Introducing SmrtMonitor - Get A Complete Breakdown Of Your BlackBerry Usage!

By Bla1ze on 27 Dec 2009 12:40 pm EST
SmrtMonitor Helps You Monitor Your BlackBerry Usage By Breaking Down How You Use Your BlackBerry

I've always been a big fan of the "I love BlackBerry" app from EarlySail. The only problem with that application is that it really could be more advanced in its breakdown of how you use your BlackBerry. Today, we have a new entrant that looks to fill that void. SmrtMonitor is an application which tracks and monitors your BlackBerry usage in the background and actually breaks down your usage to percentages to give you a better idea of how you spend your time. Do you spend more time messaging people? Maybe you spend more time using a specific application? Now you can get a full break down of each, that is if you're not too scared to find out. SmrtMonitor is available for all devices 4.2+ and is currently on sale for only $3.99 until December 31st.

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Introducing SmrtMonitor - Get A Complete Breakdown Of Your BlackBerry Usage!


I'm a big fan of SmrtGuard, which I've had installed on my Bold 9000, and now my 9700, so I may give this a try, since it's made by the same company.

I use "I Love BlackBerry" (which has provided some disturbing information to me.

This is an initial release of SmrtMonitor. We are planning to have more features in our future releases :)

Of course, with ALL of our SMRT software, future updates (major or minor) are FREE for LIFE.

Happy New Year BlackBerry Nation!

Excellent! Might I reinforce the point of 'light weight'. These applications need to be as light as possible with extremely minimal footprint, if it looses that it's pointless. That needs to be a priority over any sort of 'extra/added' features.

WOW, another stupid comment no one cares about! Perhaps the few comments have something to do with this being a relatively new post and that it's the holidays?

Or perhaps you're just an idiot. Either way you need to shut up.

Telling someone to shut up on the internet when they give their, God given right to an, opinion...really mature buddy.

This app goes into the category of apps I won't be wasting money on- along with the fart apps. You get absolutely nothing out of it.

I'm sure there will be CB users who will find this app very useful. There's nothing wrong with believing that an app won't be useful for your BlackBerry, but all the unnecessary bashing is ridiculous.

app looks interesting but not something I am going to pay for. Going to check out that i love blackberry app. I would say that this app with its seemingly more advanced stats would be more marketable to entities who issue BB's to determine how the devices are being used. In that case it may worth the money to if a business finds out that employees are using their work issued devices more for personal use than production use.

I agree this isn't the most useful type of application, but it's still interesting. Now, I wonder if SmrtMonitor does count time spent listening to music or watching video, as device usaa. The moment I found out ILBB didn't count the hours I spent listening to music I ditched it because to me, that IS part of how I USE my BlackBerry.

i dont get the point of these types of it going to make me cut back on using viigo because i use it 75% percent of the week? is going to tell me which app is killing my battery? no....what is the purpose except to just give a basic knowledge...and if that is the case, why would i pay?! each his own

Any information is good. Usage information especially, since it is a reflection on one's behaviors. I say Bravo for the creation of a useful app.

Unfortunately, I am a cheap SOB and won't try it since I'd rather spend $4 for lunch or giving some cheer to a homeless person.


This is the message I get on my Bold 9700 after nearly 2 weeks of good use. Now the app cannot open at all with this message showing.

I have written in to's support - no answer witht he exception of their email auto-responder.

Judging from others who have experienced similar problems much earlier than me, there does not seem to be any persomal response to help resolve this matter.

I have paid for this app. I purchased it through the recommendation oof Crackberry. Crackberry should act on our behalf and resolve this matter.

Live with passion. LIFE IS SUPER FANTASTIC!!!