More free fun BlackBerry 10 gaming with Smash Hit

By James Richardson on 25 Jul 2014 05:43 am EDT

I found another great time killing game that works on BlackBerry 10 when I was digging around in the Amazon Appstore. Smash Hit can be downloaded for free - which we all like and it's quite a little beauty. I took a look at it in Google Play where it has over one million five star reviews so I guess I'm joining those folk that have fallen in love with the game.

The idea is to smash your way through a beautiful futuristic dimension, smashing obstacles and targets in your path. This is done by launching balls at the obstacles - which will be mainly glass or crystal. You only get a certain amount of balls so you'll need to use them wisely and there is a counter at the top of the display which you'll need to keep an eye on.

There are bonus items you can pick up along the way to help you and the aim of the game is just to to complete as many levels as you can. It takes a little practice at first to get the hang of things when it comes to aiming, but once you have judged how far the balls will travel it's a load of fun.

The best news with Smash Hit is that you can play it on whatever BlackBerry device you have. I used the Z3 initially, but then loaded it onto my Q10 where the gameplay was just as good.

If you fancy a new game to pass the time this one's well worth downloading. Let us know your thoughts in the comments?

Download Smash Hit/Learn how to install apps from the Amazon Appstore

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More free fun BlackBerry 10 gaming with Smash Hit


Can I download the amazon app store onto my Q5?? So it's the same as a BlackBerry app store?

Yeah you can install it through the apk and then look for apps and games. When 10.3 will be out, the amazon appstore will be 'preinstalled' on devices ;)

Sorry my friend but that's not true. There is an app in BlackBerry World called Search for Amazon by S4BB. It's certified Built for BlackBerry. I've tried it and it works very well. But there is no native Amazon app.

Posted via CB10

I thoroughly hate ports.

Question: will there ever be a native app for Amazon App world?

Posted via my sexy all black Q10SQN100-3/

native Blackberry apps in Amazon ANDROID apps??? ROTFLMAO.... Thanks for my friday morning laugh.... Not a fat chance in hell, that's why we have blackberry world!!!

I think the question is will they ever make the Amazon app store itself into a BAR file? I'm guessing not but it might be preloaded on new 10.3 devices thanks to their new deal with BlackBerry.

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Thank you for understanding my question.

I agree, now that the deal has been struck a native app might me in the horizon.

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I thought all android apps from the amazon app store will be in BlackBerry world

Loving my Q10 and Z10 and waiting to try out my Z30 when I get home next week

Either they believe in their Android app compatibility and rely on it --> no native app, maybe a (modified, enhanced?) port into BBW or pre-installed on the device, even a cheap web-link ("app-icon") to the unmodified apk would do

they don't believe and make a real"native" bar app (Cascades, etc) --> will incur additional cost to produce and maintain, but that would be kind of contradictory ("free Bible booklet if you subscribe to the 'Rolling Stone' magazine", or "install tons of Android apps via our Built for BlackBerry certified native portal" in that case). Economically, they're better off investing in making it run properly, and spending the dollars on improving the Android runtime....

Pasted via CB chen

I can always count on CrackBerry to have fresh content on the site, when I wake up from my slumber. What up, James?

Never heard about this game till now.
But after I tried it, I have to say it's extremely addictive, and beautifully designed.
So thanks for sharing this with us.
This free version is not allowing continuing progress from checkpoints, it requires in-game purchase, but nevermind, it's still a beautiful game.

Posted via Berry the Black

Yes been that way for a bit now. I guess they don't want to make any sales.
CB app is not very good. Most of the paid higher uppers here use other devices then BlackBerry phone's so I guess they don't realize it doesn't work in their app. Anyway always have a look at Amazon before you pull the trigger.

James thanks for the heads up on this game it's a good one. I don't play to much but this one is good.

Take care.

I'm tired of hearing about BlackBerry and it's lack of apps, now we have amazon apps but I don't want non-BlackBerry apps!

It's not normal to use outside sources when security is important, total let down and now no music/video in BlackBerry World...(pissed customer)!

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

Dear BlackBerry we are fed up that all great apps are just available on apple and android, why can't we have a decent Facebook app?

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It doesn't work on my Z10. I have tried downloading it from Google play store as well as from 1 Mobile market. There is no error during the installation but as soon as I start the game I get "Unfortunately Smash Hit has stopped" error. Can anyone please help?

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The download from Snap crashed on my Z10 but the one from Amazon works fine. Make sure you have deleted the Google Play app and try the Amazon download. Not sure of the difference between apps.

Google Play version uses Google Play framework, the Amazon version does not. The Android version is also much newer. than the Amazon version.

I can't use Amazon appstore cos no payment method is supported for my country. Even when it's a free app, they ask for a payment method. Downloading the game from Snap doesn't work. :'(

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What a stupid fkn uninformed comment. This is nothing like Angry Birds and is infinitely superior. Get it together.

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Z30 - Mine would not work either using snap, if you already downloaded the file from snap, go delete the .apk file for the game.

Go to the Amazon site and get the Amazon App Store link e-mailed to you. Open the e-mail click the link and download Amazon App Store, search game and install, play, works fine.


For those using Snap, I was not able to make this app work when installed this route. I was able to play when installed using Amazon App Store.

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I had no problem downloading from the Amazon App on my phone. The incomparable Z30. I was even able to download the Premium addition.

What I like about this game is the great sound of smashing glass!

Smash! Smash! Smash!

I will not get in trouble with the law for the wanton disregard for property either. I even get rewarded with more balls to smash with!

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I know, feels like I am doing something destructive. Starts moving faster too, love it. Considering the pro version right now, could play it for hours.


Just love the realism of the sfx of the breaking glass !! It has had me addicted on Android for a while.. Cool seeing BB users getting in on some of these games..

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App! from my Samsung Galaxy Express i437p

Smash hit is the most addicting game ever. But what about grand theft auto on the BlackBerry. It's on the amazon store. Lol

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This game has really nice visuals, and the physics on it are cool. Great free download, and works perfectly on the Q10

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