Snap v3 for BlackBerry 10 has moved out of beta and is now available!
Apps | 260 Comments Snap v3 for BlackBerry 10 has moved out of beta and is now available! Update: If you were having issues with v3.0.0.0 after purchasing it, please check your email for a new build - v3.0.0.1. If you've yet to purchase Snap, then you can do so now and receive v3.0.0.1 After what has got to be one of the longest beta testing periods ever, Snap v3 has finally moved...


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Sep 06, 2016 Snap v3 for BlackBerry 10 has moved out of beta and is now available!
After what has got to be one of the longest beta testing periods ever, Snap v3 has finally moved out of beta and is now available. Continue Reading →
Jul 06, 2016 Having login issues with Snap? A fix is being worked on right now
Snap, the native Android APK downloader for BlackBerry 10, has been the go-to app for many looking to install Android apps on their BlackBerry 10 devices but for several months now the app has started to present issues when logging in. While some folks still have access, new users, for the most part, have not been able to make use of the app but finally, the developer behind the app, Jim Muir has begun working to correct the issue. Continue Reading →
Sep 05, 2015 BlackBerry App Roundup for September 5, 2015
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Aug 28, 2015 BlackBerry App Roundup for August 28, 2015
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Feb 21, 2015 Snap v3 Beta 3 now available for download

Snap v3 Beta 3 now available for download

With two beta releases already out there, it's now time for Snap v3 beta 3. As expected, this release brings along with it several bug fixes and changes including some changes to address download issues, scrolling and there's now additional layout fixes for the BlackBerry Passport as well. That's just a small list of additions, you can view the rest below.

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Feb 11, 2015 Snap v3 Beta 2 now available for download

Snap v3 Beta 2 now available for download

Although the announcement of a new release on Tuesday hit some snags, Red Light of Love has now been updated and you'll find Snap v3 beta 2 now available for download and it's packed with quite a few changes even from the previous release. Looking for the change log? Jump below and have a look for yourself.

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Feb 10, 2015 Snap v3 Beta sees over 11,000 downloads in the first 24 hours

Snap v3 sees over 11,000 downloads in the first 24 hours

With Snap v3 now out in beta form, the developer has decided to drop a note sharing some of the statistics on downloads 24 hours after its release. According to a new blog post over at Red Light of Love, Snap v3 was downloaded over 11,000 (11,500 to be precise) times and there was over 200 emails generated from user feedback.

The first beta of Snap v3 brought an overwhelming response from the BlackBerry community! There were over 11,500 downloads of the new beta and over 200 feedback emails. I'm so grateful to have such a supportive community of testers. With such a response from the community, I must answer back with a new beta build!

As noted, Snap v3 Beta 2 will be released Tuesday (2/10) night, with a few important bug fixes so we'll let you all know when that is available for download. Needless to say, those numbers are pretty impressive. Have you downloaded the latest build? If not, get to it.

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Feb 09, 2015 Snap v3 Beta now available for download

Snap v3 Beta now available for download

It's here! Finally. After a few teases, Snap v3 is finally here. Well, in beta form anyway. Although it seems we've been waiting forever for release, we can now put that aside and test out the latest and greatest version of Snap, the app which helps you load Android apps onto your BlackBerry easily.

As expected, you will still need to sideload this release using Sachesi or whatever method you prefer to sideload BAR files with, but we'll leave that decision up to you. You're no doubt wondering what's new in this release and what it is exactly you're to be beta testing and thankfully, we've got a full list of changes for you to check out.

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Feb 06, 2015 Snap v3 beta could arrive before the end of the week

Snap v3

Although it seems forever since we caught the first tease of Snap v3, which was followed up by a closer look at the end of December, the time of waiting could be over by the end of the week. That's according to Snap developer Jim Muir via his Twitter account.

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Dec 26, 2014 Snap v3 still in the works but not quite ready just yet

It seems forever ago now that we saw the first teaser of Snap v3 with its all new design based on Android Lollipop. So long in fact, many folks began to wonder whether or not it was still going to be released.

As it turns out, it will be and Red Light of Love took to Twitter to offer everyone an update and a brand new preview of the native app that allows you to install Android apps directly from the Google Play Store. Hit play on the video above to check out the preview.

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Jun 04, 2014 BlackBerry 10 users have downloaded 2.5 Million Android apps thanks to Snap

I went through the process of wiping my device tonight and due to that, I had to download Snap once again. At the time I did it, the Red Light of Love site was down and all that was coming up for me was cached pages. In those cached pages, I noticed an announcement James Muir, Developer of Snap had made.

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Feb 06, 2014 Get your Android apps here! Snap gets updated with a bunch of fixes


Chances are that if you have been lucky enough to update to BlackBerry 10.2.1 (yes, some carriers are still lagging behind) you more than likely have followed our advice and installed Snap - the Google Play client for BlackBerry 10 - allowing for simple installation of Android APK's onto your BlackBerry. 

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Feb 02, 2014 Snap Google Play client for BlackBerry 10 updated to v2.0

If you've been using Snap since before or after the release of 10.2.1 to load Android apps onto your BlackBerry 10 10 device, you'll be pleased to know the latest version is now available for download. This release covers a lot of visual styling for the app along with some new features that a lot of folks have been asking for. Check out the full change log:

  • Download previously purchased apps!
  • New layout for home screen
  • General performance improvements for remote images and API calls
  • New Login UI which includes 2-step authentication and link to Help & Privacy Policy
  • New Settings includes generated Android GSF ID, cache size, version number
  • Added ability to Specify APK download location

Kind of goes without saying, you're going to want to get this one installed as soon as possible. If you've not installed Snap before, we've got a guide put together to make it all easy for you. If you're already familiar with how to install it, then by all means hit the download link below or head on into the CrackBerry Forums to grab it as well.

Download the latest version of Snap


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Jan 28, 2014 How to use Snap on BlackBerry 10 to install Android APK files


Now that BlackBerry 10.2.1 has arrived for most folks, the ability to install Android APK files with no need for file conversion is going to be one of the biggest highlights. It opens the doors to a lot of apps that otherwise might not be available thanks to the included Android runtime on BlackBerry 10. With that though comes the problem of where to get APK files. 

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Dec 17, 2013 Snap APK downloader for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.9.6.0

If you're all in on loading up Android APK files on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone then there's a pretty good chance you've already given the APK downloader app Snap a go. The developer behind it, James Paul Muir, has now released a new version and made it available for download to those who wish to sideload it.

  • Infinite scrolling of Lists and Search results (yay more than 20 results!!)
  • Fix for small text in Recent Changes
  • General performance improvements on App page
  • Snap acts as invocation target for Google Play links (must long press and use "Open in")
  • New Feature: View "Google Play Library" available apps associated with your account that aren't installed on the device
  • Added Privacy Policy under "Help" (swipe down from top)

That's quite a few changes that make getting up and grabbing your USB cable worth it. If you do load it up, keep in mind it is a beta release so if you come across some bugs be sure to swing by the CrackBerry Forums and check to see if they've been noted already. You can grab the latest BAR file from the link below.

Download Snap for BlackBerry 10

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Nov 15, 2013 Snap for BlackBerry 10 offers quick Android APK downloads

As a lot of folks know already, the Google Play Store is not coming to BlackBerry 10 but the ability to install Android APK files is already in place on the leaked OS and will also be available via official releases when they start to roll out as well. While that's all fine and dandy, people still have the concern in regards to where to download APK files should they wish to try them out.

We've mentioned several secondary to Google Play Store offerings such as Amazon, 1Mobile and others but perhaps the best one so far comes to us via the CrackBerry Forums where Flip Shush developer, James Paul Muir​, has created a new BlackBerry 10 app called Snap. Snap is a native BlackBerry 10 app that taps into an API created for the sole purpose of searching and downloading APK files directly from the Google Play Store.

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Hey Guys,
i downloaded this version and the last version for my Blackberry Q5. In the Beta it shows my nothing, just white, but menu-points and in the last version first that I'm logged in and than ''Your google account password has changed. Please login again.'' everytime. Can anybody help me?
Thank you!

I have the same issue. i downloaded snap and installed via chrome plug in. I am able to sign in, but any operation - browse app or browse games is just showing while page. the bottom screen shows a message - "Please consider supporting the development of snap. All paid versions are ad free and receive priority updates"

I opted for a free version and downloaded but it does not work. Guess this is a cheap way of forcing your customers to pay. Very disappointed.

All i se here and everywhere else are issues with snap. I also have the problem, but can't find the solution. When i tap on snap icon it tries to open app and closes it immediately. I paid for he app, not fair not to work AT ALL.