SMSCounter - Keep Track Of Sent And Recieved SMS Msgs

By Bla1ze on 24 Mar 2009 09:15 am EDT

Here is a wicked little application for those of you who might be on limited text messaging plans or just simply want to ensure your carrier is not scamming a few extra text message charges out of you.

SMSCounter is a new application which allows you to track your monthly usage of incoming and outgoing text messages and then at the end of your bill cycle, which by the way it allows you to adjust, exports that information to your device's calandar.

SMSCounter also allows you to adjust your per message rate as it could vary from carrier to carrier and even assists you with setting up warnings so that you do not go over your alotted text messages. Due to the rising cost of text messages with carriers, this application at $4.95 could be well worth the buy in cost and a free trial is available. Take note that 3rd party application text messages are not counted towards the totals.

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SMSCounter - Keep Track Of Sent And Recieved SMS Msgs


That sounds awesome and incredibly useful! I really could've used this a year or two back.

Almost makes me wish I didn't have unlimited so I could use it. Oh, well. :)

just dial #data and it will give you a full rundown of your current text status. For verizon users atleast, I dont see much use for this.

dial #MSG# to find out how many txt you have left

although the automated notification of SMSCounter would be nice!

... so you could set such limits and even turn txt messing off after you hit your limit, with the option of boosting your txt limit up 100 txt or so for a fee, say $5 bucks just for that one billing period you go over, or boosting it up to the next txt package. As often as people go over on most limited txt plans, it would be a sure fire money maker, from the texting addicts! heheheh

Problem is, both AT&T and T-Mobile (which I'm on now) charge for send AND receive. You can only set an allowed amount of SENT messages. Useless to me!

The messaging plan I have from Verizon allows me to send message for free to other Verizon users. Only the messages that I sent to users outside of the network (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.) count toward my monthly allotment. Is this application able to distinguish this in the way it tracks it's count?

NO. It just counts all the messages and not really care where they go. it would be hard to tell which network it is from just looking at the phone numbers.