Snag a BlackBerry PlayBook from Daily Steals for $120 today only

BlackBerry PlayBook sale
By Michelle Haag on 4 Jul 2012 02:38 am EDT
If you're in the market for a BlackBerry PlayBook, whether it's your first one, a second one for your family, or maybe as a gift for someone, the deals don't get much better than this. Today only you can pick up a factory recertified 16GB PlayBook for just $120 from Daily Steals with $5 shipping. Don't hesitate if you're interested because deals like this don't last long. In fact, as of the time of writing this, there are only a little over 21 hours left in the sale. Check out the details at the link below.

Source: Daily Steals

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Snag a BlackBerry PlayBook from Daily Steals for $120 today only


A refurbished item for the same price would be better than simply buying used from Kijiji or Craigslist, would it not?

I've seen used 16GB Playbooks for sale in the $110 - $150 range

If you didnt already kknow. These "DAILY DEALS " go to EBAY usually a day or two after they have run on " daily deals. Sales are ran through daily deals ebay store. THE PRICE DOESNT CHANGE MUCH, MAYBE 5 BUCKS MORE ON EBAY.

I wish they have factory in my country. My bb was made in mexico :p

Anyway playbook 16gb here is still at $290-360ish :( maybe if they chose my country to build their factory I can get it now :p but oh well malaysia is near (which is the one they choose to build their factory), I hope the price can be more affordable later on ^^

I can't believe what I just dropped for another two for the household. And I was NEVER going to buy another tablet!!!

they are slow to ship cause price is cheap. They dont have a great rep but these WILL be on ebay I expect THIS WEEK. So you will have ebay protection too.

They have big connections . They just ran a Verizon pre 2 NEW RETAIL phone for 69 bucks . Next day they got 950 NEW pre 2 webos phones on ebay.

That sunk the going rate of $160. for a verizon pre 2 to HALF THE COST overnight. Id give the company a chance. They could have milked it.

I ordered 3 more for the kids, grand total of PBs in my house is 5. Plus the one I bought for our church pastor, that makes 6 PB purchases for me. You can't say I haven't been keeping RIM afloat...

The reviews for dailysteals run ultra hot and ultra cold. Most complaints involve delayed shipments, faulty hardware, slow refunds, bad warranties. I hope the 3 PBs I ordered are in good condition.

Just curious. Has anyone who ordered a PB on 7/4 from Daily Steals received a shipping notification?

No shipping confirmation here.. They say it can take up to 6 business days.. Today is the 6th day. Hopefully we hear something soon. I ordered two

I wrote customer service on the sixth day and they said "the company is relocating" so delays were expected. 7/16, twelve days after and still no word from them.

Pretty disappointing indeed. Will give them by the end of the week to have it at my door.. If not I will be filing a grievance with my credit card company to reverse thee charges and get my money back.

Hey guys new here (tablet addict) havent owned blackberrys before have ios and of course android anways the os looks very sweet not to mention hd cameras. thought i would take plunge with them in past never a problem typical 7 to 10 day wait but for the price didnt mind waiting (playbook first big dollar purchase for me from them.)now i will share with you the not so good news ;-(. got response back from daily steals as follows:Hello Bill, On 7/13/2012 3:44 PM, DailySteals wrote:

Thank you for contacting us. I have looked into your order and there is a delay in the shipping of your item.

Due to the nature of our site, we receive the orders from a supplier instead of keeping them in our warehouse. This is because we sell different items every day and we would not have the space to keep every single item we sell in our warehouse. Once all the orders are submitted we receive them from our supplier. There is usually no delay at all and the items normally get shipped on time.

I apologize for the delay in shipping and for any inconvenience this may have caused. As the order has not shipped out as of yet you do have the option to cancel the order. Is this option you'd like to take advantage of? Please advise.

Thank you,
The DailySteals Team (

FOR THE RECORD: insomiac placed my order 3am july 4th EST. What concerns me is no mention per say about when product is scheduled to arrive and they were content offering refund instead of ETA. thoughts? comments?> Please share.

Here's my correspondence with them:

On 7/16/2012 10:42 AM, DailySteals wrote:
Name: Shane
Subject: Customer service
I placed order #XXXXX on 7/4. It has been 7+ business days since the order was confirmed and my credit card was charged. Has this item been shipped? If so, please confirm tracking info. If not, when do you expect it to be shipped? Thanks in advance. Shane

Hi Shane,

Thanks for contacting us. I have looked into your order and see that there was a delay in processing. I have contacted our warehouse to see if I can get an estimate of how long this delay will take, and if I can fetch some tracking information for your package. I will update you when I have heard back from them.
Thank you,
The Dailysteals Team

I am also one of the people who ordered on July 4. Still no shipping confirmation. Here is my Fri July 13 correspondence with Daily Steals (beginning to believe their name, they steal on a daily basis):

Thanks for following up with us.

Unfortunately after following up with our warehouse on this order, I've been told that we have experienced a delay on receiving this item that has caused our customers shipments to be delayed further as a result. I apologize, but at this time, I have no further shipping estimate, or tracking information.

Please note that the estimated shipping date on this order is 2-3 more business days. If you would like to cancel this order an receive a refund before it ships due to the lengthy nature of this delay, we are able to do that. If this is your wish, please be sure to let me know ASAP. Otherwise, I will let your order proceed, and ship as normal.

Thank you
The DailySteals Team

Personally, I think they have accomplished their goal. They have held onto our money for 12+ days and are using it to pay bills long since past or finance future deals. I think it is time for a full refund.

As I cross-posted to the forums, here is their phone number if you want to call instead of email:

Customer Service Phone: 718-604-2605 x109

Edit: don't bother calling, shockingly they do not answer.

Still no delivery. These guys are total scam artists. Need to get the interest on the money we loaned them for over two wks!

I received a UPS tracking number today. It was shipped 7/23 in the afternoon. It is scheduled to be delivered on Thurs 7/26. Just thought everyone else would like to know they might be finally shipping this.

Same info here. I was surprised to see that I didn't have any "open orders" with Daily Steals, thinking they might have cancelled the order. But was actually part of my "order history" with the tracking information from UPS. Shipped 7/23...expected at my home this Saturday 7/28.