SmrtGuard Celebrates Their Birthday With The Release Of Version 2.52 - Join In On The Celebrations And Win Some Great Prizes

By Bla1ze on 25 May 2010 09:04 pm EDT
SmrtGuard Celebrates Their Birthday With The Release Of Version 2.52  - Join In On The Celebrations And Win Some Great Prizes

Wow, it's really been one full year since SmrtGuard was released? Seems not all that long ago it was just rolling out of beta status. But as the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun. To kick off the celebrations of the one year birthday of SmrtGuard the latest release which is at version 2.52 is now available for download. Read on after the break to check out the new features and see how you can win some great prizes.

New Features In Version 2.52:

Added Twitter support to the Personal Guardian feature. Personal Guardian is a 1 push panic button when you are trouble. It will alert others via email, SMS, phone call, and now Twitter, that you are in trouble. When Triggered, Personal Guardian sends out a short message with your location information (GPS and Network Triangulation). If you are existing user, check out how to configure it.

In addition to the release, Smrtguard is having a sweet contest for users to check out as well. 

  • 10 SmrtGuard Unlimited Edition (not for sale). The Unlimited Edition means you will never pay for SmrtGuard service EVER!
  • 20 SmrtGuard YEARLY subscriptions
  • 30 SmrtGuard Semi-Annual subscriptions
  • 100 SmrtGuard Monthly subscriptions
Entry for the contest is easy. Simply download SmrtGuard via this link between now and May 31th 2010, you will be automatically entered to win after you successfully verify your account. All existing users are automatically entered. No purchase necessary. Winners will be announced June 1st 2010. Finally, congrats to the folks at SmrtGuard.

Reader comments

SmrtGuard Celebrates Their Birthday With The Release Of Version 2.52 - Join In On The Celebrations And Win Some Great Prizes


How would i know if my account is verified? Im using the trial version but it already expired :/

I've wanted this app for quite some time now, but just can't seem to get beyond the hefty price tag. C'MON Crackberry and SMRTGUARD, choose me, PLEASE!

This is a fantastic app! I would love to win a subscription. I've gotten a lot of people who aren't berry addicts to get berry's and to get Smatguard. I love that you've now added the Twitter notification/panic button.

Is it just me, or when they launched they included Remote Wipe in the free version, but later moved it into the paid version? Or has it always been in the paid version?

I have used this service for a year now. When it first released, I initially purchased a year subscription. It has been great and they have excellent support and updates with notifications. You guys do a great job and I will continue using your services. Well worth the money.

But I too cannont get past the price tag. It's a little too steep for me. I should have gotten it on the half price sale. Oh well, maybe I'll get picked here!

Happy Birthday!!! I'd buy this product but the price tag is WAY beyond my taste. If I could get an unlimited copy that would be awesome!!!!

Man this would be great trying to backup gets difficult always being on the go and rarely nearby my computer.

Well Congrats on your success SmrtGuard :)

Ah now that makes sense. I just don't understand buying this for any other reason. Well, I guess it is nice to be able to track it down if you lost it too.

Just password your device and it will wipe itself if somebody messes with it.

Happy 1st B-day SmrtGuard. I have been using you for nearly a year and it is a fantastic service!!! Congratulations on your sucess =D

Great software!! I bet everyone will need this to protect they precious BlackBerry.. Well, happy birthday!!

I've been using this since the BETA testing... it's hard to believe it's been a year already... congratulations SmrtGuard!!!

I would love to win a copy of this app I'm constantly losing my phone an just at the end of year I lost a blackberry it hurt bad I lost a lot of business. So help me out let me win pls

for a person who gets lost when there's detours to my daily commute, it's comforting for my loved ones to know that they can always find me..

THAnK You!!


Happy Birthday!!

Wow, been eyeing this for awhile too, but like other BBers it was a little too hefty for me. Would be great to have!

Love the app. I travel extensively so knowing my BB is secure (plus remote self-destruct) is great piece of mind. Just don't tell my wife she can track me with this! :)

I've been using the free license since its release, and I love this app, its great being able to log onto a website and see exactly where your BB is.

This is, by far, the best app I have ever purchased. I cannot reccomend this product strongly enough. It is well worth the price tag.

I would love to have an unlimied copy of this program. It is a great tool to have on Blackberry's or any smart phone. This is something that everyone should have.


It seems very easy to sign up to this service. BUT they are none to pleased if you request to un-subscribe. They email and ask why. Then send a brief email of instructions that lead to nowhere. There is something a miss here. mailing privacy springs to mind. Sad really when its privacy they promote. I could be wrong and i would like to be. But go careful.

This is one of those apps you didn't even know was running. Backs your stuff up in the middle of the night. Have been running it for a yr or so, not sure if I will renew or not. The free version does a lot. Of course if I win, it would be cool.

This is the greatest software to ever be created and if you haven't used it yet you must try it.

Loved it, I would continue using it but didn't want to pay for the subscription, would definitely go back though if I got the unlimited edition :) PICK ME!

I dont stand to gain anything from writing this as im the proud owner of smrtguard unlimited anyway but I thought id just say that this is a really essential bit of BB software. I used the free version for a while, I got thinking about the time and effort that must have gone in to making it which made me want to contribute to the ongoing work these guys do. the tools are outstanding, i also use the backup for peace of mind, the updates always work, the new virus protection is an added comfort and now with twitter support on the guardian. excellent work smrtguard - keep up the good work!