Like to take photos of yourself? You should take a look at Snap for BlackBerry 10.

By James Richardson on 9 Mar 2013 04:26 pm EST

Snap is a new camera application for BlackBerry 10 with a twist. I'm not talking about filters like many apps currently have. Snap is a sound triggered camera app. That may sound a bit weird but it's actually pretty sweet. Imagine you want to take some photos of yourself. Without Snap you would be restricted to using the front facing camera and would need to hold the BlackBerry. So with Snap you can prop the phone up and just make a sound to engage the camera shutter. And it works really well.

There is also a timer present and a normal camera mode to allow you to just use the camera as you would without the app, but it's the noise activation that I find really clever. You can even toggle the variable sound thresholds which range from a whisper to a scream. Jumping from your rear camera to the front one is just two screen taps away and within the menu you can get access to your gallery and even switch on the grid for precise photos if required. The flash can be switched on or off from the main interface and you get a nice big blue shutter button on-screen.

Overall Snap has really impressed me. It's user interface is made up of some lovely colors yet things are kept simple. Plus it's a native BlackBerry application, not a port from Android like many other are. Snap will cost you $0.99/£0.75 for a limited time only. Then the price will revert back to normal which is $1.99/£1.50. If you like to take photos of yourself or of you and your friends this one is well worth checking out.

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jojo beaconsfield

just like to let everyone know .i checked out youtube and there are close to 1 million hits comparing iphone to theZ10 .why,you guessed it ,possibleCONVERTS


I hope all of these "limited time" price drops are still in place for US customers that have not yet recieved their Z10s. -__-


Don't worry about it. It'll be available for the US release as well. Also there are new updates in store for the US release coming up soon.!


The Z10 sits nicely sideways on a flat surface, perfect for taking timer photos.


Cool app. The z10 will steel back market share. Lots of people asking questions every time I have it in my hands!

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Does this override the camera shutter sound ?

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No it doesn't override the camera shutter sound.

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The camera shutter sound is mandatory. But the app will not trigger itself off the camera sound if that's what you're wondering. No infinite loop clicking :D


bought the app, works great. will have to test the sound function in a noisy area but no matter, it is a solid investment for 99 cents ;)


the most wanted app! rather than tapping the screen or pushing the volume rocker key, asking the phone to capture by shouting at it is awesome, you can concentrate on the view finder while keeping your hands steady. i'll get it NOW!


My note 2 has this built in natively. It's also on the galaxy s3.

I'm sure someone will bring it out free at some point for you guys.


So you can say something to your note 2 and it will take a picture?


Yes, on the S3 and Note 2, you can set up the stock camera app to take a photo by saying "Cheese", "Smile", "Shoot", and "Capture". So it is more based on voice commands than just sound. It's a nice feature that does help with camera shake. I'm glad to see something similar available for BB10.


Seems cheap enough now that most people wouldn't be worried about the price, this isn't android where paying for apps is an anathema.

I would make a comment about someone will bring out some security for your phone at some point, but nobody would believe me about that.

Joel Diplan

There's no need to be confrontational, he's just giving his opinion.


I love how all these apps built in cascades feel so natural now.

I bought this app after Kevin gave it a shout out on the CB video hangouts and its was pretty neat for $1.99, kinda miffed the price dropped but c'est la vie.


Hi guys! I'm the creator of Snap! Thanks a lot for your comments :D I've created a forum thread for the app so I can hear what you guys have to say. Check out the link below.

I'd love to get your feedback, answer your questions and see where we can take Snap! in future updates.


Joel Diplan

Thank you for creating the App, we're looking forward to our next future projects on the BB10 platform!


Nice i needed one of those as i don't use cameras anymore


That's gonna come in handy. :D


Didn't know it actually took pictures to the sound. Now I'm even more satisfied.

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Snap sure sounds like an app worth picking up. Now all I need is the Z10...

Junaidi Othman

How to print screen at Z10???? Like iphone5....

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Junaidi if you mean a screen shot, just press the up and down volume buttons at the same time.

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Wonder why this app isn't compatible with my Q10 running on Bell :-s

Malou Legaspi

Why every new apps that actually sounds cool always for sale.. uff!

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