SMobile Systems Releases Net Nanny Mobile

Net Nanny Mobile
By Bla1ze on 30 Nov 2009 02:19 pm EST

These days concerns for parents are high when their children have mobile devices. With the release of Net Nanny Mobile today, some parents can plan to be one step ahead of technology now. By utilizing the Parental Control Dashboard offered by Net Nanny Mobile, parents can easily and effectively gain insight into their children's mobile activities, as well as offering protection from the effects of device loss or theft. Net Nanny Mobile has some great features included with it.


  • GPS tracking using Google Maps.
  • Remote device backup, lock, wipe and restore.
  • Anti-virus and Anti-Malware scanning.
  • Communication Control features for filtering of calls and text messages 
  • View the content of Email, SMS and MMS messages on the phone.
  • View all pictures taken, sent and received by the device.
  • View logs of all voice conversations.
  • View the complete address book and all applications installed on the phone.
  • View phone location 24/7.

Quite a powerful set of features there for sure when used in the proper setting. Net Nanny Mobile is available now for only $29.99 on an annual subscription basis for one device and $14.99 for each device thereafter. Support and upgrades are free, and the next update will have internet browser filtering available as well.

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SMobile Systems Releases Net Nanny Mobile


I noticed that supported phones include the 8110/20/30 for AT&T, but not the same phone for that maybe because the GPS is locked on those older berries from Verizon?

Will work on my daughter's 8330 but not my son's 9530. Let me know when Storm support and Internet filtering are available. We'll talk then.

"Net Nanny Mobile is available now for only $29.99 on an annual subscription basis for once device and $14.99 for each device thereafter"

shouldn't it be "for one device and $14.99 for each device thereafter"

good find BTW i'll pass it on.

Great program... if you want to stalk your children instead of be good parents. If you don't trust your children enough to not look at their texts and GPS locations, you've messed up somewhere along the way... IMO

that you aren't a parent. this software isn't so much for your children as it is to monitor what their friends (peers) are trying to pressure them into doing etc. with this software you can see what they are being bombarded with and counter it with knowledge and teaching instead of aftermath and regret. my son is still a toddler but when he gets to the teenage years i intend to give him some liberties but i will be watching diligently what he does with it and teaching accordingly. i learned my lessons the hard way, i don't want him to have to do the same.

your son or daughter is going to be smarter than mom and dad. And we all have to learn the hard way. So teach them well, because when they are able to get out and about, even with this type of tech, it will be super easy to defeat it.

As for monitoring kids, the smart ones that are "into things" will just forward their phones to something like google voice, leave the "tracked device" at the trusted friends place or the "movies", and answer calls and text from their "ditch the folks backup device". And kids are doing that now with the GPS trackers you can get for cars, so don't think they wont do it with cell phones. So unless you are planning on surprise inspections of their whereabouts, to confirm their locations, the tech won't help much. IMHO

You know I see that happening more often than not. Great if you want to be able to remotely backup and wipe your phone. Yearly fee to do so is a bit steep, but a crazy EX, won't care about the price if they get to stalk the ex and anyone their ex meets.

@Dnomyar220 – Don’t knock it man! This is some pretty robust software. I just downloaded it for my phone and it seems pretty sweet. Installation was easy once I finally found the instructions (there is an “instructions” link next to their “download” link. Other than somewhat hidden/obscure installation instructions the actual installation/setup was quick and easy.

My only child is a toddler and so I’ve put this on my own phone. I have worried about losing all my data or having my phone stolen… won’t have to worry any longer though. This Net Nanny app allows me to locate my lost/stolen phone, backup it’s contents, and wipe it if necessary. I’m still playing with it so I haven’t tried all that out but I’m guessing it’s all got to work like they say it does.

Of course I won’t use any of the “big brother” tech, like the features that allow me to spy on… myself?… but I still think it’s cool it’s there. Heck, as nosy as it might be, parents should be able to communicate boundaries with their children and then enforce it if necessary. As harmless as most people think PRON is I really don’t buy it. It killed my friends marriage and I’m sure it would hurt mine if I was into it.

Seems more like an adult type spy ap, since non of the phones supported are what you would give your typical 'kid'. Only Rim, droid, winmo, etc.

Put it on a cheapo flip phone, and game on, til then.. another crapware product.

Is there anything that warns the user that this program is on the phone? If not then it will not be just parents using it. When I was in tech support for Verizon, I often received calls from customers wanting to download Chaperone to their phones but annoyed that Chaperone alerted the user they were being tracked. All I can say is if your spouse presents you with a new phone out of the blue, be VERY careful.