SmrtGuard for BlackBerry Officially Now Available

SmrtGuard for BlackBerry Now Available
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 May 2009 12:32 pm EDT

When Bla1ze first blogged about the public beta for SmrtGuard back in March it got a huge response from the CrackBerry community. SmrtGuard worked with thousands of beta testers in both their private and public betas to refine the solution and just this week have officially made SmrtGuard availabe for purchase. To kick things off, they're also giving the first 1,000 users the chance to win a Nintendo Wii!

If you're not familiar with SmrtGuard, you can check out the video below and jump over to to get all the details. For BlackBerry BIS subscribers, SmrtGuard makes it easy to back up the data on your BlackBerry and in the event of your BlackBerry getting lost or stolen provides a number of tools to help address the situation, including remote tracking and remote wiping of the handheld. For just a few bucks a month, it's definitely a worthwhile insurance policy of sorts to have on for what many is their most valuable asset (not just in terms of the the cost of the device, but what you keep on it!).

SmrtGuard for BlackBerry Overview - WES 2009

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SmrtGuard for BlackBerry Officially Now Available


Is this like Pageonce? It offers the smae thing, except the remote listen. It lets you dump all info if BB is lost also. They charge a one time fee. Just wondering. I do like that remote listening, would be funny to use.

I am new to this type of software. I must say that this is AWESOME. Tested all functions and works great. Even if the phone is off (battery removed) the commands execute as soon as it boots up. Great work Smrtguard.

Side note: I have AT&T and no problem activating

I have tried to the the personal Guardian to work and none of the alerts - email, sms, phone - get triggered. I have emailed the developers twice without response. I am wondering if it is carrier specific? Anyone else have insight to this?

You check the $$$ its TO MUCH!!!
$4. a a month
$23. Semi
$45. a year...

And I hogs memory, its always running in the background.
Not a biggie if that all you have in the background but its there none the less.

I'm not sure if you've confused this, but those are all price options - you don't have to pay all of them!
If that wasn't the issue, my apologies. It seems quite reasonably priced to me for what it does. That said, it all depends on how you value what's inside your berry! ;)

Remote wipe deletes your Contacts / Memo / Todos / Calendar / Call logs and Emails.

SmrtGuard also delete the contents of your microSD as well as device memory that stores media/documents.

Oh, at the end of the wipe, it erases (uninstalls) the BlackBerry Message application as well.


I have tried every single beta they have come out with and I can never get it to activate. I of course followed all of the steps listed on the FAQs but still it would not activate. It would just hang there. I could see activity as it was trying to connect to their server but never activated. So I e-mailed the company many times and never received a reply. Sorry, I'm not giving my money to a piece of software that doesn't work and a company that doesn't respond to e-mails.

Initially, I had this same problem, and I would just get emails back stating the command. What I found I had to do was "re-activate" the program (go into the "about" option using the BB option button and activate). One thing is that the activation code is case specific.

Once I got it working, I was estatic. This App is a must have. You paid for your phone, why not be able to find it if you lose it, or be able to wipe it if you feel that somebody stole it. This way they can't get your personal data.

Again, I think this is one of the best applications I have seen.


Initially, I had this same problem, and I would just get emails back stating the command. What I found I had to do was "re-activate" the program (go into the "about" option using the BB option button and activate). One thing is that the activation code is case specific.

Once I got it working, I was estatic. This App is a must have. You paid for your phone, why not be able to find it if you lose it, or be able to wipe it if you feel that somebody stole it. This way they can't get your personal data.

Again, I think this is one of the best applications I have seen.


This is great at backing up all my data from my BB, and gives me piece of mind to know that I can erase it all if it is lost or stolen.

The price is fairly cheap, a couple bucks to delete all your contacts, memo, call log, events and email.

1. As stated above, destruction in case of lost blackberry
2. Audio Ping, loose your BB in your home or car, Audio ping it to find it. It continues to make an irritating noise until you press OK on the BB to stop it.
3. You can locate your blackberry based on GPS or cell tour triangulation.
4. You can let your psycho girlfriend/boyfriend track you via a web interface.
5. Remote listen into the surroundings via phone call. It opens the phone and dials the number you listed and you can listen, but it shows the number on the call screen and shows the call screen.
6. You can lock the device with RIMS lock.

1. Your girlfriend/boyfriend can track you
2. If you don't have a lock code on your phone then they end user can just unlock it with the push button.
3. It currently does not back up or erase data on memory cards.
4. If patternlock is assigned to the lock key, when the site locks it, the device does not invoke patternlock.


Thanks for that.

Just to comment on erasing memory cards. IT DOES erase your microSD and the portion device memory that holds videos/pictures/ringtones/...etc.

Thanks again.

I have a old blackberry model 7250 an love it, what if any ringtones do you have for it and how can i download them too my phone please help blackberry community

I used the beta version of smartguard and now when I re downloaded it on my Storm it didn't ask me to pay or anything it just used my old account. I hope it doesn't decided to charge me eventually. Any one know how this works, or will I just be using the beta version for free?

Your Subscription expires I believe the End of June.. When you go into the website, go to your account and it will show you the date it will expire..

I currently have 4 storms on my cell plan. I have to buy a copy for each? I want something to control them all from the same account. A multi-device account, or a family plan or something.

... had set up problems with early public beta. But it was a beta so it was expected Haven't tried it in awhile although the keep sending me update info.

i love it and thankfuly havent had to use it for a real reason yet but the PING and the track my BB are really cool features, and you can also look at all ur emails and contacts while your online if theyr backed up. i have the beta and its free for now and i think il pay for it at the end of june when i run out of free use.


I cannot get the update nor can I assess the website on my computer. Their server must be busy.
If that's the case what good is it?
I have been using it with no problems at all until the first update came out. It took me 3 or 4 days to finally download the update. I have not been able to update it since then. If my BB does actually get stolen there's nothing I can do since I can't log on to their website.
What a pity...
I would have bought it...

So, they get all these people to beta test their app with no reward whatsoever. Sounds kinda crappy to me. They just got 1000+ employee's for free. At least give beta testers a free year or a discount or something.

Looks like you get a free month out of it. I was in the beta, and my account page says my subscription expires June 30.

This is a great app. I've been testing it since the earliest Beta. But I am disappointed that after months of testing and posting issues (all of which have been addressed), my subscription ends on 6/30/09... just about 30 days from the official release. That doesn't seem right.

Seriously.. They should of gave something more than a month.. I have Beta tested software in the past and at least the company gave me the software when it was finished..

One year would be a good token..

I did a copy and paste from your comment above and the following error occurs:
The server at is taking too long to respond.

The requested site did not respond to a connection request and the browser has stopped waiting for a reply.

* Could the server be experiencing high demand or a temporary outage? Try again later.
* Are you unable to browse other sites? Check the computer's network connection.
* Is your computer or network protected by a firewall or proxy? Incorrect settings can interfere with Web browsing.
* Still having trouble? Consult your network administrator or Internet provider for assistance.

I have not had this problem prior to your last update. The link you send does not work either.

Gotta say... When it was working, it was pretty cool stuff I would happily pay for. But, being the beta fiend that I am, smrtguard hasn't worked since the .122 release for the blackberry storm. It'll still do backups, but nothing else. Won't catch me paying for it until that gets resolved.

I cant speak for other beta builds, but SmrtGuard is working great for me on .148. I have tested all of its options and they have worked. I did buy it on and for some reason my smrtguard account said it had expired even though i had just bought it. I emailed the smrtguard support and i must say that the response time was great and the issue was resolved with no problem. +1 on this program. looking forward to future versions

I can't think of a more perfect feature for my Blackberry.. I have been using it for a few months now with nothing but rave reviews to give.. :)

I stand corrected. I downloaded and paid for a full year. All I can say is that this is a very good program and app. I would recommend it to anyone who has sensitive items on your BB you don't want falling into the wrong hands. Thanks for the app!

Love this product. It makes me feel secure in case anything happened to my bb and I love the fact that you can wipe your SD card. Smrtguard support is also amazing. Whenever I had an issue, they responded right away and the problems were solved.

All the features of smrtguard work great. i can speak from personal expirience when my berry accidently fell out of my pocket in a cab. Lets just say the cabby was a little weirded out when i showed up to his house and wanted by berry back

I understand that wiping the phone remotely helps safeguard your data and personal info. Yay for that. But doesn't that also give the thief a fresh, new phone? Seems like "sabotage" would be a better feature. ;-)

All kidding aside, I will seriously consider this for my 8900.

Do backups OTA, no matter where you are (as long as you have an internet connection via the BB.

Do a Restore OTA, no matter where you are (as long as you have an internet connection via the BB.

Allow you to view emails from your BB, on any computer that has internet access. Same for contacts. This way if your Berry crashes, takes a bath or gets stolen before you get to your computer to make a backup, everything you have done will be backuped, at least as far as your last auto backup.

Easier to do OTA backups while out an about, after you get an important email, new contact or calendar event logged.

Best thing is backups are FASTER than a normal DT backup, and without needing to plug it into the computer.

Timed backups, Daily, Weekly or Monthly

And that's just the backup features.

so basically it's like a desktop backup but ota is what it seems. i don't feel $3.99 a month to do something i can do free at home might be worth it for me. i guess if i'm a user that has tons of new data thoughout the day then it might be nice to back it up every hour, but my once a day backup would probably be ok. is my desktop one able to do restores? if not, then that alone might make this worth it.

That's not a pricing model I find acceptable. I haven't lost a phone, PDA, GPS or other device for at least a decade, so I'm going to count on being equally dilligent for now.

I still have to say the price point too high to be a subscription service compared to and with just a standalone. For the same price, can buy so much more and own the software forever and not just a mere 12 months only.

So I figured I would comment. I used the beta version of this program/service. To give you background the app worked great in the beginning and I was able to backup and restore my contacts as it was supposed to.

Last week I had issues with my blackberry and had to do a hard reset. I was at work and figured since I had my online backup I would be good to go I could do a restore like I had previously. By the time I got the device all up and running again and downloaded the latest app from SmrtGuard's website I proceeded to restore my contacts and other data. After about 20 minutes of attempting to download my information I received an email letting me know that they had issues with the software not backing up the files and I needed to download the update. which is funny because it had been a while since there recent update. Needless to say this was pointless at this point as all data had been erased by the previous version not backing up data as it was supposed to.

Moral of the story do not use this service/product. I immediately went back to my Blackberry Enterprise where all data is backed up on different servers and is recoverable. With this service make sure you have another backup or you will get hosed.

The GPS almost never works and none of my contacts or call logs show up when i access from my computer.
Its too bad because it could be a very nice program if it worked.

After using this for 5 days - I LOVE this and all the features work flawlessly on my Storm. I think that $3.99 is cheap. I may use a 20% off Mobihand coupon and purchase a full year for $35.00. Only 10 cents a day!!