SmrtGuard Offers Discount For CrackBerry Readers

By Adam Zeis on 22 Jul 2009 10:27 am EDT


In our Must-Have Free and Paid BlackBerry Apps for the New BlackBerry Tour Owner we saw SmrtGuard pop up quite a bit. It is personally one app I don't think any BlackBerry owner should be without. The safety and security of it all is a no brainer in my opinion. SmrtGuard gives you the ability to remotely backup emails, SMS, tasks, memos, contacts, events and call logs. You can access the online control panel and easily view stored information, and use additional features like tracking and remote device wipe. Now, as a special offer for CrackBerry Nation, SmrtGuard is offering 10% off their semi-annual and yearly plans for CrackBerry readers. For more information, or to check out SmrtGuard free for 10 days, head to

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SmrtGuard Offers Discount For CrackBerry Readers


Agree with Adam Z. You gotta have it. Already worth the money for Storm was a crapper and had to get a replace from Verizon. Thank god i had SmrtGuard on the crapper Storm so it backed up all my info. On the new Storm, I got my data restore after installing SmrtGuard :)

Remote wipe and location is cool too, but Backup/Restore is essential for me.

Wish I knew about this 10%...couple of bucks off my yearly plan.

Love the software. I initially had some issue converting my beta account but their support dept was quick to respond and merge my accounts!

Just my 2 cents, but I have been buying mobile software for a while now, and SmrtGuard has not only email support but PHONE support as well! WISHED all mobile software vendors have this, I hate buying stuff without a phone number.

I have had this app for a while and I too love it! Like Harrisdalton said, "not only email support but PHONE support as well!" he is right on that. Their email support is really fast also. I had one small small when I installed and had a question about "Follow Me" and the location of it. It didn't take 1 hour and I had a reply and them asking me to call if I had any further questions. So I 100% agree with SmrtGuard as a must have app!!

Wonder if I can extend my subscription another year with this discount, already subscribed till sometime next year.

I had to laugh, is 10% off going to make you want to jump on this software asap?

For me, it is a no!!!!!!!!!!!