Send group SMS and email messages with SMSbyNow

By Alicia Erlich on 26 Dec 2013 01:38 pm EST

One of the features from legacy devices that is sorely missed on BlackBerry 10 is sending group messages. As of now it is rather time consuming entering in the individual names, numbers or emails into the address field, not to mention the apparent limit on the amount of recipients. SMSbyNow is a fully-featured messaging application that offers an array of features to suit all your needs.

After you launch the application, the main screen displays a list of all of your group lists. However, it is broken down into three main functions: group management, composing and forwarding messages, and message scheduling. 

When it comes to group messaging this feature allows users to manually add their own lists composed of email, texts, or both. Contacts can be added individually or several at a time with the selection picker from the contacts application. From here you can search or filter, backup or restore your data when swapping devices, or copy groups as well. What SMSbyNow eliminates in the process, is the recipient limit. There are no restrictions on the number of contacts within a group. It could be 1, 10, 40, or more, and there would be no issue sending a blast email to as many individuals as you wish. 

Composing and forwarding messages is a breeze and all of your messages are managed here as well in addition to the hub. Whether it be composing PIN messages, emails, or texts, it is your one stop shop. Not only does it support choosing amongst each of your accounts but even which field to insert each contact (i.e. To, CC, BCC). One of the concerns in the forums was the ability to insert attachments which has been since added with no limit on the number of files, though the total size may be limited. Message may be sent separately to each contact, to avoid those reply to all issues, or to all in a group at the same time. There is also the option to create templates such as a message header or signature, and the ability to automatically forward SMS or emails. 

Finally, there is message scheduling. Plain and simply you can set a schedule on when each of your messages are sent such as recurring entries or within five minutes. It is a nice feature and one many will appreciate.

All in all this is a robust application especially when sending bulk messages to a large group of people who may be on different platforms. It works like charm and if you do experience an issue and happen to stop by the forums, the developer is active there as well and is receptive to new feature requests. 

For $2.99 it is worth it for all of the features they packed into it especially if you rely on text messages throughout the day. It is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 devices. 

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Send group SMS and email messages with SMSbyNow


I don't say It's not useful but for me too expensive because I'd probably just use it twice a year.. so sry.


I agree and surely BlackBerry will add this feature in later once the os begins to fully mature.

I am grateful to the devs that are making these apps but also I don't have 10.2 so I'm not able to take advantage of headless apps.

Keep The Faith

Why are people so obsessed with "free" apps? There is no such thing as a free lunch. Somehow the developer needs to make a dollar. I'd rather pay a dollar or two, than have an app scan my data and contacts, or need excessive permissions and access to my contacts and files (!) just to activate "flashlight". That's one e reason why I stay away from the droids.

Next BB10 update flashlight will be free anyway, if they are going to keep it.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Contact Groups is sorta working and coming with the new 10.2.1 leak I noticed. (don't know if it's been there in earlier builds)

I can create groups in the contacts app and send email/text/BBM to the groups I create. Pretty cool!

Posted via CB10

Come on. I really don't understand why people wants apps for free. Everyone needs to eat and pay bills and I doubt anyone else likes to work for free. This developer took time to support BB10.

Not everyone is on a leaked version. Not everyone has access to a PC, and some would rather wait.

Granted I would assume many already know it's in the future leaks (and the offical update if I am correct).

For many of us the US and other parts still on 10.1 this is a great 'fill in the gap."

You don't expect even a NY street vendor to go unpaid for services.

If one is already on a version that supports, great - but I think it's better to comment on the product than to wholeheartedly throw away it significance when leaks and updates may not be the lay of the land.

Thanks to the developer for making this app and filling in a big gap that BBRY should have had working directly out of the blocks! Esp for a communication device.

Cheers and Light to all through Kwanzaa, Boxing Day and the remaining days of the year - and for a greater brighter futurenow tomorrows.

Q10 (still 10.1 - Tmo)

Posted via CB10

True! For everyone who needs it for business or whatever reason it's a fair price for people who would use it rarely like me it's too expensive! That's all.


This is a great app with updates all the time. Purchased awhile back before bb10 allowed the option to create groups. I run a baseball team and needed this ability to send out texts to entire team. This app did just that. The developers have done a great job and I didn't mind paying for it.

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They should adda feature that allows you to personalize each message .. i have an app on my android like that, and its awesome

There is personalization option already. You can use placeholders such as %name, %first, %last and they will be replaced with contact details.

For one there is. No android in the world that can do what BlackBerry does, that app you are speaking of. Is go-sms, that has nothing on BlackBerry or SMSNOW

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Soooooo can i point my android at the Television and turn it off natively? because my droid does.. My droid also miracasts with my television, my blackberry has yet to work with it even tho i keep trying it connects and then fails to send video source... but hey, keep saying that.. and BTW the app i speak of is called "Mass Text Personalization". i just hope the people at Blackberry dont think like you... lol

I've been using this app for about six months, since I got my Q10. As the secretary for my church's music department, I'm constantly sending out department updates to a group of up to 20 people (or more). This app accommodates that flawlessly. The ability to send the same message by email and text is a great help, as well as the task scheduler that allows me to compose a message and have it sent at a later time and/or day. It's terrible that service providers place limits on the number of text recipients (in my case, it's capped at 10), and the fact that BlackBerry OS 10.1 did not come out with groups capability. SMSbyNow has been a tremendous help. On Christmas Day, what a joy it was to send text greetings with an attachment to my "Holidays" group of more than 60 recipients, with no problems. Another feature I enjoy is that I can personalize each message with the recipients' individual information (i.e., first name, last name, etc.). Nice touch. For an app of this quality, I have no problem paying, and I don't think the price is unreasonable at all. Thank you, devs, for a quality, simple to use app! Five stars!

Not ashamed of the 'Berry I carry. BlackBerry by choice!

Use it for business purposes and it performs flawlessly. I had been paying a service $19/mo to do the same thing. $2.99 for this app is a no brainer.

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So group contact is supported in 10.2.1. However if your phone is not running 10.2.1 and you have a need to send group emails or text messages, you have two options:
A. Install 10.2.1 leak. OR
B. Buy this app and keep moving. You can always send the dev an email to see if there any sale promotion right now.

Thanks dev for making this app.

Posted via CB10

MessageX does group messaging as well as sms-to-email plus a bunch of other functions, worth checking out.

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Posted via CB10

This is what BlackBerry 10 should have been doing from the start. Os 7 did it flawlessly. It seems that in many respects Os 10 is a step backwards.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

Are the group messages sent as MMS or SMS? If it's MMS then that's a lot of money to pay for each message sent. I used group messaging daily, for my business, on my BlackBerry Bold but have sorely missed this option on my Z10. I had 14 groups on my previous Berry with anything from 6 to 50 contacts in each group!

Even with the basic group option being available in the upcoming OS 10.2.1 I will pay for and use on a regular basis this app provided that the group messages are sent as SMS, (unless I'm sending pictures, obviously). Also, do contacts see each others' numbers or is the message sent as an 'individual' message to each contact?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Savvas John Savva, owner of Skill 7 Limited, Hertfordshire's Premier Football Coaching Organisation!

Both modes are supported when sending group message or scheduling task:
1) one-by-one: separate message is sent to every recipient. Personalization is supported.
2) send-to-all: one message is sent to entire group. To, Cc and Bcc are supported.


Send over 100 contacts
Set up for texts to go out at different times
Multi - select attachments
Combine email and sms,and mms
I could go on and on. All day, evethough the groups is back in contacts,i prefer to use. SMSNOW



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This is a great app. I'm very impressed with the responsiveness of the dev and the continual improvements. I've had the app for some time and would recommend it to anyone needing to send the same email or text message to multiple recipients.

The description in BlackBerry World is good. If that doesn't answer your questions, contact the dev durectly.

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You can send to a group by having a group in your contacts. And it's not that hassle to type all their names

Posted via CB10

Does this app allow you to take an email you've already received and forward that email to a contact group you've created? I rarely create emails to a group on OS 7, but I constantly forward sales leads to various groups. The issue for me is the ability to forward to groups.

The group function in 10.2.1 is ok but not great as you have to copy any message you want to forward as you can't seem to add it in the 'to' selection not straight forward it. Also I went through whom it was sending to and there was a landline number in there as it had selected that number instead of the contacts mobile. I put that down to a glitch of the leaked software. In truth this group messaging problem should not have been one but for whatever reason Blackberry left it out....idiots. Pity I didn't know about this app as I would have downloaded it months ago.

Posted via CB10

SMSbyNow will be useful even after 10.2.1 is released as it has several additional features in addition to plain group messages. Just to name few:
1) Option to personalize message (using placeholders that are replaced with contact details)
2) Overcome restrictions on number of recipients for single SMS message and using special techniques to work around throttling imposed by mobile carriers
3) Tasks scheduling, including recurrence and end date
4) Automatic forwarding of SMS to emails
5) Multiple templates

You are welcome to check introductory video about using SMSbyNow at:
and get some more details at:

I have been using this app for a while now and love it! I send a motivational or inspirational msg to my family and a few close friends everyday. My group has now grown to over 40 recipients now. This app works flawless for me, worth every penny! Thanks to the developer :)

Z10STL100-3/ ~Posted from My Awesome BlackBerry Z10!

I, on the other hand, attempt to broadcast important messages to groups and sub groups at least a few times per week.
The inefficiencies and bugs still inherent in even the 10.2.1 leaks are driving me crazy.
There is a maddening lag when adding multiple contacts to an SMS from a large contact list. It also gets sloppy and slower still if you fill up more that 4 lines of contacts.
This app is worth every penny and more. The ability to send messages at a set time is a plus.
Customer Service was prompt and helpful in addressing my inquiries.
I salute the developer for conceiving this much needed app and Crackberry for bringing it to my attention!

Posted via CBQ10

I use this more for the "send in the future" function versus the group function.

Still, great app. Well worth the money.

Posted via CB10

After reading this yesterday I immediately downloaded. Finally - groups and send later. Great interface. Thanks for CB/Alicia for bringing this to light. Can't believe it's been out so long and I'd never found or heard about it. Could have saved me headaches on Christmas sending Xmas digital cards through text to some.

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I think BlackBerry thinks nobody using SMS anymore,because SMS is awfull on BB10. When i type long messages on My Z10 via SMS i only see My virtual keyboard on not the text what i am writing. I have to guess what i am writing or what?

SMS - pretty bad for a communcation device Z10

There is group messaging in BB10.
Contacts-add group-
I have the 1055 leak, maybe that why?

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I like it. Especially for those of us who have unlimited texting available to them. It is much cheaper for me to send an SMS than a BBM for instance.

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It's about 2 months I use this app at work. Our salesmen (most of them use venerable Nokia S40 devices...) receive an sms every time we receive a cargo, or a flash offer, or random communications...
Really saves time. And the "task" option is useful too.

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This is a great, handy, reliable app, written by a responsive developer who really supports his customers.

500 stars, it's worth every penny.

What I mainly use it for is scheduled messages - ie need to send a text to someone during a window of time that they'll see it, but I'm sleeping or something and can't send it at that time.

Wish this came out a year ago!! Works great and you can even add multi groups to an email. Not sure why BlackBerry did not do this but for me well worth the money. Thanks for letting us know

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