Snakes on a Plane? No Thanks. Try Curve 8900s!!!

BlackBerry 8900 Curves (Javelins) at the Airport!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Sep 2008 12:49 am EDT

So apparently there's another way to get a sneak peek at unannounced, pre-release BlackBerry smartphones other than reading exclusive reviews at Go to the airport!!! Normally I get mad when my flight gets delayed, but not yesterday, as during the wait I spotted no less than THREE BlackBerry Javelins in the wild. Seriously, like WTF?! At this point I'm honestly hoping my return flight gets delayed as the odds are looking good that I'll spot a Storm!

And in case you didn't listen to our last CrackBerry Podcast, it's official.... the BlackBerry Javelin will hit the market as the BlackBerry Curve 8900. I still find myself calling the Pearl 8220 the KickStart, so I'm realllly going to try and break the Javelin habit early and use the BlackBerry Javelin..err.. Curve 8900 by its go to market name.

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Snakes on a Plane? No Thanks. Try Curve 8900s!!!


I like the name Javelin but I understand marketing it under the Curve 8900 name would be better off. Crazy how many Javs are out there.

are they both 8900's? why does the one on the left have a qwerty keyboard and the other has an azerty? i thought all the 'javelins' had the azerty?

If I had money to bet, my money would be on the device on the right being Kevin's from overseas that the reviews are based on and the other is one someone let him use for the photo.

honestly, here I am still waiting for the official release of the Bold, and we got people carrying around 8900's... where do people get connections like that? wow, knocks my socks off! (but seriously, I want one asap)

Wow Javs in the wild :)...not only that but skins too, unless thats an old Curve skin but it seems to have the correct cutouts. must be close now to release.

wow!! i just did a hardware upgrade and now i'm thinking if i should return my 8310 and wait it out for this 8900... since people are carrying them around already.. hopefully the release date is not too long into November...crossing finger maybe the storm would release in mid October now that would make me happy =P

It looks like (from the blurry Picture) that the one on the left is AT&T and the other has no SIM card installed. Wonder if these are in fact pre release test models.

I fooking can't wait for the original release of BB 8900 / Javelin!! Since there are pre-release units already, the original release could come sooner than we thought like in October instead of Nov! I'm bored of my curve already, haha...

So kevin, did you ask them if one of them bought the 8900 for $17000? or if they got it directly from RIM? details details details please, I know you asked alot of questions about it....I want one...Im green with envy right now...

The one on the left definitely has AT&T on the screen. It burns me that AT&T gets all the devices before anyone else it seems. (mainly becuase I'm not with AT&T lol)

Wonder when tmobile will get it.

That one has AT&T on the screen because its an AT&T sim card doesnt't mean it will be going to AT&T. More than likely it wont because AT&T is trying to go all 3g phones.

I says AT&T because its an AT&T sim card; doesn't mean AT&T will even get the phone. More than likely they wont and TMOBILE will get this phone because AT&T is going 3G only.

So if the curve 2 (8900) is the javelin, is this is the same device that went for $17,000 on ebay who's retail price will be for less then $200.00? A week later you find 2 of them in the same airport? Thats crazy what an idiot to buy that 17k javelin.

So honestly, that's such a hot, sexy phone! I want one NOW! I'd take it over the STORM!

Do we know who it's branded by yet? I heard that VZW is supposed to get it in May 2009 but that was just RUMOR!

So honestly, that's such a hot, sexy phone! I want one NOW! I'd take it over the STORM!

Do we know who it's branded by yet? I heard that VZW is supposed to get it in May 2009 but that was just RUMOR!

Someone can correct me if I am wrong, I am sure someone will if I am, the 3g Jav that will come to VZW is Niagara. Since RIM is calling it the Curve 8900, I would expect the Curve 8900 to follow the same path as the original. ATT first then a long delay before VZW and Sprint get their hands on it.

Whoa! How many Javs are out there?? I think I need to hang out at Canadian airports...

The name Curve 8900 is good. Just another number to remember...

I love my Curve, but with all the new bells and whistles that new phones are getting (better screen/apps/look, etc) I want an upgrade. I didn't like the 88XX series, too big, don't like the thought of a pancake on my hip, so the Bold is out, although the thought of a nice music experience sans external speakers puts me on the fence..... Seems that the javelin/8900 Curve is my the new device i will covet. Until I see the Storm I guess... friggin TORN!!

Is this a sign that AT&T will be getting the Jav.. I mean Curve 8900 sooner than expected? All these device are almost too much to handle at once!

Same goes for the Tim Hortons, err, RIM Hortons across from their Waterloo HQ.

I always scan for BT devices when I'm in line. I have detected many BlackBerry xxxx names of non-announced devices. :-)

I work at a airport for a Car rental Co.I have seen 3 jav's and 2 Bolds.I'm waiting for 1 to show up in our lost and

Not Heathrow - they have free carts there, and you can see a SmartCarte machine in the background. Could be Terminal 3 at Pearson.

This new Blackberry Curve 8900 actually has a really sleek look to it, I am kind of impressed and hoping that it's performance can match up!

I find it funny how you have seen them at the airport already considering they haven't even hit our market yet.

are there going to be 8900's with the green number buttons?
you think it would depend on carrier or just as a different
color option?

Anybody have an idea on what the price is going to be for it? Obviously less than the Bold, I would assume.

I'm tempted that if VZW doesn't get the Javelin / Niagra, to try and buy an unlocked one to use? I'd just be scared about what would and would NOT work on it though...