Snakes Classic brings back mobile gaming memories

By Jared DiPane on 1 Jun 2011 10:26 am EDT


Remember the days of Snake being the only game on your cell phone, and competing with your friends to see who could muster up the highest score? While gaming on mobile devices has come quite a long way, sometimes it is nice to go back and enjoy the simple classics that got us started. Snakes Classic is a great free game for your BlackBerry device that brings you right back to those days with a fun game. Users can configure the speed of the game, so you are able to start of slow to get back in the grove, and then speed it up as you get used to it again, and users can also configure the keypad controls, which will allow you to select buttons which are easy for you to reach and remember. If you want to kick it old school for a little, and enjoy some throwback memories, be sure to download your free copy from AppWorld today.

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Reader comments

Snakes Classic brings back mobile gaming memories


LMFAO at this garbage. Nobody misses Snake, especially an old POS Nokia version. This is just the cream of the crop of lazy, half ass apps that blackberry devs put out. What a POS app


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I personally welcome a game that is both basic (light on resources) and free.

This game wants permissions for access to personal data and communications. No idea why it should. Runs perfectly fine if you say NO to permissions.