Snap APK downloader for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.9.6.0

By Bla1ze on 17 Dec 2013 03:51 pm EST

If you're all in on loading up Android APK files on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone then there's a pretty good chance you've already given the APK downloader app Snap a go. The developer behind it, James Paul Muir, has now released a new version and made it available for download to those who wish to sideload it.

  • Infinite scrolling of Lists and Search results (yay more than 20 results!!)
  • Fix for small text in Recent Changes
  • General performance improvements on App page
  • Snap acts as invocation target for Google Play links (must long press and use "Open in")
  • New Feature: View "Google Play Library" available apps associated with your account that aren't installed on the device
  • Added Privacy Policy under "Help" (swipe down from top)

That's quite a few changes that make getting up and grabbing your USB cable worth it. If you do load it up, keep in mind it is a beta release so if you come across some bugs be sure to swing by the CrackBerry Forums and check to see if they've been noted already. You can grab the latest BAR file from the link below.

Download Snap for BlackBerry 10


zeon mohamedd

Is the update from the phone or pc

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i'm switching from One Mobile to Snap, well made!

Its a friggin Native Android store, looks almost like BlackBerry World


Nice! Upgrade

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I'm so happy with my Z10 now that I have finally been able to download most apps I've been desperately waiting for: Hulu, Netflix, Sound Cloud, Amazon MP3, instagram, EVEN AUTOCAD! ! Took me time to finally give in and try a leak, but this one is definitely worth it! Thanks to all devs who have made this possible for us!

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I'll give this guy props; he's put a lot of work into this app.


Only Sideloaded Bar file on my device.


Same here.. oh this and chive on!


Do I have to delete the old one before I dl the new one or will it automatically replace it?

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To quote James Paul Muir, from the Snap thread
"No need to uninstall before installing the new versions (unless you are on 1.5 or lower)"


Cool +10!

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Observation Junkie

Bring on all the Android viruses onto BlackBerry, cool.

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That is definitely a concern.


We need ota bar file installations

Sent from my Z30


Never going to happen.. sorry to be the barer of bad news..

bfunkera works like a charm

Single finger flickin fun from the best Damn virtual keyboard in existence...the BlackBerry Z30 Everybody!


Thought I'd never say this but I actually prefer .apk over .bar now. My Z10 never connects to my PC when I try to sideload app.


Sometimes it takes a looooong time, but it will eventually connect.


Love this app, screw the one market with its bugs, snap is where it's at and developer is constantly updating and it's a bb10 app - thanks creators of snap! (redlight or something going to look into it would love to donate)

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Definitely a + on that.

Going to do some house cleaning on the Zormtrooper tonight.

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Snap is so amazing!!!

I had so many updates to do. A but of a PITA doing each app individually but that is a small sacrifice considering what Snap has given us.

Loving snap.

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When its first version rolled out, I sideloaded it and then tried using it. However, the download button never loaded apps. It sounded like it is useless. So I deleted this Snap app a couple of days ago. Does this newer version finally work?



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The original version relied on a limited download source that often ran out of tokens, the newer version generates your own gsf ID and lets you download right from google play. Its awesome and works very very well.


It's also worth mentioning that this app also updates all your android apps now, and generates it's own gsf ID using your device for Google play. It's a one stop shop for android apps direct from Google play, just instal,. log in and go.

Those changes aren't in the change log for this version because they were previous, but they happened between the last time this app was blogged and now.


You've done a great service for this article's comment section, my friend.

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quite welcome friend. I love this app, it's been very useful to me so i'm happy to help spread the word.


will this app allow me to install the android version netflix ect?


Why does this app still have to be sideloaded? When I can get it from BBW then I'll pull the trigger.

BlackBerry Forever!


Doubtful that something like this would ever be approved in BBW unless some kind of partnership is reached between BlackBerry and Google, in which case you'll see the official play store and not this anyway. This app, although awesome, i'm fairly certain violates Google's TOS. They are allowing it to exist because it isn't a problem.. if BlackBerry approved it I'd imagine an injunction would follow swiftly.


does it finally create it's own device ID, or do I still have to go the long route and install virtual box and jump through hoops to create on?


See the comment three posts above yours.

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Awesome update, great job James!

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Where can you find this app? I've looked on BlackBerry World and cannot find it?

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In the forums. Follow the link in the article, the OP is updated with the latest download link. It isn't and likely won't ever be in BlackBerry World.


I can't find this app in app store, help me someone tnq :)

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it's not in the app store, it's in the forums.. follow the link in the article.

Damien Eden

I carnt get it I'm using a z10

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what do you mean can't get it?

Nick Shadow

As much as this must be good news. BB has a real problem with the Gen Pop. Some how this whole friggin process has to change. It cannot be an Erector Set or a Heath Kit. If you want to download a Google app, the phone should look at the situation and report that you need "x" software to download this program, do you want to load it? You say yes, it gets what it needs and sends to back to the app you wanted, end of story.

BB reminds me of the command on Oasis, Unix and DOS, which thankfully I haven't needed to use since before a lot you were born. This "it is really cool to find all of these features", "the wonderful tricks", and the "techno wizardry" that phone geeks love, is not scalable. The true is, the vast percentage of the population could care friggin less. When I talk to my wife about what you can do by using these simple fifteen steps, her eyes glaze over, could she get it, sure. Does she want to, hell no.

"If you're all in on loading up Android APK files on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone then there's a pretty good chance you've already given the APK downloader app Snap a go." The vast majority of people are going to read that sentence and move on,,,,,,,,,,to well, Apple. That is even before they try to understand what the punch list of fixes means. The ones you didn't lose with the opening line, sure as hell are running at the techno speak in that baby.

Damn, I hope John Chen understands this, or BB will a small niche player for ever. Having said this, I am a fan, but the "tinker toy" shit has got to stop.

There is a very old saying that comes to mind here. "If you want to play with the big dogs, you can't piss like a puppy."

I rant like this every few months, and usually apologize for being a so rude, not this time. People's livelihood, investor's money, billions in capital, this is not a friggin game. IT IS BIG BOY SHIT!
Although it is not like World Peace big boy shit.



Hopefully BlackBerry go this direction (completely removing the need to side-load, making it seamless for users to load Android apps), but in the mean time it's great to see individuals contribute something like this to make the process ALMOST that easy (sideload 1 BAR file, never have to side-load again). We're lucky to have developers like James Paul Muir supporting the community.

Richard Buckley


Your rant reads like you think this is the BlackBerry plan. That they are intentionally setting the system up expecting someone to write a application like Snap, and the average user to use it to get applications. I know that this is the view expressed by people who say that this closes the application gap.

The truth is that the ability to load and run APKs directly is officially a feature to support Android developers and convince them that it is very easy and potentially profitable to bring their application to BlackBerry World by converting it to a BAR. The whole side-loading of Android applications has been a creative use of developer tools from the start. If you have ever seen anything from BlackBerry where they state that they expect or believe the average user will be installing APKs from Google Play, Amazon or 1Mobile I would like to see a copy/link.

There is a core of CB users who are enthusiastic about the ability to load APKs. To date those users also have to be enthusiastic about loading leaked OS version. As long as the players involved don't take any action to curtail the enthusiast they will continue to tinker and play, because that is one of the ways they enjoy the phone, and get applications they want. But people who mistake the exaltation of these enthusiasts for what BlackBerry has in mind as the official average user experience are doing as much damage to the brand as you are suggesting the "tinker toy" stuff is.

There may come a day when downloading APKs will be a supported way of getting applications. When that day comes you won't have to side-load Snap or a similar application because it will be baked in, probably as an option to the BlackBerry World application. Or maybe they will just allow Snap into BlackBerry World. Until that day comes it really isn't something John Chen needs to change. It is something BlackBerry Developer Relations needs to be concerned with; balancing the developers' desire for an easier porting path, with potential user support issues.

When side-loading first started BlackBerry was going to put controls in place to prevent it. The developer community objected and BlackBerry backed down. Making the platform attractive to Android developers has been part of the BB10 road map from the start. I don't see that changing any time soon.

Richard Buckley

I had loaned my Dev Alpha C to a friend over Christmas so he could test drive a Q10 to see if he wanted that or the Z30. Just got it back. So I decided to check this out. I installed the latest leak, which is every bit as easy, if not easier than installing a BBOS upgrade on 5.0, and essentially the same as installing the developer version of 10.2.1. Run the autoloader, connect the device and turn it on. Installing Snap was as easy as installing one of my own programs. I have the developer tools so I just used them.

From there logging in to Play with my Google account, finding the Pebble program for my watch and installing it was as easy as getting Talk2Watch on BB World. And it worked right away, connected to the watch and I was able to install an application. I don't have to mess around with my iPad any more.

Would I suggest my mother do all of this? No, but once 10.2.1 drops I wouldn't have any problem installing Snap for her and letting her loose on Play which she is already familiar with from using her Android tablet.


So stupid question, do you need to be running a leaked 10.2.1xxx to use this or can you use 10.2.0xxx?


Only the newest leak allow apk install so I guess you could install this app but it would have no purpose whatsoever for you.

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Actually I'm not sure it even runs on 10.2.0, it might just crash when it looks to make sure the invocation framework for the apk installer is there, and finds that it's not.. not sure, but either way you are correct. not much point without 10.2.1


An article like this really should state this clearly. But Crackberry often makes a lot of assumptions.

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Exactly. If you have to sideload, to me, that's calling on the older official OS because on 10.2.1xxx everything is APK install.

Oh well, I will have to just pray 10.2.1xxx goes official sometime soon in 2014

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No question is a stupid question.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!


We just need full Google services support and we've got the best of both worlds. BlackBerry security / interface, and the apps ecosystem from android.

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hi, i have installed the APK and it has been saying "loading applications"for the last 10 mins. any help please.


Very nice, thanks! :)


Is there a way to check what version you have in settings in the app?

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Other then looking at you sideload daya on your PC

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Jimberry Storm

This app works great. I do have a question though. When you choose an app it gives you all the info, date, version, etc. But after you get to installer the version number changes, why is that?

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I'm having the same problem as mokimoki,it keeps saying "Loading",any ideas?

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Thanks for creating and posting Snap. It seems to work very well and makes downloading apps so simple. Side loading the bar file with PlayBook File manager plug in available from Google store is very easy. Anyone unsure how to install bar file should just Google to find a short YouTube video.

The only problem is if I install too many Android apps I can't load the Accounts Page. If that happens to you just delete a couple of the apps which are not Built for BlackBerry. Finally, everyone should know it is necessary to install the leaked BlackBerry If you are unsure how to do that search for tutorials. Remember to back up your phone prior to installing the leak. Thanks to everyone who posts instructions for other users.

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Bacon Munchers

... Kind of ironic that you have to side-load the direct-APK downloader.

Can't wait for BlackBerry to own this one.... Hope that happens.

Ayodeji Oladipo

Hi peeps,
Please I need help with my snap, it is asking me to open installer and that isn't loading at all, what do I do please.

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Once you download the APK file simply use File Manager to find the file in Downloads and tap on the file to open.

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Absolutely the best! Updated my android apps I downloaded with Mobile 1 never going to switch back!

Z10 Running Take that Mr App Gap!


Somewhat off topic...does any of the newer leaks(which allow apk downloading) work with tmobile wifi calling? I have no signal at work. Would like to try this out if I can keep My wifi calling.

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Um... how is this an update? I installed over a week ago. Am I missing something here?

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Ayodeji Oladipo

Hi Royln,
I've tried that snd even got an Apk installer but couldn't load d apps

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Are you running Can you find the APK file with File Manager? I am guessing you installed the bar file for Snap and have downloaded APK files to your Downloads Folder. If you can see the APK file you don't need Snap to open or install the APK file. You don't even need Snap to download the APK file. Snap "just" gives access to Google Play. You must be running a leaked 10.2.1 to install the APK file.

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Ayodeji Oladipo

I am running on guess I need to upgrade to the 10.2.1?

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Ayodeji Oladipo

But I can find the Apk files where they are downloaded but they aren't launching when I launch them as you instructed in the previous comment! Thanks

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Yes. You definitely need to be running 10.2.1.

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Ayodeji Oladipo

OK, thanks for the help

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I'm on a leak and have side loaded latest Snap, however i'm unable to log in. It's returning an error - check your email /password combination. They are both correct. I use two factor authentication on this Gmail account,could this be causing the problem? Tried using another one ( not used on Google Play) it's working fine.

Any advice/ solution much appreciated.

Posted via CB10 on STL100-2/


How do you make the games work I've downloaded them from both Snap and from one, and the games start up to the start screen then nothing ever past that, is there something else I should be doing to play these android games?

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It's asking for account info for google play that I don't have, how do I set this up.

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So I downloaded a few paid apps on my google account from when I used an android phone last year, when I logged into my google play account it won't let me download the apps in the My Apps page.

Any idea? Can't find an answer anywhere.

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Jaap bb4fr Is very good, siteloading is a peace of a cake , bb rocks


I love this app working nice in my z10


Whenever i click "open installer " after downloading something nothing happens! Help!


Same happens with me. Everything works perfect : login with my google account, search, download an app. The moment I click on "open installer" I get the spinning circle and it keeps processing without something happening. Pls somebody help. Thx.


Today i got my official
i have a stock phone. i installed snap via chrome bb10 / playbook manager plugin.
it installed it but when i try to login its "unable to login"
im using the 2 way login i think thats the prob and read about a post where it has been solved
any solution?

Saad Nabhan

I hope it will work nicely

Bradley Wright2

I have a Z10 and currently using OS I sideloaded Snap onto my device and it works fine up until it asks me to "Open Installer" then it just said processing and wont complete. Can someone help me with this please?

Bradley Wright2

Also going through the comments I have tried going to look through my downloads and i cant see anything there either, please can someone help me?

Gino Paolo Villanueva

what is the problem if I already have the bar file but when I tap on it it says: "unable to open"
I already have the new software release:
but when I tried to go to the Software Updates section it says that I still have and I need to restart it. I tried to restart my device and it's still the same. :(

Nishant Singh2

the same problem is arising in my device

Elrey Tiguelo

does any one here knew how to fix my problem i can't ope the snap apk download i tried many options still not working open it on winzip??? help to download snap apk downloader pls....

george vagenas

can anyone help me im looking for iwatch dvr2 for my q10 available on iphone and android


How to download Snap to my phone? Been trying many time buy still can't download it. Please help me... BB pin 2B4A715B. Thanks


I cant get this app to download on my z10....please advice