SmrtGuard Protection Theme Deters Would-Be Thieves

By Adam Zeis on 14 Oct 2009 09:47 am EDT


If you're a SmrtGuard user you have the peace of mind that your data is safe should your device be lost or stolen. Why not let any potential BlackBerry thieves know that you are protected by SmrtGuard as well? Well now you can with the SmrtGuard Protection Theme. This simple theme has rotating "Protected By SmartGuard" wallpapers and a weblink to the SmrtGuard mobile site. Nothing fancy theme-wise, but it will let the world know that you have the best BlackBerry protection there is. The theme is available to current customers by visiting

Contest: To celebrate the release of the theme, the guys at SmrtGuard are giving away 100 free monthly subscriptions. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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SmrtGuard Protection Theme Deters Would-Be Thieves



This theme is the most retarded thing ever! If a thief knows what SmrtGuard is, they can simply close the app and it becomes useless! Any idiot that installs this theme deserves to have their phone taken.

If the app is deleted (it is always running in the backround)and you have the phone passcoded(if you buy smartguard then you probable have a password) then the phone will restart and the on start up it will request a password. We all know what happens when you enter to many incorrect passwords

I agree completely. smrtguard is very easy to get around. Your better off not advertising you have it installed! My friend had it and asked me to see what i could do...10 min later i had a new phone...hehehe. However the "average" user probably wont know what to do. Its worth a shot though. The best idea is getting a holster and not leaving your phone laying around. Think of it as a credit card or something. Or put a password on your BB, that works just as well. Whether you have smrtguard installed or not, they can always just wipe the device. With smrtguard at least your data is backed up though!

I don't know about the theme but I would like to get some kind of protection seeing as how I use this phone for work

cool ! im in

but what if the theif knew there was smrtguard on the blackberry and he turned it off ? *roll eyes*

Wouldn't this just make the thief aware that there is something on there that he needs to get off?

It's not going to stop them from stealing it, they are just going to figure out faster that they need to wipe out the device (after they google what smrtguard is).

SmartGuard extremely useful application for anyone who travels. a theme to go along with it only makes it better. Way to go! could really use this to win a monthly sub.

I hope this would be the premier security software to protect our BlackBerry from unknown hands. Hope to see more reviews in the future.

I'd have to see what this is about for real. That would be nice to have since I don't have BES access anymore

They can go and delete the application - if they're that way inclined!

(I already have a monthly subscription to SmrtGuard, so just leaving my comment as a thought - not a competition entry)!

I love mine... so would I get some free time if I win this since I already have a one year subscription right now?

My boyfriend has this and has been on my case to get it. He claims it is by far the bast app he has.

Awesome, let's hope we can prove it works. Working in a 'secure' environment, we have recently had items such as mobiles, money etc stolen.

Maybe this will deter them!

My BB has been stolen twice and I've lost all my data several times. This app could save me a lot of grief.

this theme looks amazin....but i wonder if anyone knows about smrtguard!? well i still would like to be a winner and try it out! :)

I was actually lucky enough to win 6 months of smrtgaurd on the FaceBook contest. I'm really glad I did. it's a great product.

Not so sure about that theme though lol.

I would love to have the opportunity to win this contest... I currently use SmrtGuard on my personal line and would love to win one for my work line. I have been trying to get the company I work for to purchase this in bulk for all of our smartphone customer base, however that's not going as planned. I've explained to them the greatness of all that is SmrtGuard, the online backup/restore, the option of remote tracking as well as wiping of the device is MAJOR!!

I would like to be entered into the giveaway of the SmrtGuard. had it while in beta and loved it.

I love the idea of letting folks know that the berry will be rendered useless if they take it. Keep up the forward thinking.


This is an amazing app. I won 6 months free on Facebook, and another month would be great! I'm your newest fan!

No matter what a jerk a thief can be. One thing they do is not want to be identified. The idea of a protection theme banner is great! Puts everyone on notice that this is a BB that you wouldnt want.
Great idea!

Been a SmrtGuard Client for quite a while now and would love to get a a free subscription of any length. Awesome product and it's well worth the $3-$4/mo for insurance incase I loose my Tour.


Cool. Another contest and another opportunity for all of us! I use SmrtGuard now on one of my tours and would love to get another one for my other tour!

that should come installed on every BB, with the option to subscribe later if you like, after the free trial.

Having a theme advertising the fact you have a "lowjack" type app on the phone, is like putting a "This house Protected by Brinks Alarm system" sticker on your front lawn.... the would be crook just cuts the phone line and the power to the house, breaks in and takes what he wants. This is one of the reasons that cars with Lowjack, do not have a LOWJACK sticker on their windows.

I would love to use this. It seems that I have had my phone stolen right along with my car on two different occassions.

Both times the thief ran up my cell phone bill within a few hours time. I had no idea my car was stolen due to being inside. Just so happen to be a day when I was rushing and left my phone inside the center console. Phone and car gone.

The second time I was left with a 500.00 cell phone bill. I was not amused to say the least.

Great APP, I need it!

Today is my 40th birthday. I never win anything. It would be something special to win a subscription to SmrtGuard today. Please choose me!