SmrtGuard Facebook Contest: 100 Six-Month SmrtGuard Subscriptions to be Won!

SmrtGuard Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Oct 2009 11:02 am EDT

Our friends at SmrtGuard are running a contest that we figured the CrackBerry community would want to know about... so before you leave a comment to this post (that won't give you a chance to win on this contest) read through the details below straight from SmrtGuard:

In celebration of our revamp of the website and new SmrtGuard Facebook page, SmrtGuard is giving away 100 Semi-annual subscription FREE. HERE IS HOW IT WORKS:

1. Visit and click on the Facebook link on the bottom of the page.

2. Post a wall comment on SmrtGuard Facebook page about why you need smrtguard or if you have smrtguard already, why you like it.

3. 100 lucky winners will be picked by Oct 6th. If you are an existing user, your subscription will be automatically extended by 6 months. If you are a new user, you get a new 6 month subscription account.

No purchase necessary.

That's it! The contest ends tomorrow (October 6th) at midnight EST, so if you're a facebook user and want to get in on your chance to win you have to hurry.  Good luck!

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Reader comments

SmrtGuard Facebook Contest: 100 Six-Month SmrtGuard Subscriptions to be Won!



things that i like.

things that i want.

a free subscription to smrtguard giving me what i like and what i want.



I have been hoping for a contest for this product.

I have been seriously considering getting this but have put it off. What a good way to get a product than for free :)


Please sign me up for this contest. I would really love to win this app. The safety and security it offers is the best. It is a small price to pay for piece of mind.



I work in an International Security company and this product is perfect for my needs (I would like to get all of our Blackberries onto this system). I often travel and always worry about my phone being stolen and its contents looked through!!

I would really enjoy this product.


This is an app I have been contemplating getting. I travel exclusively for work and knowing I can locate or nuke the device should it be misplaced are great features!

I have been through all the BETA testing and still have it... it makes backups of my personal information every night... plus I can tell where it is from any PC... and even if it's on Vibrate or Quiet mode I can have it make a loud sound so I can find it (wish I had it on my step-daughters device just for that feature).

I love the audio ping beep function since I've used it several times already just to find my phone when I've misplaced it in the house. It will audio ping the phone even if you have it set to 'vibrate'. A MUST HAVE application for the Blackberry!

i entered on facebook, hope i win this one... it is a must have in my eyes. my blackberry is my life.

I supposedly received a free year subscription to smrtguard via a crackberry contest. Yet after multiple emails to smrtguard, and terrible responses from their support, I am still paying for it. I love the application, their support response is terrible.