Save your texts and multimedia messages with SMS Backup

By Alicia Erlich on 4 Dec 2013 12:03 pm EST

We have seen a few exporting application for SMS messages. Even our own Dear Berry highlighted some of the ones currently available. After perusing through the options, I felt SMS Backup deserved a closer look. Whether you have hundreds of texts or only a few, it offers a quick way to backup and restore your SMS and MMS messages. 

As of now, if you choose not to share or copy the text on your device, BlackBerry Link allows for a backup for your messages. SMS Backup offers a simpler way of accomplishing this task by backing up and restoring information right from your device without having to connect via a USB cable to your computer. 


  • Backup text messages (SMS) to an open XML format
  • Backup media content from MMS
  • Checks for duplicates on import
  • Clear all your text messages (Safely remove all text messages)
  • Export text messages to a CSV file that you can view, sort and print in a spreadsheet application such as Excel
  • Supports all versions of BlackBerry OS 10 (including leaks)

If you are a person who switches devices or happens to load all of the new leaks available, this application is a viable option for transferring your messages as it saves directly to your device or media card. SMS and MMS messages are exported as XML or CSV files with an option to zip and email them as well. The resulting backups also store any media content attached in their own subfolders to prevent the loss of your shared content. 

Using this application is as easy as selecting the desired option and tapping on backup. The restore process is just as easy and you would simply swipe to select the option and tap on the appropriate icon. It's quick and easy, and the entire backup takes place in the blink of an eye. The files are accessible using File Manager and can be easily moved or swapped between devices. There is a feature though to be cautious of in SMS Backup. An option exists to wipe out all of your messages on your device. This action is irreversible unless a backup file was previously created. 

No matter what the reason you may continue holding onto your text messages including for work, this is a useful way of archiving them for future reference or for regaining memory. I'm more of a BBM user but for those who use SMS and MMS for work or personal affairs this is a handy tool that works with all BlackBerry 10 devices. Available for $1.99 it makes it relatively easy for you log or move your messages even if you are switching over from another platform. 

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Save your texts and multimedia messages with SMS Backup


I've never considered an app like this. This may be good for others but text messages aren't important enough for me to back up. I remember when BlackBerry protect had this feature for BB legacy devices, not sure about BB10. Does Link back up text messages?

Yeah Link backs them up under settings but you cant restore only the SMS like DM used to do. It's not a good idea to restore settings of a lower OS version so this app come in handy when you upgrade, install leaks etc. Also BlackBerry updates tend to screw up text messages big times so it's better to have an alternative way to restore them. Been using this app for a while.

I can corroborate this statement. One of the most pleasant experiences I've had with troubleshooting an issue I had on an early build of this app.

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The reason I bought it is to just restore texts without the rest. DM isn't fully featured enough and this app works really well. Not to mention you can transfer between other phones I think.

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Link doesn't backup separately your messages. Many solution exist. We should have the same for instant message.

+1 for this app. I like leaked OS and betas and that usually means its best not to restore settings data (which is where text messages backed up by BBLink are stored). that makes this app invaluable. another huge plus is that the saves are cross-platform. save from droid/ios, restore on BB10.

Since I often switch between BB10 and Android, I made sure that backing up text messages would be as easy as possible but also fully transparent. This was the reason I went with the XML file format so that people could view the data but also export their own data into this format if needed.
Besides Android and iOS, it seems like someone has also recently managed to migrate from a Nokia device (using the Nokia PC Suite).

Now that latest release has been certified for Built for BlackBerry, I'm committed to improve the app further. I'm looking into adding a function to automate backups (this would require background services from 10.2.1) and perhaps exporting only certain conversations/messages of a contact.

auto backup would definitely be a welcome feature and specific conversations would be even better! sometimes i just dont need EVERY SINGLE thread. options are always a plus! thanks for the hard work!

Hmm... Nice to back up texts... wanted a dedicated app which does it quickly.... rather than using link which uses an hour to backup!

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I wish there was an app that would redirect all incoming sms to email, and allow me to reply as an email and have it go back to the recipient as a sms. I think bbos before bb10 had an app for that. Then I might start using sms as a form of communication. Until then, it's bbm and email only please.

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Anyone looking for a contact backup, there's an app called ContatcsImEx. Free too since we're on a similar topic.
Saves them as a Vcard or CSV.

Fire Chest Backup is kickass for saving your Contacts, and Free. This app is great and simple for SMS it is also priced right.

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Thanks for the reply, it's too bad that you can't do it, I'll still use the app obviously but if we could include that functionality as well my bbry would be pretty nearly complete with 1055

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I just wish blackberry would fix the issue with not displaying contact names just numbers in texts I receive on my otherwise perfect Z30

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Life saver app for me. Always use it and the developers do keep in touch and quick enough to reply my querries.

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Alicia, how do you retrieve your BBM chat history. I continually loose the history between upgrade and leaks. I have reverted back to Sms because I can save with this app. Comments? Thanks

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I have yet to figure this out myself... I'm assuming it's only possible with a settings restore via Link?

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I use SMS Backup and is an excellent app, well worth buying. Laurence Muller is also very helpful and prompt in replying to queries. Give him support.

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This is a fantastic app. I've been using it for a couple of months now with great results. In fact, it's the only backup I do between leak loads and official updates.

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It doesn't seem straightforward since I couldn't find that feature in the description, but that could be an options. Thanks for the link!

Just in case: to enable sms forwarding at SMSbyNow you go to Messages Tab, click 'SMS auto fwd' icon (on the bottom) and select groups that you want your sms to be forwarded to.

And I could add many different email accounts to a group?

Could be useful to send text messages to various employees

Absolutely, you can forward SMS to one or several groups. And each group can contain as many contacts as you want.

I'm glad you took the opportunity to revisit this app again, Alicia. Definitely a lifesaver for a chronic leak abuser, and the dev is a CB member too!

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Alicia, ( sorry for being off subject) , but BBM does not save chat history. You can switch that on but it is not functional. BB link restored indiscriminately data(you can't pick BBM only) . I don't use BBM anymore until I can back up my chats.thanks for input. Will wait and see.

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Not only is there not much use for this app, but also no Christmas discount

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