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Get your Android apps here! Snap gets updated with a bunch of fixes

By James Richardson on 6 Feb 2014 12:24 pm EST

Chances are that if you have been lucky enough to update to BlackBerry 10.2.1 (yes, some carriers are still lagging behind) you more than likely have followed our advice and installed Snap - the Google Play client for BlackBerry 10 - allowing for simple installation of Android APK's onto your BlackBerry. 

The app has been updated - fixing a bunch of stuff that threw a spanner in the works for some folk, firstly to version and then quickly to version 

Heading over to the developers website things are a little confusing as the update is listed as v2.0.0.1, yet when you download the .bar file it will in fact be v2.0.0.2. 

New and improved: 

  • Fix for password with special characters
  • Fix for generic Network Error while downloading
  • Fix for crash after download completion or choosing save folder
  • Fix for Post-install behavior setting dropdown reverting to "Delete APK"
  • Fix for Email address clearing out on unsuccessful sign-in
  • Fix for some Apps not loading description/details
  • Added notification for users with OS version that does not include Android installer

If you haven't yet tried Snap out you can follow our 'How to' guide here to get up and running. 

Download Snap Version 


BB Adict

Oh snap!!!!

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.


Pun intended? LoL you took me back with that manb

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 


Why don't they just put it on BlackBerry World?

Wayyyy easier.

Posted via CB10


Need a way for it to install without the whole shebang

Posted via CB10

Anthony Roberts5

What a huge difference from the first version to now and he fixed the major problem I was having and that was the crashing issue :). Snap is amazing!!!!

omar ayman 1907

i cant downlowad it :s

Posted via CB10


It's a BAR file have to sideload

Posted via CB10


One case where I wish the developer would not build a native app.....



I won't use it until I can get it from BlackBerry World or direct. Amazon and 1 mobile have met all my needs thus far.

Posted via CB10

BB Super Junior

How does that make sense if you can't get those from BlackBerry World either? Any hesitation to get this is at your own expense.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/


Better than both

Posted via CB10


missing out its not much different than installing amazon App Store or loading music through your computer


1Mobile is sketchy at best. Everything I downloaded from there (before Snap was rewritten to work correctly) was an old version, or either a counterfeit or downright fake malware. Lots of stuff there seems to be a reputable, desirable app wrapped in another app that steals your data while masquerading as the reputable app.

Amazon Store never had anything I actually wanted.

Snap is amazing: hooks right into the Play store -- which is its own hotbed of malware, of course -- just not as near-universally as 1Mobile.


Ya... bring this one to BB world.


Well yesterday I asked me to update to. 1 ... and I just checked today and. 2 is out so maybe they didn't update the website yet. at least it's the right file :)

Posted from my Q10 with only 1GB of RAM

Unidentified User

Can snap be updated from within the app, or does also need to be sideloaded?

Posted via CB10

Simon Sage

Yeah, I'd love to see some sort of in-app updating. Don't know if it's possible, though.


Apparently there is! Go to and follow the instructions.


Still requires you to sideload sideswype....


...I was able to follow instructions and sideload sideswype over VPN that I set up following their directions. MY PC crashed and I was stuck without it as I had sideloaded all BAR files like most thru my PC. Sideswype saved me. Was able to load sideswype and now all my bar files from my phone.


working on a concept for this!



How about purchasing apps from Snap?
You might even get a reward from Google :-)


Does the existing version need to be uninstalled first?



Posted via CB10 on z10.2.1.176

omar ayman 1907

iam z10 nd i cant downlowad it

Posted via CB10


dear god, they have achieved sentience...


Chuckle. Nice.

Posted via CB10


Is the geographic location issue fixed?? I'm getting a bunch of useless apps when searching. For example no subway surfer- only guides. No Viber - only guides. I know there are other methods and that's what I've done but i'd love to make this my primary "appstore"

Well done and thank you!

Posted via CB10


Working great on my Q10! Although it has led me to download Flappy Birds and I might lose my job because of increased stress

Posted via CB10

Detective M Downs

How do you android app work on your Q10 (i.e., fit on screen)?


Sometimes squeezed in. Otherwise not bad. Instagram doesn't work with posting pictures on the q10. You can't see the buttons

Posted via CB10


I want to choke that fluffy little ba$tard.

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

The epidemic is spreading.

Not infected yet, myself. Snap and 10.2.1 are vectors and enablers for the disease to spread to BB!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


I just upgraded to 2.0.1 last night!

Great job though. This app is ESSENTIAL, no doubt about it.

Posted via CB10


Will I always have to sideload this app when there's an update?

Posted via CB10


10.2.1, IGrann, Whine, Snap.... after all emotions at the beginning of 2014 I think I'll need a rehab!

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...


What about us still on Q10SQN100-2/ I need a handgun to take myself out of my own misery!

Talking to Verizon here folks! I don't do leaks...not yet!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 


If you sideload .bar why not leaked os?

Posted via CB10 on z10.2.1.176


The os leak that has been available for months on CB IS the official os release. BB didn't change a thing except carriers added in their bloatware, imho the leak is better as you wouldn't have to go and delete the bloatware afterwards. BTW this leak was the first leak I've ever attempted and it was so easy I now believe I'm addicted to leaking!?! ;)


Verizon has the latest update 10.2.1 available. Check your update in Settings

VZW Z10 Where I get down >> ASCENDANT Music Channel C000B8970


The says the version is now


Too complicated still :) when will it be available on blackberry world?

Posted via Z10 from Lithuania


It probably won't.

Posted via CB10

Jeevan Batla

I only got I dint get

Posted via CB10


Agree. I am not the most tech savvy person but I did try side loading. What about the average person. If it's a bar file and supports android apps then this should be approved for BlackBerry world.

Posted via CB10


Can't side load using Chrome. I am running Followed instructions, turned firewall off but still getting an error message stating that my IP address cannot be found. I also switched ports, dev mode on..

Posted via CB10


Did you enter the correct IP address in the chrome extension? It is an easy install, but you gave to precisely follow the instructions.

Posted via CB10


The IP address is correct in the extension. I followed the instructions word for word

Posted via CB10


I had the same issue. The instructions may not be 100% correct. Don't use IP address that's shown when you enter developer mode (, instead try using the IP address your router assigned to your BB, most likely something that starts with 192.168

Posted from BlackBerry Z10 via CB10


Ah ok. I will try that. Where would I find that IP?

Posted via CB10


Go to settings, then About. From the drop-down menu, select "network" and use the Wifi IP(192.168.x.x). enter that IP on chrome and proceed. Make sure u have development mode on.


Posted via CB10


That works only for wifi sideloading

Posted via CB10


If you have USB Mass Storage ON, it will not work.
System Settings - Storage and Access - USB Mass Storage -> OFF.


Hey James or guys at CB,

You guys should write an article letting people know that some games that do not work from Snap, may actually work on Amazon.

I found that games which first installs a small file and then needs to download more data after opening usually gives an error "resources could not be found "

But the same game on Amazon will actually download the full game file all at once which allows game to work.

Some games that need a 2nd download of data work fine but I noticed a lot of games from Play store that require that extra download usually gives that error I mentioned I recommend searching I'm Amazon as well if it won't work from Snap.

Posted via CB10


I wish they would allow download without side loading

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10


Yes, that would certainly help the non-CrackBerry BB10 community.


This is a nice app that works very well.

Posted via CB10


Great that the issue was fixed very quickly. The version had issues with downloading some files, kept giving Download Errors.
This new version fixed it for me. Good job.


It's revolutionary! Only if it was easier to install Snap *hint hint*.

Posted via CB10


The writers of Snap should release it as an APK now and not a BAR. Side loading anything under 10.2.1 or later should now be obsolete.

Posted via CB10

Michael J Duffy

Perhaps CrackBerry could help with that. :)

Posted via CB10


Yeah, for all the money the developer of Snap makes (!?), why not pour resources into writing it for Android, for the ironic convenience of it now being easier for users of BB10 to install .apk files than .bar files.


I didnt, shiitt

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry needs to get their implementation of Android certified with Google, hire the guys from Snap and pay them for the app, and integrate their code straight into the BlackBerry World app. They have the little corner pull-back with the BB log for "built for BlackBerry" apps, just add an Android guy under the corner for apps that come out of Google Play and let your customers decide what experience they want. PLUS you can get rid of the need for developers to convert to .bar and all the resistance BB encounters because of it.


As I understand it, mere certification as an approved device or implementation of Android doesn't automatically gain access to Google Play. That is another level of approval altogether (which, if Google were to withhold, makes certifying the device or implementation kind of moot.)


On the last posted update on CB I got version so I don't think I missed but anyway all is up to date with Thanks for the notifications Crackberry!

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

bryan dizzle

I can't sideload apps since it's a work device and I can't access development mode. Any other ways of installing Snap?


1mobile isn't bad, probably not the same range as snap, but will help you, go to the website and download the apk app straight.

Posted via CB10


My Z30 is on our corporate BES10 and after reading your post I tried following the Snap install instructions just up to the part where you switch to developer mode and had no problem.

Not that it should have any bearing on this situation but just in case it is relevant: I'm still running 10.2.0 because VzW still hasn't pushed to Z30 yet.

Posted via CB10


Sachesi doesn't need developper mod.

Posted via CB10


My 2.0 has served me well enough. Thanks for the update though. I'm far to lazy to side load a bar file.

The dev should make an android version since it's easier to load apk files than bar lol.

Fantastic app for those that have not tried it!

Posted via CB10


I have to disagree. This app runs on native BlackBerry cascades. If there was a. Apk alternative the user experience would not be the same.

I feel like I'm in BlackBerry World while using the is app and it is totally worth learning how to side load for.

Great job to the developer and all who have supported.

Posted via CB10


Snap! Snap! Snap!

 BlackBerry Q10 


Awesome app, 2.0 works perfectly. Thank you very much!

Posted via CB10


Lovely app though some of my Android app still refuse to function without wifi (these apps return a no data connection error on the carrier network). Very irritating!


Is this going to be on BBW eventually?

Posted via CB10


Thanks for Snap!, makes the BB10 experience fantastic!


I just updated it twice! And now another one? I'm going to be a sideload king just by constantly updating snap!

Posted using the best phone ever, the white Z10!


Before uprated I think was better) )))

Posted via CB10


I do not understand, please help in BlackBerry on z10

Posted via CB10


Why can't this be added to BlackBerry World?

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

Been said before, it violates Google's terms and conditions.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Prem WatsApp


iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


website is not updated to link version

Posted via CB10

damien kupuku

downloaded Snap2.0.0.2 offering me to update some android apps, nice!!!!


LOVE this! Didn't know about it until today, and fell hard for the Google Client Integrations, so I can download most games and apps I have on my Android devices. Cool!

Posted via CB10


Thanks for the update

Parrillas NY

Great!! awesome app, Thanks from Honduras, Central America. Z10


I just got my BlackBerry Z10 like 1 month ago. Now that I have Snap it's even better than Android. :)

Posted via CB10


I still don't understand why there isn't a way to directly install snap instead of having to side load it.

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

It's bar vs apk, and software differences

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


Plain and simply my favorite BB10 app, and it keeps getting better.

Marco-Attilio Ventresca-Clarino

I use 1mobile market, is snap better or not?

Posted via CB10


Not even close!

Posted via CB10


1 mobile is better as you don't need to side load it

Posted via CB10


Fixes released really fast. Thanks!!


Wish they offered this as an APK as well. It would be so much easier to install/upgrade snap from the device that way :)

Posted via CB10


Love Snap...glad to see ongoing improvements. It's too bad it has to be sideloaded because I know that scares some folks.

Posted via CB10

sergey rublev

Android bad! Many blackberry soft!!!!

Posted via CB10


Great. App, Works with the new version.
No issues on my end. Snap

Posted via CB10


Requires a Gmail account. Thinking no. Thank you for playing.


I'm using version 2.0 but haven't had any of the issues listed as fixed in the new one.

Will download and side load as soon as I get off the go train.

Thank you to the dev of this app it's one of the best next to cb own app :)

Posted via CB10


If they ever get a apk down load available I'll get it, until then amazon and mobile1 app store works just fine with out any side loading

Posted via CB10


Thanks Dev for creating this app and for the updates! Very easy to use.

From the mind of a mAnIaC


Lol at all the people complaining
Try not to use Chrome to side load it's obviously to complicated for you.

Find the instructions for ddpb which are on this site and go at it.

For those with IT policy blocking dev mode your pretty much screwed. Unless you can ask to have your work side wiped clean then side load snap then reactivate on your bes 10 server.

I'm in IT at my firm and my phone is in a separate policy that doesn't block access the other policy for our users does tho.

And the above suggestion is the only way around it.

Posted via CB10


Thanks for SNAP
Still having an issue with google voice, and Amex apps.

Posted via CB10


Downloaded, sideloaded and running good.


Wish I could after 10.2 1 can't access BBPB via chrome

Posted via CB10


I could find where to add the IP address when I opened the extensions tab in Chrome.

Posted via CB10


Is there something about Snap that would make it better than the app store from Amazon? It works perfectly for me

Posted via CB10


Good luck getting updates on Amazon appST

Posted via CB10 on z10.2.1.176


Whats the latest Bar file?

Posted via CB10


says .2 but bar file is .1


Just downloaded Snap...nice app.

Posted via CB10


Do I need to uninstall the old version before updating snap?

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10 on z10.2.1.176


why its shows as ? -.-! wheres the

BB Super Junior

The process beginning at downloading the bar file ending in a completely installed snap takes me well under a minute.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/


Is there a way to make snapchat work?


Yeah, its called BBM

Posted via CB10 on z10.2.1.176


ok???????? what a useless comment i'm just asking if there's an updates to make some apps no longer need Google Play Services and/or use other settings on the blackberry to help apply those services


The new ui of this updated snap looks incredible.

Cheers to the developer

Thanks and keep up the great work

Posted via CB10


Snap2 just updated 2 of my Android apps after selecting 'My Apps', e.g. iMediaShare Personal to v. which is an alternative to the native Z30 Miracast app. Snap2 looks and behaves similar to BB 's 'My World' . Very nice. THX


Still no 10.2 from ATT in the USA. C'Mon guys help us out.

Posted via CB10


So you want to take a native app and converted it to an android app which by the way is going to run much slower.

Because you can't follow the simple instructions of side loading.

Yea great idea!


Posted via CB10


I finally got it downloaded after switching from my pc to my mac.
Great app store. Much better than Amazon.

Posted via CB10


When your always on the go, these BAR files are such a pain to install. Skipping this. APK nxt time please.



Brilliant finally purchased apps! Thanks you just made my Q10 the best device without doubt.


Snap will not replace play period. I will just goggle (app name) and apk and waallla


I didn't wanna go thru the whole side load thing again but this was really easy. I didn't even need a debug token. This app basically makes my phone feel like both an Android and BlackBerry.


Ps I find that DDPB bar installer a lot easier. That's what I use.

Posted via CB10


Any mirrors? The download site has been down for a while.

Posted via CB10


Try sideload Snap without your SIM in.

This worked for me.

Still, doesn't enable me to modify the android app settings in the notification options...

Have tried Ghost Commander, but it only enables me to turn off the HUB notification.

Posted via CB10

rosalinda antonio

Hi its my first time to use blackberry z10...How can I install other social network like skype?


it didn't work on my mobile it says that unable to open ! :/

Posted via CB10

Luke Bradley

How do you delete an apk on snap because when I delete something it still comes up that its installed when I delete it

Posted via z10



Your question is off topic and has nothing to do with snap.

Please create your own thread or search fo forum or Google you will find and answer a lot quicker.

And booii

You cannot install a bar file directly to your phone how about you read the instructions. If has to be side loaded there is a link right below the download link on the dev's site please read it.

Posted via CB10


FYI I had trouble side loading with Chrome until I installed BB Link, for whatever reason.

Posted via CB10


Side loading with chrome is problematic if you don't know what u are doing.

I would recommend everyone to use ddpb if your not an advanced user.

Posted via CB10


I find side loading with Chrome the easiest thing in the world to do. Download and install Chrome browser. Do a search for Blackberry 10 Playbook App manager and download the addon to Chrome. You will now see the Blackberry logo in the top right corner of the Chrome desktop. Connect your phone to your computer, on your phone go to settings, Security and Privacy, Development Mode, turn it on. Now click on the Blackberry logo in the top corner of Chrome, put in the IP address and follow the instructions. You must download the latest version of Snap. Then when you've opened the App manager, just drag and drop the downloaded snap to the app and watch it install. Turn off Development mode and enjoy Snap and the android apps.
Here is a link to the Chrome Blackberry 10 Playbook App manager:

Steven Last

anyone else experience the SNAP app crashing when clicking on "Open Installer" for a paid app?


Important! If you are trying to install Snap and you can't get past the part where you are supposed to enter the ip address in the Chrome Address Bar... enter this instead:

To be clear: Enter the ip address at this point in Bla1ze's article........
(Open Google Chrome and visit If your IP found .......)

Note: This other ip address works even if the ip address is displayed in BB10/Playbook Chrome Extension Settings also if is displayed after you turn ON Developer Mode. Hope this helps. It certainly drove me crazy for an hour.

Posted via CB10


I should also note that I did not have the above issue on my phone, but only when I tried to help my brother install his. I guess it can be different for a few.

Posted via CB10


Snap is, and always has been brilliant. It is by far the best Android app store available to BlackBerry 10, due to it hooking right into Google Play. James Paul Muir is a legend in the app scene, and I honestly don't care if I have to side load Snap. It doesn't take very long, and the world isn't going to come to an end if there is a newer version out, and I don't have my laptop handy.

Paul Mcilwaine

This has given me nearly all the apps that I was missing - thanks to the developer and to you good folks at Crackberry BRILLIANT

Posted via CB10

MJ Badagliacco

I don't know why BUT for some reason Google Voice will not set up... Downloads but when I go to set it up it asks to add an account and it won't let me add my account... AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHH!


The ONE thing no one has made it clear here about side-loading and in all instructions (which the other BB community clarifies) is that SIDE loading means going through a PC to load it to your device afterwards (you know going through a side door (or back door) where your USB connector is), so when you all say that we need to install CHROME, you mean install it on your PC/Laptop, not on your BB... Finally clued in...


Not sure if anyone has noticed but there is an option to donate to this developer for all his great work with Snap. In the app, swipe down from the top, go to help and you will see the donate option there. Please support the BlackBerry developers and help keep them working on apps for this great platform!

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10


Anyone having issues getting to the download page?

It seems to be down

Posted via CB10

Paulo Simoes

Please make this easier..... i can not install snap.....and i've really tried ! There are 2 aplications on Google play that i really need....please make this easier....

Jeetinder Pinder

Installed the bar file and it shows up on my z30 but just says search.

can anyone help?

Posted via CB10


This app has worked a total of one time - and now sticks on "Loading" - never to go any further... any ideas?


childan, yes I do, uninstall and reinstall, it has been working perfectly on 6 phones I've installed it on.


I downloaded Snap. And downloaded couple of basic apps from there - Viber and Truecaller. But both of them are not working on my Q10.

Posted via CB10

Orla Anderson

I side loaded this app but when I try download something it says download error... someone help need Snapchat ASAP

Posted via CB10


I just got on T-Mobile US. I loaded Snap via side loading. I also checked the permissions about installing from other sources. I can download apps, but then when I click on the open installer, it hangs up and stays saying "processing."
I am thinking that there is an issue with the Android Runtime. Any thoughts?