. never have I seen an apk look like that...

though I think apk would have been best option for the majority, but I do prefer having native bb10 app. the current snap runs smooth as butter. I honestly hope he stays bar even though apk might appease more

You are right that it is very native-like and kudos to the developer, James Paul Muir. Sideloading the app is not a problem and I look forward to use it.

He's working on Version 3 of a great app. Why would you want him to start from scratch on an Android app just to appease the lazy folks? Since it's a free app, getting more people to use it doesn't benefit him in any way.

Wouldn't it be just amazing if this would ever work with Amazon apps as well? :) not that it's really necessary, but I think if anyone could bring a native solution for Amazon it is probably going to be a dev like Muir!

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Yeah Mobogenie is pretty good. IMO better than 1Mobile.

Personally I use Snap & Amazon Appstore, but I still keep Mobogenie on device too... just in case.

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Feature request:
If there was a way to keep track of which apps actually work on BB10, that would make Snap perfect.

Maybe a snap rating system such as
* does it fully work? (e.g.: netflix, pocket)
* does it mostly work (e.g.: Google Maps)
* does it crash? (e.g.: latest candy crush)
* does it run fast? (e.g.: netflix, pocket)...
Or does it run slow? (e.g.: tumblr)

Just a suggestion. Snap is already pretty awesome.

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Under "does it run slow" I should have used this example: "Amazon App Store" :(

The store that is supposed to 'fix the app gap' for the average user runs super slow and crashes all the time :(

I hope BlackBerry and Amazon recognize this and jointly fix the Amazon app store app, otherwise it will be bad for users and and bad press for BlackBerry :(

I'm heartened to see that the Android runtime on is actually WAY faster than 10.2.1 though.

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I've never had it crash. But have deliberately shut it down because running too slow and got frustrated and said "screw it".

Amazon App Store definitely needs work!!!!

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With the Amazon partnership... I guess Amazon will offer a native version of the App Store to download the slower Android apps...
while BlackBerry World will only offer the native apps...

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keep up the good work, dev!

I love love love using Snap.

Great people like this guy that makes using BlackBerry that much better.

How about adding a feature to detect and remove dependencies on Google Play?

Perhaps he could even make a paid Pro version connecting to a cloud database with information about each app so the user would be advised if it works or not.

I sure would pay for such a service.

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I still cannot believe that BlackBerry accepted to have amazon app store as androidbapp. Without native code and integration to BlackBerry world. Sounds dead stupid...

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James Paul Muir is an excellent dev. Tried the Amazon app store a while back and it pales in comparison to Snap. Keep up the good work!

The reason why SNAP looks and feels better than the Amazon App Store is because SNAP pretty much looks quite similar to BBW, which rules them all.

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Snap is so much better than the Amazon app store. Thanks to JPM for keeping up the good work. It's too bad Amazon will be the official Android store.
If you use Snap often, donate to the guy!

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Snap is just a store front. I don't care how well it works/or which app store I use as long as I can download android apps.

Can a movement be started to get Snap on BlackBerry World? Maybe a Crackberry survey, and let BlackBerry know the results?

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Google Services?? Will we be able to load them? Still the biggest drawback to Android on BlackBerry... and it has to be EASY!!! that is the idea behind the Amazon store. EASY Is what is needed!!!! Not side loading!!!!

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I use both Amazon App Store and 1Mobile for Android Apps. Though I always search BBW 1st. Nothing beats Native.

Used to have SNAP on my device. Perhaps I will take a 2nd look at it via this new version.

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Thats soooper kooool...i would love snap to see built in in BB...Also would like too see a section of perfect apps for small screen size like Q5 and q10....And please, help us to stay away from google integration and ads just like lucky patcher helps to....

I use Snap and prefer it over Amazon app store. Good to see an update coming soon.. Great work dev.

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Absolutely the best Android app store out there for BB10 and I very much look forward to version 3 coming out. A big thanks to the developers of Snap for making it possible!

Would be nice if easier to side load. For some reason Chrome won't install it on my device.

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Too bad isn't easier to load. Chrome won't recognize my Z30 for some reason.

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I have the Amazon app store but when I read about 1Mobile market in a Crackberry forum I haven't used the Amazon app store since. I like the idea of a rating system to show which apps will actually fully work on my BlackBerry Z30 as I've found many from Amazon don't or only partially work and I worry about the security aspect as well.

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once this is released, i'll join the Snap band wagon. well done James! you surely deserve some PayPal credit from me!

Not sure how long it's been this way (perhaps I missed it earlier?) but.....Bla1ze is no longer "interim" Editor in Chief.

Ok I might be donning my tin hat here but I'm not on android because I don't like Google tracing my every step and I don't like the thought of amazon preinstalled. It makes me think it'll be like Ubuntu with the amazon lens watching your every move. Is Snap open source? How does he make money if it doesn't take our details to sell on?

Posted using my 5th replacement Z10 but gawd I love it :)

I am finding more and more stuff from snap doesn't work anymore. That Google play services thing is a pain.

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I prefer snap to all including BBW. It is faster and it even downloads the apps faster than BBW.

Now if he could just get it to give HUB notifications about when the apps have updates it would be awesome. Doesn't have to do it perfectly as BBW doesn't either.

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The advantage of Amazon is you can buy an app and run it on your BlackBerry phone and Android tablet.

My expectations for 10.3 is that the Amazon store will be a native app and it will recognize your device and show you the compatible apps that are guaranteed to run on BlackBerry.

I still use snap for the apps not in the Amazon store and will never be, like google Authenticator. I also use it for better versions of apps that are in BlackBerry world. Many android ports are not as new as in Google.

If you are on an Android phone and have bought apps already via Amazon App store the barrier to change to BlackBerry is lessened.

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sweeet!!! this guy deserves serious credit!! maybe he can finagle a way to get all the google play services issues resolved. I'd pay for that

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I've read comments on previous Amazon-related articles which assert that the Amazon app itself must be running in the background in order to run any app downloaded with it. (The articles in question were primarily those announcing those days when Amazon made tens of apps free for a few days.)

I wonder how true this is? Since reading about this behavior from several CBers, I have felt that the Amazon app is more of a virus than an app store.

Big ups to the developer, however I hope this version is fixed. After downloading I get the instagram app to open, instead of the downloaded app for installing

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When you say Android L version does that mean It will look a lot less like Bb world? I hope not, that's one of the reasons snap is my preferred android store - because it looks like bbworld.

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BlackBerry World needs Google Services urgently. We have Snap but key apps need Google services to run properly.

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Wonder if this can patch the apps with the Google play service as well that would definitely be awesome

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Can't wait to try this application.... very good application for BlackBerry.... :)

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I admire people like JPM. So bright and willing to do so much for others for nothing. I think you can only donate to him by buying his PlayBook and other apps (which I've done), otherwise he deserves a lot more than the price of his apps. He has opened up BB10 so much for so many people with the apps that they want, and it runs beautifully

Glad that it is a. Bar file. It makes it feel like it is... well, a real BlackBerry App.

Kudos to James. It is still the best Android portal IMO.

PS - Please don't make it look too... well, Android.

Hope in v3 bugs will be fixed bcoz v2 have a seriohs bug and that one is when you downloading any app you can't minimize snap if mi imize it after some minute downloading will stop and show error downloading fail...... and m excited to taste v3 of this awesome app. i think snap has to be add in autoloaders..

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Now if they would add the option of stripping off the google play services shit when an app doesn't work because of it.

It'd be awesome if the developer released Snap as an apk as well as a bar file; its just easier to install apk files versus sideloading using DDPB or the google chrome extension ..

alternatively, it would be nice if we could install bar files directly from the phone, in the same manner as we can now install apk files (without needing to sideload an app, such as localbar, to gain that functionality)

+1000!! I think BlackBerry should make it as easy to install a BAR file as it is to install an APK. It should NOT be easier to load an Android app than it is to load a built for BlackBerry app.

Hopefully this guy finally makes it headless so we get notifications for updates but we know he likes to send "Open Letters" to other devs instead.

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Is anyone concerned about loading Snap onto their Blackberries (from a security perspective)? I'm expected to receive my Passport next week and I want access to the Google Play store, but I'm still hesitant about loading software that has not been examined by either Blackberry or security engineers.

Is there cause for concern? lol