Snap Google Play client for BlackBerry 10 updated to v2.0

By Bla1ze on 2 Feb 2014 01:38 am EST

If you've been using Snap since before or after the release of 10.2.1 to load Android apps onto your BlackBerry 10 10 device, you'll be pleased to know the latest version is now available for download. This release covers a lot of visual styling for the app along with some new features that a lot of folks have been asking for. Check out the full change log:

  • Download previously purchased apps!
  • New layout for home screen
  • General performance improvements for remote images and API calls
  • New Login UI which includes 2-step authentication and link to Help & Privacy Policy
  • New Settings includes generated Android GSF ID, cache size, version number
  • Added ability to Specify APK download location

Kind of goes without saying, you're going to want to get this one installed as soon as possible. If you've not installed Snap before, we've got a guide put together to make it all easy for you. If you're already familiar with how to install it, then by all means hit the download link below or head on into the CrackBerry Forums to grab it as well.

Download the latest version of Snap


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Snap Google Play client for BlackBerry 10 updated to v2.0



Yeah it really is.

It is smooth native cascades and it gives access to the largest catalogue of android applications. Much more than amazon, 1mobile etc.

[URL="bbmc:C00039A66"]Van City Coffee[/URL] ; [URL="bbmc:C00124663"]WhitecapsFC[/URL] ; [URL="bbmc:C00087C61"]PreMed Community[/URL] ; [URL="bbmc:C0036EF56"]Bristol Rovers Football Club[/URL]

Some Amazon apps aren't up to date. Snap source is directly Google Play Store. And the most important: it's native.

Posted via CB10

Except Amazon App store gives away a paid app for free every day... So it's good to have that installed as well. I have both on my phone.

WAY better than Amazon Appstore, only direct download and install from the Google Play store could be better. Drawback is you must sideload Snap to use it, but it is very easy to do and we'll worth the five minute effort. Just follow instructions in the post for the Google Chrome extension method or use Sashesi if you know what you are doing and it's pretty easy.

Yeah, just like all the other native BB10 apps that can be updated outside of BB World ... oh wait, there aren't any! Yes it's too bad this isn't/won't be available through BB World. Having to side-load is a minor annoyance in light of the benefits. Let's be thankful for that.

Having to side load anything is a joke period. I'm not against those that are for it but there HAS to be a workaround for the average user nowadays to maintain any form of credibility. BlackBerry 10 needs to completely nail the "ease of use" functionality in 2014 NO EXCUSES...

Snap is a very good app. The developer did a great job and is to be commended for the hard work involved in giving us this free app.

Snap sometimes has out of date apps. I use Mobile 1 Market. Just be sure to turn off notifications in settings other wise it goes nuts.

Posted via CB10

If I can download my purchased item in the Play Store how would Amazon Appstore be better for me?! Also as stated there's a huge catalog but I really hope Blackberry World continues working hard to expand and give me the privacy option for each app I've installed in my 10.2.1

In one word... YES!

In multiple words. Yea it is. It's ridiculously user friendly and has more to offer. Very easy to sideload if that's what people are worried about compared to the direct download of Amazon. And once the ONE sideload is done, any app is yours. I love it!

Posted via CB10

So glad there's an easy solution to download all of these apps! Keep the updates coming

Posted via CB10

With version 2.0, I am now able to install my paid apps from Google play onto my Z10. This app is a must have.

Z10STL100-3/ CB10

There is! Go to and follow the instructions. (I used it because I'm too lazy to side load via my Computer)

CB10 from the amazing Z10

I agree it's just funny how we all love the native app so we can download android apps lol

If anyone hasn't side loaded it they should, it's true, it is the best option (especially since there are no annoying notifications)

It's worth noting that after downloading you can send your apk to friends and family who cannot seem to follow your instructions on how to side load themselves lol BBM works for smaller apps, I've had to email a few.

Posted via CB10

Is it possible that there are differences in the performance? Some Amazon Apps running slow on my Z10. Fruit Ninja i.e.

Posted via CB10

Yes because some apps on Amazon are the older, non-updated versions. Not saying that IS your issue but it IS possible.

Amazon took me 5 minutes to get going but does seem choppy and boring but does seem to have most apps. Looks like Snap is much smoother and clean, just takes a little more to install. Don't really care for the apps, don't feel like I'm missing anything with BlackBerry but nice to have the option I guess.

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

Sachesi is the easiest way to install .bar files on BlackBerry 10. I think this is the first option before google chrome or other one.
Any people need 2 link. One for Sachesi and one for bar files. It is very simple for any people.

Posted via CB10

The problem (I think) is that Snap explicitly violates Google's ToS. Until Google actually approves BB10 as a "valid" Android implementation, BB can't allow an app that basically hacks GPlay.

Posted from CB10 running on my awesome Z30 2B6927F7

Don't see google being too queried about this...after all the apps gave to be purchased in Google play firstly. No like they are losing revenue.

Posted via CB10

It won't let me sign in on the new version, my email and password are right but it deletes my email and tells me incorrect email or password. Any tips?

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I was having the same problem. It's the 2-Step not working. I simply went to create an application password from Google to sign in like before.

At this point I'm too lazy to continue side loading anything after 10.2. I'll continue using my old Google play store account for search and APK Downloader. Besides you get all of the reviews, and other stuff.

Posted via CB10

I love how the interface is very similar to Blackberry World and it lets you know when there is an update for the apps. Plus I finally side-loaded something. Small thing, right?

Love it, thanks!

I know ppl with power read these comments sometimes so if someone does,

Put this app in BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10

Sounds great, but my IT department closed developer mode... Any chance Snap will come available without sideloading?

Posted via CB10

Yeah if there's no direct download, I'm not doing it. Especially for a program that will potentially fail like it did after the first version. It's way too easy to get our hands on APKs to fool around with Side loads.

Posted via CB10

Doooooood!this is the greatest update. I get my paid apps and it looks super slick and runs extra smooth. My z30 Co workers would love this. To bad I don't know how to side load from z30 to z30. I can then show them this BlackBerry greatness

You could also download apps and then NFC the apk to your co workers. I've done so with my sister who has a galaxy s3.

Would really like to know something before downloading Snap. Is it a one step process to delete Android apps? Meaning, hold on icon.....hit delete. Is there any other steps after that. Thanks

Posted via CB10

Hi! I haven't used Snap but installed some Android Apps from Amazon Appstore and I can confirm that deleting is the same process like on any other (BlackBerry World) App.

Posted via CB10

For me, it was simple enough to delete the android app, like with native BlackBerry apps, BUT, when I restarted, the app had come back. Then I realized the app file itself also needs to be deleted or it reinstalls on a reboot. (delete from file manager, default dir is device/downloads)

Posted from my Q10/Z10

Or, just use the device manager (use the "storage" tab). A few more "presses" than deleting a native app, but still pretty quick.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry falls down with simplicity. If Snap is so good why can't I click to download? I'm the biggest BlackBerry fan in my circle of friends and push for BlackBerry everywhere.

Everyone says that the user experience with ios is so smooth and easy... please BlackBerry make the changes necessary to have Snap a simple click to download...

Posted using my amazing and intelligent Z10

It's awesome.. that's the point of 10.2.1 to allow us install APK directly from device and run Android apps smoother. And Snap update really makes my phone turn onto Android device. Installing and update from "Google Play Store ".


Nice to have access to paid apps in the store. I purchased a couple and they quickly showed up on my Z10! Having access to the Play store in this way does help with the App Gap, though it's an imperfect solution. I was able to fill some gaps all the same.

Tried the side loading got nowhere. And I wasted a lot of time. You need to know what your doing.

Posted via CB10

I think Snap is great.
Runs smooth, great Userinterface, and the whole Catalogue of Google Play.
Of course I normally use the BlackBerry World but for some apps like teamviewer or db navigator snap is great :)

Thank you so much for the new update

Wenn du mir sagst, was dort draußen richtig ist, werde ich nicht mehr versuchen dich zu küssen... (Sayumi Whisp)

I just installed it on my Z10. It's definitely a "must have" app.

Posted from my Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet

Downloaded and sideloaded in less than a minute. Looks and works much better. Also thanked god for amazing brain he gave me to complete such a complicated task.

The developer really deserves the credit, in cash or in kind, just like iGrann's. Thanks for all the hard work. #keepmoving

Posted via CB10

Was tempted to install this app. It started with Google Chrome download. Fine. By the time I reached half way reading the long list for installing Google play, I felt exhausted.

Posted via CB10

Exactly. If I wanted Google Play so much that I'd go through all that I would rather just buy an Android phone. Ridiculous.

Posted via CB10

It's really not that difficult. You just need the Snap bar file and a program to sideload it. Try DDPB.

Posted via telegraph

Even better, use Google Chrome's BB installer extension - you can run it from any computer, even without admin access to it - it makes this task so much easier! There are step-by-step guides to using Chrome in the Crackberry forums.

Previously Paid app doesn't get installed, its downloading but when to open the installer, it force close snap app. Free apps work like a charm

Posted via CB10

Looking at all the apk madness since 10.2.1 I can't help thinking that if one is sooo much into android apps better a get a solid andoid phone, the hub ease and other bb10 pluses can be sacrificed...

 Q1o

There are 100's of apps that bberyworld don't carry, and 1,000's of reasons not to have an android phone, or iphone! Do you want a monopoly deciding whats' available? Should humanitarian geniuses be prevented from distributing their apps to larger audiences (censorship?) Is it better for developers to have 'fair and honest' markets? Can't wait to get this sideways thingy happnin... ;)

Thanks for the update and when will it be in the blackberry world store because Blackberry must act now to buy you out or get them self. I know in februari there will be android apps in blackberry world but they are all be proofed by blackbeery so that sound nice 2 :)

How do I get the apps installed, its doesnt giving any output, its keeping on processing.. anyone got the sokuyion for this, using amazon even the same

Posted via CB10

Wow this is an awesome app - just installed it and it found updates for the apps I had installed already!

Highly recommend this!

Posted via CB10

Don't want to be a "this guy" but why Snap has to be sideloaded? There are plenty of apps which can be installed directly after downloading them to phone i.e. why .bar?

Posted via CB10

Why bar? = the developer made it native which is why it runs so smooth

Why have to sideload? = bar files HAVE to be side loaded. No other way (other than BlackBerry World). Only apk files can loaded from the device itself

Posted via CB10

How did you get the " playbook app manager" downloaded?

Google play doesn't give any result...

Posted via CB10

Snap is fantastic! Just given 1mobile the boot and now updating the handful of Android apps I can be bothered to use...

Z10 STL100-2 DTAC 3G

Nope! Bar files can only be side loaded or installed from BlackBerry World. BlackBerry won't allow this app in BlackBerry World for legal reasons

Posted via CB10

If this is a native app then why all the hoops to jump through to install it? Why isn't it just available on BlackBerry World?

Posted via CB10

Because it is giving you unauthorized access to the Google Play Store, which is a violation of Google's ToS, which means that BlackBerry probably won't approve it for inclusion in BlackBerry World.

If you want a legal way to install Android apps, apps like Amazon's Appstore is the way to go. If you want access to apps on Google Play, violate the ToS and sideload Snap.

Just because it is a native app doesn't mean it will be approved for use in BlackBerry World.

to: BlackBerry
from : Superfly_Fr
Subject : snap
Body : JUST BUY THIS COMPANY, sort the I.P/Terms with google and make it a feature in next update.
;) :D
(edit : an now, I wake up lol)

One can dream I suppose! That would be amazing. Seriously "leapfrogging the competition"!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

App of Apps.

More like an app enabler than an actual app, in itself useless, no other purpose but to get MOAR apps.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Supposedly after 1.9.5 you can just load the new one over the old one. Mine worked perfect.

Posted via telegraph

Wow great update to SNAP.. I was able to install all my apps that I paid for my Nexu7 Tablet,, and there were two calculator programs I needed and finally got it. Great job..much better than amazon appstore.

I'm having trouble with everyone clamoring over to android apps. If I wanted to use android apps and have the android experience I would have purchased and android device.

I can understand perhaps a "needed" app for business that isn't available on Blackberry. But I've seen too many posts about how to get fruit ninja or candy crush or some other useless game or app.

If those were important to me I would not be on Blackberry.

I'm hoping the constant android posts will stop... it's disappointing.

Posted via CB10

There are still quite some BlackBerry consumers out here too. They don't need apps like Microsoft Lync or Yammer, but want to play games, for example. And that's okay, it means that there is still some consumer interest in BlackBerry too, in stead of just business.

The point is that these people love the BlackBerry 10 operating system, in stead of the (in my eyes, crappy) Android system. But they do miss quite some apps they love. So to say that everyone who wants to play candy crush should buy an Android is a little extreme in my opinion.

Here's the thing for me...
I like the BB10 OS far better than the Android OS. In fact, I hate the Android OS. So now I get a great OS experience as well as having access to a larger catalog of Android apps. When a Native app becomes available, I use that instead of the Android version.

Posted via CB10

Snap is THE way to go if you want access to the Google Play Store. My thanks to the developer, your work is greatly appreciated!

So is it possible to purchase apps directly from Google Play if you don't have another Android device to buy them with? I know I can purchase apps from Amazon, but I don't like their selection. I don't have any Android phones or tablets.

Posted via CB10

Can apps be bought (paid apps) from Google playstore from the website and installed via snap? If so the app gap is most certainly closed.

Posted via CB10

Excellent app!!! I am helping everyone I know with a BB10 install it. With this update it even has a BB World type screen which shows you which apps have updates available, what you have installed and what is available for installation. Excellent work!!!

Just a little side note that I am noticing. When ever I download the latest updated apk file any of the apps from snap it doesn't delete the older version! This will cause major memory shortages and loss down the road. Be careful and delete the older files.

Posted Via my Z30

Just downloaded it, it's awesome, only problem I have is some apps are not showing, candy crush, Spotify etc etc.....not that I need them but if i search them they don't show up.
Does your geographic location edit apps out?

Posted via CB10

Does anyone know if Snap has been officially submitted to BlackBerry World? If so how long does the process take?

Posted via CB10

I'm curious to why no one has just used an android phone to back up thier apps, then email them to your blackberry...i used this method and all my apps work fine

Posted via CB10

Amazing! The Best!
Works perfectly on my Z30, installed in 5 secondo with Sachesi.
All the android apps you need!
(except that who need Google Play Service).


Snap is great. Now with the Android apps on hand BlackBerry will become more attractive to general public.

Posted via CB10

I installed a free app via snap; then head over to google play store to buy. However installation failed then...It's not possible to install paid apps? Anyone else?

Posted via CB10

If Snap is so good, why is it not submitted to BlackBerry world and getting their approval.

Is snap doing any thing illegal?

Warm Regards,

Hari Ankem

Posted via CB10

Can't wait to install this.

Already installed Amazon Appstore the day I upgraded to 10.2.1, but as many people have already said it is missing a heck of a lot of apps that I have on my Android tablet.

Posted using my Z10 via CB10

I think the one we have know is better because .bar file are sometime laggy. Also you notice right that native BlackBerry 10 application are better than android?

Snap closes itself after 5 to 10 minutes of browsing. Also I can't purchase apps (those that have a $ price). Freebies I can download. Have to say that while android apps are more numerous than BB10 apps, for what Ive seen in the past 3 days since I sideloaded Snap most of android apps in catalog are rubbish. BlackBerry World for BB10 has a very good selection of apps, and hands down, I would go there first and stay there. Don't have and won't have instagram, because I am not a social-oriented person and am quite comfortable with the social apps BlackBerry World offers, although I only use twitter to stay informed. I don't tweet. Other than that, maybe I'll try downloading Shazam and Google maps because Soundhound does not do the trick on my Z10 (it NEVER recognizes any song even if it's 100% popular worldwide), and in bedded BlackBerry Maps does not recognize my country, Peru, whereas Google maps perfectly does).

Posted via CB10

When you try to download a pay app, it TELLS YOU.... you must pay via website, and after that - you can DL from Snap.

Posted via CB10

My main. Question is that since SNAP is required to access all the relevant permissions they talk about on their web page for negotiating connection with the Google Play store what is the security risk here? Does this automatically mean that Google now has access to whatever it wants to mine on their side?

I am curious about this point especially as android apks are supposed to have the relevant blackberry services mapped to the android equivalents in the "emulation".

Does this reduce the overall security of the BlackBerry OS?

If someone could explain?

Posted via CB10

The android apps installed on my Q10 are laggy and the biggest drawback is the lack of notifications. For example, I can't get any notifications from facebook messenger and it sucks!

Posted via CB10

Right, none of the apps you get from alternate app stores will work with the default notification system on the blackberry. It has to come from BB World to get those. It does suck

Is there a way to use a phone with Snap on it and somehow push the app to another BlackBerry phone?

Would be nice if those of us who can side load, could NFC tap or something with a non techie friend's phone and he gets the app installed.

Maybe a feature ?

Posted via CB10

The beauty is Snap saves the .apk on your phone. Email it to any BB10 phone on 10.2.1. And just click the file! It will load it up.

Just wonder, if one can download apps to a laptop and then transfer those files via blue tooth, would that work? That way I can forgoe side loading. Isn't the whole idea of snap just allowing you to download directly from Google play? If this is a valid way, it would be an alternative for many that aren't comfortable side loading. My laptop has blue tooth so just wonder of a Google play account would allow me to download to my laptop and transfer to my z10?

Posted via CB10

i have done this it works. got my apks from torrents sites though not from google play. but you can use apk downloader as well..

Time to side load! The last thing I side loaded was Snap 1.0

I would argue that Snap has brought more functionality to BB10 than any other piece of code. BBRY needs to do a deal with GOOG and bring this accessibility to the forefront and not have to hide it in the back office and essentially run in a clandestine fashion. Sifting through apps on Play has brought a few gems to my Z10 and I feel dirty afterwards but it has been worth it.

I just can't get through this side loading thing from the instructions. Firstly although Google Chrome says it's installed correctly I can't find it in downloads or any icons on my Z10. Same when I attempt to download Snap. It's just not anywhere to be found.
I'll certainly be happy when installing Android is the same as installing apps from BlackBerry World.

Finally! Our own native Playstore. :) It would be nice to see in the next version apps that have been purchased would already show "Purchased" instead of the price. Currently, you have to click on the price then snap checks via play store using your Google account. Not a problem since anything purchased will be under My Apps.

Posted on CB10 using Z30STA100-5/

Please help! Should I delete the previous version before downloading this one or it will be replaced?

Posted via CB10

Okay Bla1ze, Does that Hobbit app really work if you download via Snap? I see it in the photo but I can't get it to work. I downloaded it from Google play on my nexus, APK shared it to my Z10 and it gave me Google not running errors so I did the same for Google play and Google services to no avail. So please tell me if it really works via Snap and I'll go through loading Snap. Thanks.

Posted via CB10

Sideloading from Chrome? I don't get it. I just used DDPB that I always used for sideloading and away I went, chrome sideloading has too many unnecessary steps.

Posted via CB10

Pretty much the same steps as dpdb. With Chrome, you always need to update the IP address of your device in order for you to access the device via browser. Not to forget, dour device must be set to Development mode. The chrome extension have more functionality such as allowing you to stop the application running in the background. I did this when side loading the porsche clock on my Z30.

Posted on CB10 using Z30STA100-5/

Yay!! thank you. I just downloaded an app I purchased last year and it is working flawlessly, BUT now when I open it I get a screen popup that says they are having trouble verifying my license?? I hit the button Try Again and nothing happens and I can't use the app.

I had the same issue for one app and for all rooted apps. For the former, i'm thinking it may be tied up with the Android GSF ID of my original device where I made the purchase. For the latter, it's due to the BlackBerry Android Runtime which cannot be rooted.

Posted on CB10 using Z30STA100-5/

So then, a lot of people may run into this issue of the error message about not being able to verify the license, since we bought apps while actually on an android? that's too bad, I don't want to have to buy this in the amazon store :( So what is the advantage of being able to download paid for apps if you can run them without this error message coming up?

Very strange, I just logged into my Google Play account on my computer and went into Devices and it shows my Android S4 and TWO Blackberry Q10 devices, one from when I originally installed Snap in January, and that one shows my carrier as Sprint, and one from today when I installed the update to Snap, but it shows my carrier as TMobile?? There is no way to delete these devices, you can only hide them. I wonder if that is causing this error?

Mine z10/STL2 on official OS 10.2.1. And Development mode and app manager "ON " I have been tried side load bars file by ddbp ,cant works in Z10. Help.thank you!

Posted via CB10

Can I purchase Apps with this update in Google Play Store, let's say ttorrent pro?

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App (Z10 /1926)

Would someone please confirm that I can load snap with sachesi from my Mac computer and not have issues??

I assume I can't side load from GC.....

Thank you

Posted via CB10

I've followed these simple steps that CB has given us to down load it and for the life of me I am lost, any help would be much appreciated.

Posted via CB10

1 download DDPB Installer to your computer
2 change your phone to development mode under settings-security and privacy-development mode.
3 Start DDPB, in your phone go to Settings-About-Category-Network and check you IPv4 for Wi-Fi.
4 Insert the IPv4 address (192.....) in DDPB and your phone password.
5 in DDPB click the Add (A) and find the folder where you downloaded Snap app and add it.
6 make sure to left click on the Snap app you added and click install.

There you go. I tried the google chrome thing and couldn't get it work so I found this the best and fastest way to have side apps loaded to my Z10.
Hope that helps.

Okay answered my own question. Hobbit still doesn't work. Snap is very smooth though. If anyone gets Hobbit to work, please let me know. Thanks.

Posted via CB10

I'm surprised at the amount of people in here that don't know how to side load with the plethora of information all over the site.

Then people with android apps closing or not starting there is obviously a problem with the Android runtime on your phone and its not snap.

Then people asking for snap in bbw it's not gonna happen give it up!

Posted via CB10

This app is fucking awesome. Now having the ability to install apps I've purchased on my nexus tablet is AMAZING!!!

This developer rocks. Thanks so much for bringing us SNAP!!!


Posted via CB10

Were facing same problem bro... file is a bar format thats why they cant read.. specially for updated BlackBerry 10 to newest os that can installed apk files direct with out convertion process... bar file is for old fw BlackBerry os 10.

Will this app ever make it to BBW? Stupid BYOD IT policy has disabled Development Mode permanently (or until I get my corporate bb10)

Posted via CB10 - Z30STA100-5/

So I am currently a Clash of Clans player on my iPad mini, and have a Blackberry Q10. I have been trying and trying to find a working CoC for BB. I did find one that worked, up until the point where I need to connect my iOS and what should be Google+ account, but since the CoC was not downloaded through Google Play services, I couldn't link them. Will this Snap Client solve my problems?

Posted via CB10

Does having snap mean we can now download games and apps that require a Google play account on our phone to run?

Z10 in Nigeria

Hey guys I have the version and I can't install apps from snap! Help me guys!

Posted via CB10

Hey can anyone tell me if there's a work around that let's me have access to the snap store that people see in North America??

On my Z10, Snap crashs after every app update... And also, every Android app crashs before the end of they opening phase... WTF? What could I do (reboot, cleaning, call a friend)?

Damn, couldn't find how to edit my comment... Anyway... I founded a solution, take a piece of paper, write down the apps that aren't working, delete them, reinstall... It works for me... (PS: the "crap" apps was updated from a old "amazon" version with snap...)

It would be interesting to have the options to comment and review the app in itself, so we can warn or let know of apps that are incompatibles.

Posted via CB10

This sounds great but I can't download Chrome... the download bar appears and makes progress bit then fails and disappears. Any hints, do I need to change a device setting? Running the newest BB10 update on a Z10 on the Rogers network in Canada. Thanks!

Posted via CB10

This app is awesome. Just replaced all my side loaded android apps with the latest versions.

Posted via CB 10 on my Z30 w

Love this update! Thank you so much. Have been wanting to use a couple of ASL apps as purchased on my Nexus 7 on my BB10 from the the get go. Nada! Until now. Great stuff. :)

OMG...what a great update. To the people complaining about having to sideload the update...c'mon, the app is free, the dev keeps making great strides in his updates, show some love, or stick to Amazon etc.

I love the 'Updates' tab ... this is great. And I don't know what it is but seems the new updated apps look way better now, less ... Android cheesy. Maybe Android is maturing. All the apps I updated today look so much better on my Z10.

Great app, however purchased apps do not always work. Not the developers fault but many paid apps still require a license activation that you cannot do on a BB. I tried several yesterday and all of them gave the activation error.

Luckily I was able to get refunds via googles 15 minute policy!

has anybody installed google maps from snap ? i feel that the sideloaded version works a million times better, the apk one does not work properly

Yes you have to sideload Snap V2 but after that I love how I can download and then install apps directly - It totally rocks. Of the 10 apps I downloaded I got 6 to work, I can live with those odds.

Knowledge is power... Posted via CB10

Snap is the best. Amazon or mobile market, both are nothing compared to Snap. Install DDPB to your PC, then add the file into it . Check your mobile screen, Snap is ready. ENJOY //////

Posted via CB10

For whatever reason I get an Error everytime I try and download apps from Snap. I was hoping the update fixed this but it is the same. The download time seem considerably slower than when I download an app form BB World. I have the option to download from 3rd part sites ticked so I don't think that is it. Any body with a solution for this?


Dont be mad when i ask something that you already answered for other users..

My question is, should i sideload as normal or should i delete the old version first than sideload the newer version. Thanks Sir! And thank you very much for snap... that might sound silly but you are one of the top guys that safes blackberry .. you killed the app gap! I have already at leats 40 apks that works almost perfect for my z10