Time to enforce the law with Smash Cops for BlackBerry 10

Smash Cops
By James Richardson on 10 Aug 2013 11:55 am EDT

We first looked at Smash Cops when It became available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. BlackBerry Z10 owners can now also download the game and it's one not to be missed. I fell in love with it on the PlayBook and became totally addicted - in fact I'd say it's still my favorite game on the tablet. With sirens wailing and blue and red lights flashing - Smash Cops is likely to suck you in too!

Smash Cops is all about driving a police car and completing a wide range of different missions. Once you launch the game for the first time you'll be taken through a quick tutorial of how to control the car and perform smashes. This is essential as the game is quite unique as far as I have found. The best way to describe the controls is to imagine looking down on the car from above. You then touch the BlackBerry display behind the police car which will make it accelerate. You then slide left and right to perform turns which does take a bit of getting used to, but you soon pick it up. There is an option to use a virtual joy pad but I don't find this as easy to control the car for some strange reason.

If you are chasing a 'bad guy' you can crash into him at any point, but to inflict maximum damage you need to touch the top of the screen which will make you perform a 'Ram'. Although unlimited, you need to wait a short while before you can ram again so you need to time things right. Smashing into the side of a bandit car is going to do more damage than from the rear so you need to get into the right position before making the strike.

As well as chasing the felons you need to ensure you don't crash into too many civilian cars. Your police car has a small green life bar above it which you don't want to let deplete. Also, smashing into other police cars won't do you any favors as when you complete a mission you will be awarded stars, but they will be deducted for 'cop smashes'.

There are 20 missions to complete after the tutorials and they all vary in some way. In some you will need to pursue a car or cars - others will require you to get to a certain point within an specific time and there's even a driving course where you must avoid hitting the cones. They are all as exciting as each other which makes the game so addictive.

As you progress through the levels you will get promoted and other cars will become unlocked. You start with a patrol car but can then move up to a Cruiser, an Interceptor, an Enforcer and then finally 'Brutus' which is a SWAT van. Once all are unlocked you'll need to decide which vehicle is best for each mission if you want to get 5 stars in all of them. Although the Brutus may be strong and powerful, it isn't the quickest car you have so you'll need to weigh up the pro's and con's of each police vehicle in your garage.

If you're looking for a fast paced action game with wonderful graphics and game play it doesn't get much better than Smash Cops. The game will cost you £2.00/$2.99 and if you ask me that's a small price to pay for the hours of action to be had.

If you give it a try feel free to sound off in the comments. Don't blame me though if you can't stop playing it!

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Time to enforce the law with Smash Cops for BlackBerry 10


Quick question, do you have to purchase twice if you want it on both the z10 and PlayBook? I would want it on my phone, however my son would love this game as well, but he doesn't use my phone, only my PlayBook.

If you purchased it before on the PlayBook, then you can just download it.

Posted via my Z10 on busted AT&T

I may sound cheap but I simply can't see myself spending $2 here, $3 on another game, and $2 on an app. We need more free stuff. Or maybe BlackBerry should give away a free game every week like apple and IGN.com does. I simply already have an Xbox 360 so I simply don't see a point in buying mobile games

Posted Via My Most Used BlackBerry App

$2.99 is too much to spend on an app? What do you spend on coffee a day? Cigarettes? Junk food snack you know you shouldn't be eating? Your phone is a mobile computer that is on you pretty much 24/7 and you will have for (typically) at least 18 months. $3 pales in comparison. It's bit more than a penny a day for a year. I've paid for more apps than ever in my life in the short amount of time I've had my Z10. If you want quality apps you have to pay. There are tons of free crappy apps in BB World.

People buy Mobile games because as you said it's only a dollar or two every so often... instead of the console where it is $60-$70 every time you want to buy a new game.

So for every game you buy for your 360 you get 30+ apps and games on mobile... seems totally reasonable to me, actually I would say other than hard core gamers why would anyone buy console games at that price anymore

Posted via CB10

There's a huge difference. I can play my console without my battery dying. I can play my console games online with my friends. I can party chat with my friends even of they're not playing the same game.
I use my phone for communications. I have enough free games on my iPod Touch that BlackBerry charges for. So buying games for me is worth the $60 charge. That's IF you don't use company discounts

Posted Via My Most Used BlackBerry App

So you dont think much of the developer who spend time writting this programs? Your willing to spend $60 for a console but you think a mobile game coder should get $0?

I keep on spending 2 here and 3 there to support devs who support BlackBerry even though I am not playing most of the games.

Posted via CB10

This game is sick. Wtf is a few bucks people? I only work 3 days a week, got bills coming out my ass, and barely get by. But i dont give a F$+k. I wanna enjoy my new BlackBerry and try out fun games. So what if I can't afford it or shouldn't be spending my money. Theres too much in life to worry and be miserable about. And I'm not gonna complain like you jerkoffs. Enjoy yourselves and your awesome bb10 device. Be happy. , and let your worries go

Posted via my Zzzeeyeaahh Baby

The only things we HAVE to do in life are die and pay taxes. Everything else is optional.

If u wanna buy the game, buy it. If u feel it should be free then don't buy it.

While the 10 and BBRY get to where they need to be, we should be happy with the devs we DO have and show some love. We got better games now than we the 10 started anyway. Just sayin...

Posted via CB10

If BB would like to be in the Mobile Game they need to release more free stuff. Compare with AppStore or Droid, BB World is overpriced. May sound cheap but spending $2 here, $3, $5 on game and apps that are free in other platforms don't make any sense.

Why are so much Games not available on my Q10?!? -.-'
Does anyone now how to solve this problem?!

Posted via CB10