SmrtClipboard - Get It Today For 50% Off

By Bla1ze on 15 Dec 2009 09:30 am EST

One of the mind boggling things about the BlackBerry OS is it's copy and paste functionality in some areas of it. Not all areas allow you to copy and paste all the information you may want to and in turn that often times has you copying one item, pasting then returning back to copy even more needed information. SmrtClipboard from SmrtGuard looks to offer a solution for this.

Features Include:

  • Copy multiple pieces of info into clipboard
  • Paste with visual clipboard
  • Get copy confirmation with a short, crisp sound confirmation
  • Copy from Email Application and Paste to Calendar, Memo Pad, ToDo Item, Call Notes.
  • No fuss, no setup. Just install and works!
  • 5 Day Trial 
Now you can grab Smrtclipboard for only half price when you use the coupon code "SMRTCLIP" and in addition to that if you grab SmartGuard monthly services today, you can get Smrtclipboard for free. Just add SmrtGuard to your cart and then add Smrtclipboard and the price will adjust automatically.

Reader comments

SmrtClipboard - Get It Today For 50% Off


Ermmm unless im blind or missing something...where do you exactly put in the coupon code??. Ive added it to my cart...inputted all my details but couldnt see anywhere where you put the coupon code??

EDIT: Nevermind i did it through my phone lol...great price $2 for a pretty useful app.

I am trying to enter the code in paypal at checkout and it states invalid code can anyone please advise

I installed twice, batt pulled twice for each install. Paste just would not work. Finally I tried pasting in the tasks app and it works fine.

I could not use SmartPaste in SMS or Email.

Did anyone else find this to be the case, or am I alone on this? I'm on a 9700 -

Seems like a great app if it works.

I am having the same issue with this app on my Bold 9700 with the lastest OS. It just doesn't work everywhere the default copy/paste does. For me it only copies text from E-mail and I haven't found a place where it will actually paste. When I try to copy some selected item with SmrtClipboard it brings up all the text in plain text view in the E-mail so I have to search, again I might add, for the part I want to copy. Why can't I just smrtcopy the selected text and have it automatically added to the clipboard. The less steps the better. This is worse than copying, pasting and then going back to copy again. So far this is a waste of my money. So far. Hope they update it soon.

Update: I just realised it says copy from E-mail to only a specific set of things in the description. Then they should just call Smart E-mail Clipboard since that seems to be the only place it will work. The copy/paste option is used everywhere, not only a specific set of programs. Guess I did waste my money and will have to buy another program.

Totally agree with your comments. Of very limited use. I've already uninstalled it as unless it works everywhere that the normal clipboard works then what is the point. waste of money.

Took advantage of the discount coupon. After using the app for the last few mintues I thinks its an awesome idea. But I find hard to implament in full html emails. When I say copy to smrtclip board, it first converts the email to raw html. It then becomes hard to see what you want to copy. Everything becomes jumbled up not keep spaces or gaps between the writing in the email.