SmrtGuard for BlackBerry A to Z

SmrtGuard Web Interface
By Adam Zeis on 18 Mar 2010 11:59 am EDT

SmrtGuard is one of those apps that just works. It gives you peace of mind that your device is safe and can be remotely wiped of all data should it ever be lost or stolen. You can backup/restore data, remotely wipe and locate the device, protect your SIM from being swapped out and more. I love having it installed as it can be used both as a backup tool and has loads of security features. Everything can be managed from an easy web-interface (check out what it looks like after the jump) and it just does what it does. Hit the video above for a quick look. SmrtGuard is available in the CrackBerry App Store for monthly, semi-annual and annual subscriptions. A free version is available in BlackBerry App World that gives you the remote tracking, remote wipe, personal guardian and SIM guardian all for free (so you have no reason not to try it). Check the links below for more info.

SmrtGuard Web Interface:

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SmrtGuard for BlackBerry A to Z


ouch. that hurts. you'll make adam shed a tear when he reads that...  what would you like to see in the A to Z's?? will always work harder/smarter to turn out quality content that you guys want.

It seem I was too hasty. When I watched the video on me berry, it finished just after the two minute mark. However, watching it again on a pc, it seems Youtube must have truncated the video when I first watched it.

I owe Adam an apology. The article is excellent.

I've had Smrtguard since it was released and I'm subscribed until mid 2011.

While it attempted to cover A-Z, I'd like to see more.

Perhaps get into the emails that are fired off to your device whenever you login to the Website, whether or not you service is active. I canceled my account over 8 months ago, however whenever I login to the Website, my device receives a couple of messages which try to communicate with the software which I've uninstalled... This would be nifty to explain.

I enjoyed the service when I had it. The free version seems like something I'd like, with its 'wipe' function. Perhaps show this procedure initiated from a Web browser.


It still says account expired even when downloaded the new update. My account is already there but didn't take.

My apologies. Just one of those apps I've had since it came out, and I figured it was time to do up a video. We try to spread the video reviews out for both paid and free apps, and this was just the next in line. There's a free version available as well and no one is ever obligated to buy anything. If you have suggestions for blogs posts, reviews etc. you can alway send them in to editorial(at)

I know you guys are doing the best you can, and I love the web site. But it seems that every app is a "must have". I can respect you hyping the developer community but everything cant be great. The xnobi post from a few days ago is case in point. And i dont think you guys are even doing reviews anymore. More like infomertials. I think its a fine line between being a respected resource of information for your readers and a retail store for the developers. Conflict of interest perhaps? I dont know, I would just like to see a little bit more even handedness with what you post.

I get what you're saying. I rarely use the term "must have" but in the case of Xobni thats what I felt. That post was just a release post and definitely not a review. I had played around with it a bit, and I just love having my contacts right there without having to save them to my device, and I just really dig the app. Granted, not for everyone, but as I stated it was my opinion. Never our intent to spam or make anyone feel like we're overly promoting apps. Always looking for new ideas for posts, videos, reviews etc. so feel free to send along anything you think would make things better.

I hate to be so cynical...I love the site, and absolutely am addicted to all things BB...but guys, really? It seems there's a new SmrtGuard piece on here every couple of weeks. Are they paying you guys for content or something? Maybe I am exaggerating, idk. I am also a bit concerned to see both the quality of recent articles declining, as well as a lack of proper editing before these articles are being published and going live. I am not the first person to point this out either. I am sure CB is the #1 website for BB enthusiasts such as myself, and would love for it to stay that way...but you guys need to step it up! Just some constructive criticism. Sorry if I was a bit harsh. I'm not perfect either, but do expect a certain level of professionalism on these blogs...

Perhaps it be good to do a comparison what's available on the online store between smrtguard and others otherwise it is running an old records of turnable stuffing smrtguard down the throat every few weeks.

There are stand-alones like phonebak, phonebakup, gadgettrack, and also very similar supscription like tencubr. That be a good article for all to read and compare and not just another article to tell everyone how great smartguard is. It is running like an adverts already.

The first thing I say when scrolling through this is that there is a self destruct button... That's awesome... I don't have this app but that makes me want it just to see what that button does... lol

Good stuff. I use the free version since I don't really need the backup. I like having the remote wipe but thankfully haven't had to use it yet lol

I just want to know if it can be trusted.
I mean, they have full control of your blackberry. Who says that one day, they won't get hacked and the hacker will start wiping the data?
Or even download your email...
They know where you are, so isn't that also freaky?
How do you not know it will be used "against" you?

I sound a bit paranoid, but if you think about it, I'm right.

I agreed with you on this wholeheartedly and that is why all the more I avoid anything that needs a supscriptions but go for stand-alone instead without any controller behind to do any nasty stuff.

That incident of adminstrators monitoring the kids via the isight camera on the Mac prove anything can go wrong manage by another party instead of ourselves the owner. Call me crazy but too much of these are just bad taste to me.

1. Has the application been stress-tested to very large databases? Let's say you have 40,000 contacts and 40,000 calendar entries. Will the backup/restore work just fine, or will it croak the device? I'd like to know this before I attempt to use it.

2. What's the assurance that the app provider doesn't have the ability to see my data? Can SmrtGuard take a look inside my address book entries? I have no idea, but would like this assurance before I attempt to use it.

Must have App for any Blackberry user...

It's pretty basic, so I wouldn't expect much till you actually get hands on...

Adam made that point by showing what it is and what it's used for...

You can't really show much till you have installed it on your device and you use the Web features as well.

Good job Adam on letting us know about the update. and seeing the app first hand before some may choose to buy or even consider the Free/Trial version..

Keep up the great work!

This looks like a very interesting and useful app. I can't justify paying a monthly fee for it, but I think I'll try the free version for the remote wipe ability. I don't think losing my phone would cause me financial ruin, but I bet remotely wiping it would offer piece of mind...and that can be priceless.

One concern however is battery life. Someone said this caused battery drain. Anyone else have any input on that?

I'm on a 9530 and I too have noticed battery drain. I can't get through a full day on one battery charge using my Blackberry anymore. It just died when I was walking home from the bus :( I now have a spare battery packed into my wallet because it seems I need it.

I have the paid version. I paid for 1 year in advance and received a discount. I like the idea of the back up for all my contacts and imfo. I also use google sync for my contacts and calendar but knowing I have that extra back up is very comforting. I have many contacts and I remember not too long ago loosing them and not having solid back up set up and it will never happen again. Smrtguard is a very good app, one of the very few that you can pick up the phone and get them in just a couple of rings. There are many good things going on in that app. Just my Opinion.

I have to agree with mconk and garment69. I am an avid fan of every since I got my BB, and that was almost 4 years ago. Everyday, I check the site to see whats up and new in the BB world. There was a lot of hype with this one, the first time it was posted. I even sent some droid phone users a link to I am very very disappointed Crackberry and Smrtgoard. Must have is not something that I would say, especially if not all the functions of the app are working as it should. Customer Service is poor for this application. I had some questions with the app, sent the CS folks an email about 1 month ago now, and have not yet received a response. Location does not work! I am based in NY and the website tracking me, shows that I am in Baltimore. The phone, shows me somewhere in Brazil. I am hopeful that the writing gets better soon. This site is my definitive guide to BBs and I would like to keep it that way. I hope you guys feel the same about your BB user following too.

I have lost my BB previously... and let me tell you it was the worst, I was praying for an app like this. I had so much information in there that I lost. Information that I did not want out there. So I'm just glad I have this app and have the option of the remote wipe capabilities.

I bought the paid SMRTGUARD application, I backed up my contacts but never could restore it would fail every time after loading half my contacts, then all my contacts disappeared from my online account and customer service (which is one guy, and is a long distance call which ran me about 17 bucks)couldn't restore my lost information, If it can't restore my contacts I don't trust it with my imporant emails and other notes and memos, the gps tracking is spotty and hardly works, the only feature i found to be handy is the audio ping for finding your berry when you lose it in the couch etc, remote lock worked for a bit then failed to continue working and the test self destruct button worked but the actual self destuct didnt do anything! this app is an epic fail and a waste of 4 bucks a month DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, just back up your berry on a weekly basis and dont lose your damn blackberry!

I AGREE. I have this program. I use google sync, duped my contact list so bad (i did have a backup at home, but then I'm on the street), so i was like hay, lets try this restore

yep like the above poster, it FAILS. It restores to 90% and says it FAILS. I try it with both a WiFI and a 3G connection... its the only feature that is different from a paid/free, is the data backup, but it doesn't work.

Also, you gotta ensure you delete your data off their server if you decide not to use their service. The only reason I paid was I was beta testing it, then beta test expired and I could no longer delete the data unless I'm a paid user, so I paid to use it for another year, and ensure I have a date set so I go on delete it before it expires, and uninstall the app.

Anyone familiar with Buddy Guard?
I'm currently using the app and works flawlessly (for me at least).
I don't have time/effort to write full detail about it but it provides basic features such as remote wiping/locking, tracking phone, and etc.
I don't remember where I got it though (but I think it was in App world).

I had the free version (smrtguard free) and love it, but I've recently noticed that it says account expired and directs me to upgrade. I was under the impression that it was free. Did i miss something?

I have the free version but some of the features don't work anymore
I just got an invite to lookout beta. Trying that app. Seems pretty good with virus protection included.

I have the free version loaded on my 9000. I've tested the Personal Guardian feature many times and it sends two sets of text/email messages saying I'm in two different locations - one is correct, the other is wrong (like in another state wrong). I sent an inquiry to SmrtGuard support but didn't hear back, probably because I'm running the free version. This flaw, however, will keep me from subscribing to the full version.

I had the free version and it worked just fine. Got invited to Lookout beta and uninstalled Smrtguard and now using Lookout. I switched because Lookout provides contact backup for free (Smrtguard doesn't) and anti-virus as well as the features of the Smrtguard free version. Happy so far.

...but, I had to give up on using this because the GPS location accuracy was several miles off. I've emailed their support, and left other feedback, but no answers. I have 3 other GPS programs that all locate my phone within 3-feet. Unfortunately SmrtGuard does not. WHY? Am I the only one with this problem?

It's not just you. Mine places my phone at least 2 miles off.

BB Maps, Google Maps, Amaze, Nav4All, and Telmap all got it right.

Don't know what the deal is...

I think part of app reviews should be a note on customer service (if its an established app or established developer). I have to say, I'm not too impressed with SmrtGuard. I won a month free during the CB birthday contests and bought a year's subscription, but my account still shows as expired. I have sent two emails to them and other than the automated response email, have received no response. Had I known that their service was so bad, I would've not bothered to purchase the subscription.

I am a paid subscriber. I have had continuous problems with GPS accuracy. Sometimes is shows my phone in the middle of the Atlantic even though the BB shows the correct location internally.. Sometimes the information is 1 week old.If I lose my phone, that part of the application is useless. There is no support. I have tried many times and never received a response. I feel like I should get a refund. Don't waste your money.