SmrtGuard Beta Goes Public!

SmrtGuard Beta Goes Public!
By Bla1ze on 21 Mar 2009 12:11 pm EDT

Alright folks, here is your chance to get in on an amazing application that I personally feel everyone who has ever lost or had a BlackBerry stolen NEEDS to have. SmrtGuard has been in a closed beta for many months now and finally the application has been opened up to a public beta for all to sign up and utilize.

I have been using this application for the past few months now and while I thankfully have NEVER had to use it to its full potential, the portions of the service that I do use on a daily basis are amazing and have saved me on many, many occasions. Read on for more information on this great application and be sure to check out the public beta.

SmrtGuard is aimed at protecting your device and the information it holds. There are a great amount of applications out there designed for loss prevention and data back up, but from my usage so far none have given me the confidence that my device and data are protected in a way I can trust like SmrtGuard.

Options Screen For SmrtGuard!

The UI for SmartGuard is simple and nicely laid out outlining all the functions available to the user from the get go and set up is a complete breeze.

SmrtGuard BackUp Offerings!

Any of you out there been in a situation where you have lost information off of your device and then had the pain of not having it on hand when it was needed? All too many times for me, that address you copied and then deleted by mistake, that email that you totally forgot to save and was wiped out when your device did its set clean up, how about that number that called and you forgot to copy it down and now is no longer in your call logs? Ya, me too.

SmrtGuard offers user customizable back-up operations, you can select exactly what and when to back up, so the pain of having lost information will never be felt again. The best part about it is, after a back up is done you can from a PC log in directly to you SmrtGuard account and view all the information right from your PC and if need be you can also restore all that information back to your BlackBerry directly from your BlackBerry all through the UI on the device. Frakin' nice!! 

Web Based Tracking With SmrtGuard!

Another great built-in feature of your online account for SmrtGuard . Web based tracking, so when you have SmrtGuard installed both GPS and Non GPS enabled devices can be tracked and found using your administration panel of the SmrtGuard site . Many uses for this as you can probably imagine. Lost your device, need to track your kids where abouts whatever the case may be. Also you may give permission to others to track your whereabouts as well through the "loved one" service, this is an awesome built in feature.

As you all can see from the picture as well, there are buttons that say "Self Destruct" and "Audio Ping", these are some of the features I never have to use, but I am glad to see they are there. Through my testing and usgage of SmrtGuard they do work great, should you ever need to use them.

Self destruct option is great, should you ever lose your device and need to ensure that none of the information on that device is readaable or obtainable. Just login to the admin panel and remotely wipe all your data from your device. Ensuring no personal information is available to whom ever got you BlackBerry, it's also password protected to ensure you are indeed the one requesting the wipe to be completed.

Audio ping is a cool feature as well, kinda wish they had this option for TV remotes, say you misplace your BlackBerry in your house you can send and audio ping to your device and have it make noise for 10 minutes allowing you locate your BlackBerry.

Personal Guardian To Keep You Safe!

SmrtGuard also includes a function called "Personal Guardian". This service allows you to control through one touch services, who is contacted in case of an emergency. You can assign phone numbers and even have emails and text messages sent out form your device all with a customizable message.

I tested this out and from all my testing text messages went through, phone call was placed and email was recieved which was really satisfying to know in case anything should ever arise where the function is needed and it sure beats having a simple ICE (In Case Of Emergency) contact in your address book.

SIMGuardian Helps In Case Of Stolen Device!

Final feature we'll cover for SmrtGuard is SIMGuardian, this function assumes your device has either been stolen or someone has gained unautorized use of your BlackBerry by swapping SIM cards. You can register authorized SIM cards on your devices so that if someone elses SIM card is placed into your BlackBerry you get notified about the swap.

Kind of funny, but I actually came across this feature, activated it and totally forgot about it until I took the SIM card out of my Storm and placed into my Bold. I was then sent a message notifying me about the SIM swap and that auto-tracking had been enabled, where I could login to my SmrtGuard Admin panel and track my device. Sweet!!

All in all, from my testing of SmrtGuard I am walking away pleased with this application. For the most part I have only used the backup and restore options for the services and stumbled across the other features by accident but in doing so I was able to confirm that the said features work great and well, that I hope I never have to use them but at least I have comfort in knowing that if/when I do, they do work.

You can check out the public beta of Smrt Guard now as they have recently gone live with it and it supports:

BlackBerry Storm
BlackBerry Bold
BlackBerry Curve 8900
BlackBerry Curve (83xx Series)
BlackBerry Pearl (81xx Series)
BlackBerry 88xx Series

All with a minimum requirement of BlackBerry OS 4.3.

Learn more about SmrtGuard and to sign up for the public beta check out their site>>

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SmrtGuard Beta Goes Public!


Signed up but I cant log in to my account. Its not so smart after all. Looks like a nice program id like to try out. Maybe Ill try again later to sign into my account.

Have you tried requesting a new password or sending a support email to them?

betasupport @ smrtguard . com should be able to assist you with the issue.

Have to remember it is a beta and issues like the one you are having are the reason "betas" exist, in order to work the kinks out but if SmrtGuard is unaware of the issue, they cant fix/address it. ;)

Email us at, we will help you sort it out.

The basic steps is once you sign up:
1. Activate the web account, which gives you a screen to create you username and password and BBPIN.

2. Once that is done, you can activate the device side using the device side code in your activation email.

Thanks for signing up!

How much is this gonna cost when it comes out? and it is taking forever to sync call logs, its been over6 minuits. One more question. When the battery it out of the phone, it still says connection: Ready for command

There has been no official announcement on pricing, but please..feel free to leave a comment on what you'd pay for the services, again this is why beta exist to collect information such as what users would pay.

Also, timeframe for sync will of course depend on how much data you are trying to transfer, you are kinda at the mercy of your carrier in terms of speed of data transmission speeds, in the event the application is hung up just try again and report any issues if you need to to beta support.

Hi liveify,

The backup time for any item depending on your connection speed and the number of items you have. If it times out or fail due to network or connectivity issue, it will restart after 15 mins, if the backup is kicked off by the scheduler.

As for the cost, we will be sending out a survey to all the beta users to gather feedback on pricing before we set our final price.


I got everything up and running - activated the account device side, set up a BIS email account with my carrier (Verizon) and verified it, but I cant seem to get any of the functions to work. Everytime I try to do something on the web UI, all I get is an email with a bunch of code as well as an attachment named homing.bfaction or whatever depending on what it is I clicked on. It won't let me open the attachment either, saying my device cant read it.

I'd really like to check this program seems to be set up more nicely than other similar programs.

Does this program require you to turn it on? Or is it constantly running? Or even better, Can one turn it on remotely from the website?

I normally close a program when I'm not using it in order to keep the phone running better so if I have the program shut off. It won't help me if it's stolen :|

i havent started reading this articcel but i wished i would have read it a couple of days ago when i first saw it. today i lost my curve, i feel empty sad paranoid and lost. im worried about all the stuff that was in my phone. i have so many questions can someone help me out. or point me in the right direction where somneone will be able to help me out.

i havent started reading this articcel but i wished i would have read it a couple of days ago when i first saw it. today i lost my curve, i feel empty sad paranoid and lost. im worried about all the stuff that was in my phone. i have so many questions can someone help me out. or point me in the right direction where somneone will be able to help me out.

I can't get it to work right. I got everything set up and activated but when I send a Audio Ping it sends me a message with an attachment that I tried opening and it couldn't so I downloaded it but nothing happened and if you click the attachment and go down the menu it says SmrtGuard Action. When I click SmrtGuard Action then the Audio Ping works. The problem is if my phone were lost how would it help me if I had to click the action before it goes off?

If anybody knows how this thing works let me know please.


Just tried to download following the email instructions. Got "uncaught exception module with handheld [1408]and index[0] has no application entry point" Running bbcrackmans hybrid, would this be the problem or something else? anyone?

Just tried to download following the email instructions. Got "uncaught exception module with handheld [1408]and index[0] has no application entry point" Running bbcrackmans hybrid, would this be the problem or something else? anyone?

Make that three. I had the same error. In the end it said it was installed correctly. I'm using the .114 hybrid if that matters.

I've tried every function except the nuke button and all seems to be working. The site itself seems a little...juvenile. However, if it really works in the real world (which remains to be seen) who cares about how the site looks.

I'm going to ... /gasp...give my phone to my wife this afternoon and track her while she's shopping to get a feel on how the tracking works. That is ...IF I can really give it up. On second thought, perhaps I'll just track it from my phones browser.

There are a few concerns. First, of course would be the price. Seems other users are curious also. And second, if stolen how useful is software to nuke the phones data if the phone is off. Finally, the privacy concerns can be paramount.

In the end, this software is like insurance. It's something we gotta have but, don't want to use.

4 Maybe...I had a similar error but with a different code: "Uncaught exception: Module with handle [2306] and index [0] has no application entry point" ...with the obvious blue "OK" button below...anyone have a solution?

after the message I can't do anything cuz it just freezes up. Soooooooooo frustrating.Guess I will just wait and see if I get any feedback from support.

This doesn't work for me. Uncaught exception when done downloading to my phone, and then trying to activate causes it to freeze up. Forget this app.

Storm 9530, .109

yeah it looks like too many crack addicts at once caused the site to crash. Oh well I got a chance to play with it before they went down and it is really quite awesome. It did take a battery pull to get it working right but now its alot of fun.

Yep its down.. But i also got to try it before it went down.. The locate ping worked good.. The test auto destruct sent a pop up message to my phone that it was a test. I was able to locate it on the map. So cant wait till its back up again..

Just downloaded this and openend an account with my Verizon Storm. Man this little ap is really useful. Is it free to use?

this app is useless. who loses there phone when its turned on? or when it has a full battery? any time i have lost my phone it is either out of battery within a couple minutes of my realizing its gone, when it lands on the ground the battery usually pops out. and so on. if this app works without the phone being on or without a charge which i don't see it doing then this is useless. the only way this app is helpful is if you lose your phone in a house or car with the vibrate or silence mode on. which is never.

It could slip out of your purse, pocket, etc, you could set it down while your out to dinner, and accidentally leave it on the table, lots of scenarios! I assume most people charge their phone at night. That being the case, mine usually has over half a battery when I go to bed at night.

Most likely if you DROP your phone, and the battery door pops off, AND the battery falls out, you're probably going to hear it anyways. Not only that, but eventually, someone will find it, put the battery back in, turn it on, and then boom, it receives the message to wipe, or transmits it's location.

I put the personal guard email address to myself to test it out and when I hold the menu key for 5 seconds...I get an email that says the following

LCM: 1200 MCC: 784 MNC: 608

What does this mean? how does someone know your in trouble if they just get an email with this message?

And #2 The default number for the call and text message is 911...leave 911 for the phone call but dont leave the text message number as 911 because 911 doesnt have the technology to handle text messages...their working on upgrading it..but a lot of people think you can send 911 text messages..this is not the case.

vodafone uk users get even on their blackberry storms. so, smrtguard is not accepting device information. it is saying it has to be or .net

I can't track my device. what can i do now??!

Same here mate, o2 users get Gonna leave some feedback and see what they say... really want this to work. Looks like it could be a very useful app.

someone found my curve, and returned it to the employees at the train station. i called my phone and they told me to go get it. im so happy.

Not so much on accuracy (most are hitting to the nose on my address which surprises me for being inside). Just when hitting Locate my BB, it seems to work occasionally. I'll get a popup notify of a "message" because of Aerize Alerts, but it doesn't show within a few minutes on the SmrtGuard site.

Overall though, a good program so far. It has some kinks to work out and some site bugs (and a few typo's and grammar issues but nothing horrible)

Pretty cool, the map search doesn't seem too accurate..yet just like google maps on the phone if your indoors it does the 2500 meter thing, i tried the phone finder very annoying tone but will help you find your phone...

i just noticed which could cause problems if your not careful you can set it so when you hold the menu button for 5 sec the phone will vibrate it can call 911, sms 911 or email a specific email with a set message for help or all 3 at the same time if set

It's not turned on by default (the emergency options). YOU have to turn it on. YOU have to set it to a number. If you turn it on and don't change anything, it's not the developers problem you didn't change it to something else.

Yes, I saw what you said =P I was just referring to the fact that if you enable it, you are acknowledging whatever it is you have in the field.

Is There an altenative to this app?... i mean it seens a great tool but i would like just the Self Destruction util, any input on this?

anyone else having a problem with the personal guardian? When i open it up I cant leave it. The back and close buttons dont work and the whole program is stuck there. Tried a battery pull didnt work. I sent in a bug report, but does anyone else have this issue?

Ok, now that it's done a partial backup, I am concerned about the information from my phone thats on their site b/c I can even use the program now. It wont open- just freezes!!! This is some BS!!!!

3rd time I am restarting my Curve!!

pretty cool app - installed on Verizon Curve 8330. had a few minor issues setting it up, but I think they were user (me) issues. Site would not accept the address at first then it did.

Will play with it more. Pricing?

Thank you

In my tests on three different phones two 8900s, and a Storm. The backup process won't fully complete (hangs at Call Log with "working" status.) I must do a battery pull to get SmrtGuard to stop hogging memory. Anyone have input? Nice little app since it's mostly a setup and forget utility -- if it only worked.

this is prob the single greatest app ever!!! (next to the CB app store :P) This is great. I can sneak up and steal my bb back. The audio ping is great too!!!!!!!!!! I wish i had it for many things like my ps3 controller tho.

I located it several times andi was hoping to see it show my address on google maps but it was way off. Like The red dot was somewhere i never heard off and the actual place where it is is like on the border of the circle on the map.

If you're inside or anything is above you, it will be off. GPS technology in general isn't perfect yet and requires a decent line of sight with the sky (same with a Satellite dish). I used it aiming it out my window and it was pretty accurate.

Tried it a few times.. Had my son take off with it and I located it.. Again he took off with it and found it again..

You, Sir are a brave man or a absolute lunatic! Either way, thank you for the test results! Did you experience any BB withdrawals?

I downloaded this mainly because I don't have a home phone so the pinging option is nice if I can't find my phone. However, it doesn't seem to work. I just get an e-mail...which speaking of, is there any way to stop the e-mails?
Anyone else having this problem?

Have emailed the software people to ask about the UK/Europe validation email thing. Hope they get back soon, this looks like a useful bit of software, if I can get it running fully!

The guys at SmrtGuard changed to accept Orange addresses.
Now, does it ever switch off? How much memory is it zapping just sitting idle without tracking on?

Loaded great and all is working but no simcard guard when i hit the BBkey. Found and set up the personal guardian but no simcard guard.

Nice program, easy setup, nice layout.

Looks like a sweet app but I don't hold too much sensitive stuff on my berry and don't really need to track it either. But this looks awesome for someone that would need it.


So - I set it up so that my parents can log in from their comp and view my location [give them peace of mind, lol]

My dad has a Pearl - is it possible for him to DL something [or a particular URL?] that he can DL/go to - to view my location from his phone? So that he/my parents don't have to be at an actual computer to do so?

I try to activate via my Pearl and the avtivation code doesn't fit. As soon as I add number, the field becomes too short, yet if I only enter letters, it is long enough.

When it opens up for you to input your activation code, for some reason it puts a space in at the beginning- therefore you cat input the last number or letter. Just backspace at the beginning.

it works nice but today i cant log in itried using password search by email address but it come back negative. but when i try to start a new account it says email address is already registered. i sent email like 4 hours ago no response.. would love to see what tracks l;ook like today.

Where exactly am I supposed to put the registration code? It says I"m supposed to enter it when prompted, but I've never been promted - on my phone or computer! But it still won't let me log in on the computer. So what exactly am I missing here?!

go into the app on your phone and select backup and it will then ask you for the registration code which will also enable you to login on the website

I installed this onto my 8130 BB Pearl, and it seems to work amazingly. I love the audio ping, I dont know how many times I've set it down beside my bed, and it ends up under the bed, or lost somewhere in the house. Rather then calling it (Cause I often have it on silent anyway).

As for the tracking, I have tried it from my house, got kinda where it was, but quite a few feet off, but I also have to expect that since I am indoors.

I actually have a question to the moderator of this app, does the locator use the actual GPS in the handset, or does it triangulate the device threw the towers? Or a combo of both? (8100/8120, 8300/8320 8220 do not have GPS so it would use triangulation, while the others use the onboard GPS?)

Nuke feature is nice. I have had a treo stolen... luckily returned as I always password it... but I had some pretty sensitive info on it. What does the nuke clear? Can it actually cause the device to go 507?

Awesome program, I probably would purchase this...

Oh, and a comment on the site. Someone said it was too basic, but I enjoy the simplicity. I may be a nerd, but I dont like things to be complicated when they dont have to be. And from a sales person's pov, I can easily pitch this to parents to get BBs for their children and be able to track them.

OOOKAY, enough said from me.

Peace out from K-Dot ON

Link Koriri

Loaded this afternoon, now my battery went from 75% to drained. Anyone else experiencing battery drain?

Also the backup process won't fully complete, hangs at Call Log with "working" status.

Ok so I downloaded this onto my storm 9530 and the app looks great. But when I am trying to use the features, im not getting anywhere. It has done a backup and all of that is loaded up on the web but when doing a track, it brings it up to some where at least a mile away. I have tried the autoping and nothing happens. Tried the test-self destruct nothing happens.

All permissions are on allow and I have done a batt pull any ideaS?

I, too, am having issues w/the backup stopping (w/the text, "Working..." on the SmrtGuard app) at Call logs.

This is even after a battery pull.

Much thanks to anyone who has a solution. Seems like a nice app to have around, provided it:
1) Works
2) Has a reasonable price point (bearing in in mind that most people will want to self-destruct as a courtesy to friends and family rather than truly "sensitive" info)

Yes, yes. I know. It's in beta! :)

I dont know know if i did something wrong but i tried to test my personal guard by emailing myself and nothing happened i pressed the menu button for 5 sec and all that happened what i got my program menu like i expected. No vibration or anything. This was something i was curious about that button gets pressed alot how does it know when its used for a panic button or just to pull up your programs that are running. Any Ideas anyone?

Well im sitting around playing a video game and about 10 to 15 after i pressed the menu button for 5 sec i get my test message. It never alerted me that it went through there is a major problem

Working perfectly on my the fact that if someone steals my Storm....I can find out where it is immeadatly...very handy app.

So far so good, but....

Does closing this app negate it's usefulness? Or is it one that should run all the time?

I'm on a Pearl, and a little worried about memory leakage/usage.

But, from what i've tested so far, this works GREAT.

I received error msg after downloading. Then it asked me to set permissions to allow. Works Great!
(9530 Storm .109)

Excellent app! Just hope this is NOT going to be subscription based pricing. I would be willing to pay a one time fee, but not willing to pay a monthly fee.

Been playing around with this all night while at work and I have to say that I enjoy it.

Some of the features in it are useful considering I work at night doing Security and the Personal Guardian is a great thing to have along with using a headset as I have it set to dial my dispatch if I have any problems and can easily hide a 5 second key press.

Plus the added feature of the automatic GPS Tracking available over the Internet is SWEET.

All in all a good program and now I'm just wondering what the price scale is going to be for it.

So far everything works. I mean everything works on it. I would pay for this in a heart beat. I lost it in my park during the dog show we are having. Went to the office and looked it up on the map. Then did the locate my bb. After that went to where it siad it was and someone came up to me and sid this phone is making a weird noise. Told them it was mine and asked where they found it. It was 10 feet from where it was on the map.

As far as the back up. It did everything but my e-mails which I do not keep on my phone after reading. Everything else was backed up on the site.

So all in all great program..

As someone mentioned earlier it won't let me set up on my O2-UK blackberry email which is - hopefully it will work soon.

Also tried the Personal Guardian - held down the Menu key for 5 seconds and nothing happens.... tried for longer still nothing happens... (using Bold 9000 -

I was so hopeful for this app. I downloaded it "four" seperate times but couldn't get it to work. It would either freeze up, or not back up all the areas. It would not do an auto-back up at the scheduled time and the special features like personal guardian didn't work at all. I sent a request for help, but never got a reply. I have now uninstalled it for good!!

I have not downloaded the beta and probably won't, as I don't have time to mess with it. But I would like to purchase it when it comes out with all the bugs worked out of it. I would pay $30-$50 for it.

I would use the audio ping a lot; weekly, if not daily. I would love having the peace of mind of the self-destruct. Being able to locate where I might have left it is a very nice feature. I travel alone a lot, so notifying others if I am in trouble is a very reassuring feature as well.

Looking forward to this app!

I played with it briefly yesterday. The location seems to be a little flaky as mentioned before, but for the most part it was pretty darn close. The ping feature worked. Haven't tried the self destruct. Only thing I find annoying is that BerryBuzz will continue to flash after receiving a command, even though the message was deleted by the app. A minor annoyance. I will have to watch the battery drain, though. The Bold's battery life is less than stellar anyway, being on a 3G network and having the high res screen, but if it drained considerably faster, I'd be hesitant to use this app. As far as pricing goes, I know Roblock is around $10-15. Others I've seen (maybe for other platforms) were in the $20-25 range. That higher end would be pushing it for me (especially with any drainage issues), but I think $20-25 would probably be the max I'd be willing to pay right now. Now, would this be a one time fee or some sort of ongoing subscription? (I always wonder with apps that require ongoing server connections as that is an ongoing cost for the author.)

Can we get support for the 8220, Ive got it running because it uses 4.6 but I cannot activate it, it freezes on the phone when I try.

A few points. I couldn't get the Personal Guard test e-mail to send. Also, on my Backup, it gets to Events and freezes. No backup of Events, Call Logs or Mail. Also, very interested in pricing. As noted by others, I would probably pay a one time purchase price, but no way would I pay a monthly subscrition price.

Got it working on the Verizon Storm.. all tooo well.. =\

I accidentally held onto the Blackberry button too long and it sent out the personal guardian email and text (thank goodness, not the phone 911) which I had already set up. Remember, storm owners had issues with the blackberry key's length of time to activate the Switch Application menu (or the menu that pops up containing apps running in the background).. and yeah, so that window popped up and my phone vibrated... and lo, and behold, i received the copies of the sent emails.. and i had to tell my friends not to respond to a false alarm.. perhaps they can make that length longer or possibility of customized button(s) to activate the personal guardian..

I think I'll wait until the official non-beta version is released. I am willing to pay for it for sure, it's a must have for every Blackberry user!

Yes it works in Canada, at least is does in Edmonton.....Still part of Canada the last time I checked eh!

I just downloaded and activated this ap...This Program is Un Freeking Believable! I hope I never have to use it to its full potential...this is a mast have application for those that have a lot of information on their phone.

Just loaded and test on my 8350i and it works flawlessly so far. Great product, sure beats the "GetitBack" app I currently use.

I installed the app pretty flawlessly. I cannot get it to ping me, and I have no menu item for the sim card guardian. I have emailed support and hopefully they can help me. My main issue though, as it backed up my data - how secure is this company, and their web site? Can I delete the info if I don't like the site, or the service? Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks.

I sent an email to support. I'd like to know also how do I get my info off of their site. This app does me no good. Once in the app, if I do anything else, the entire phone locks up and only a battery pull will get me going again.

I think I've pulled the battery enough and now I'm just so ready to pull the plug!

I keep getting an error message saying my activation code is invalid... They only sent me one code and it doesn't work...

What the hell damn guy!

I've gone through the process twice to get it to work

This sucks!

It is useless to me id I cannot activate it... Maybe when the beta test is over, I'll try again, but for now... Im done wasted too much time today on this product

I downloaded and activated okay. It hung during the call log part of the backup. Kept seeing the hourglass for a few seconds every few minutes until it got to the point that it froze my 8330. Battery pull and it hung again a few hours later. Deleted it and the problems went away. Plenty of free memory while running the app so that wasn't an issue.

I think I'll wait until the bugs are worked out.

Love this app but a battery killer for me. hopefully they can get that fixed. drained it 75% in a few hours and then with a full charge had it to 20% in a few hours. No other program going.

I'd say go for a penetration strategy. If your going for a cash flow model, $5 a month and it's a no brainer, I'd sign up right now. It's like insurance. Pay as you go. Everyone with a BB should have it for that rate. Anything much more than that and I'd probably take my chances. If your going for a 1 shot fee, I'd pay up to $50 bucks. Even though it would be cheaper than a monthly rate, it's just easier to make a decision on a much smaller amount.....just my couple of cents...

This is a hell of a program. Does all that but im sure that'll cost a a pretty peny but well worth it!!

I consider myself rather tech savvy, so following the instructions was a no brainer. After everything was set up, I proceeded to do a backup. Currently, I am missing plenty of contact- they're on my phone but for the life of me, I have no idea why they didn't back up.

Taken from their own website- " I have pictures in my contacts, do they get backed up as well?

A4: Yes, they do. In fact, in the "Contact Tab" within the website, you can actually see the individual contact pictures."

I can tell you right now, in my "contact tab" NONE of my contact pictures are here. Absolutely NONE!! As a matter of fact, the contact I said are missing ARE ALL the contacts who have a picture!

I've done the backup several times and all results have been the same.

It claims that it can OTA sync contacts / memos / task / events / call logs / auto text and emails.

Call logs, auto text and emails did NOT get backed up.

Now, the possibility of me doing this wrong is slim to none- not that I'm perfect :) it's just nothing on the users end to screw up.

I'm sorry; I forgot to add that the location of my BB is no where near where I live! I could see calling the police for help- it'd be me they lock up for thinking I'm playing around.

If it cant get the location of my phone correct, what good is the 911 feature? Instead of sending a message to the correct recipient, I see it going to the White House first.

Looks like a very useful app, however, when it attempts to backup my contacts, it seems to find all 79 of them properly, however, when it attempts to upload them, it says "Uploading 50" and then dies. I tried reinstalling the app twice, and still no go.

When I try and log into this on the computer it says my login isnt valid, or my email address. But they already sent an email to that address with an invalid activation code??

Before you can log on u must activate it via your phone. Start up the program and enter the activation code. Once you do that, you will be able to log on.

Even though the registration/installation email says that it's "recommended" but "not required" to have a BB Email address, none of the most important features, i.e. ping, find phone work without one. That's too bad. While it seems like a very cool program, I don't think I will use it for that reason.

On top of that complaint, I just found a major flaw. You cannot set up the emergency dial on the phone. Holding the menu button for 5 seconds to get into the app center will also call 911 if you do. Ask me, I just did. So that's another unusable feature in it's current configuration.


Except during the backup. It gets to call logs and just sits...never finishes. Uninstalled and reinstalled and still doing it.

I unchecked it and it went to a "working..." status.

If I try to manually backup, it says "the work manager is busy, please try again later.

This never goes away, so I'm sure it's eating memory / battery.

I dont have a blackberry email account and I have no plans to get one, so, it appears, 80% of the features are not available.

The only one left that is of interest to me, remote backups, does not work. Contacts and emails will not backup. Both will say failed every time.

Set up account online. Received confirmation email. Clicked link and downloaded to device. Upon completion of download, got uncaught exception error. Ran program anyway. Program loaded, but no link to activate device in BB menu. Did a battery pull. Option to activate now appeared in the BB menu. Chose to activate, entered code provided in email. Code deemed "invalid." Retyped code. Carefully. Still deemed "invalid." Gave up.

BB Storm 9530, OS .103

I will buy this for the ota back up alone. The rest is a bonus. One big issue I'm having is when I try to set up the personal guardian I cant save and escape. I have to restart my berry. Then all the info is gone. Bit of a pain.

Tried this over a day and a half with Curve 8330 on Sprint. Locate, track, and audio ping do not work at all. All it does is send thousands of emails to two of my email accounts. The 'dashboard' thinks I'm in Palo Alto- I'm actually in Los Angeles. It seems to mess with the audio on my BB, too. None of my emails are making audible notifications anymore. I will try emailing them, but it seems like this program needs major work and should have stayed in private beta longer.

Also, crackberry is malfunctioning (again) - I login over and over and the very next click I am logged out automatically, thus I can't even leave comments while logged in. What's up, CB?

As for the price. Hope to see a life liscence. I wouldn't do the subscription and I upgrade my berry yearly.

A few things I would add to the service would be on-demand backup, maybe an 'add' feature for contacts, To-Do items, Memos, I'd kill to be able to write all that out on a PC and import it over the web.

Maybe add in alternate tones for the Audio Ping function (which caused a Prariedog effect today when I tried it at work).

And possibly caching the last good satellite fix it had before going into a building constructed to government EM shielding spec. :D

verizon curve 8330. Was able to use code (case sensitive) and once i rebooted, it stopped sending emails with html code and was able to locate and ping device.

how secure is the data backed up?

I installed this on my Bold ( and it froze/crashed my blackberry every day (at least once, sometimes twice). Everytime it came back up there was a Java error. I hit the self destruct to see how that worked and when it rebooted MY MESSAGE APP WAS GONE!!! I checked every folder and did show all and there was nothing...Very angry at this point...I cannot recommend anyone use this software, I have sent the support email a summary of everything that happened. At this point I am reloading the software from my PC as simply wiping the device from the security section of options did not bring back my messages.

I don't know if this happened to anybody else or not. When I downloaded this app everything went fine thru the install but the activation screen never came up to be able to activate my phone on their system. I sent them an email about this but I have not gotten a definitive answer as to what the problem is or how to fix it.

and activate it last night. Took lots of tries...had trouble with the invalid login on desktop many times. Finally was able to and was able to get on it on my BB; then it took awhile to get that activated. Played with it a little; looks like a really good app, but not sure if everything works yet. Found that "tracking" worked. Don't see much happening with "locate". Haven't played enough to really give a good revoew yet. Am thinking it will be prohibitively expensive when it is all working right....

This seems like a great app and would like to try but I cannot find any info about what country holds the info you back up. There isnt even an about page, a physical location of the offices. Maybe I will load this on my personal BB but not my work BB.

This is the best app yet. I am in the BETA and it gives me a piece of mind knowing my device has been backed up and can be wiped remotely if lost/stolen

A sprint tech rep lost all of my contact info. Thank god I got Smrt Guard three weeks before! All my contact info was safe.
Also nice to know that i can track my phone if i lose it.
Best app ever!!