SmartWiFi now 50% off - 25 copies to be won

By ObiGeorge on 9 Dec 2010 02:08 pm EST

SmartWiFi is a great app to save battery power on your BlackBerry. It combines your WiFi data and location (by using cell towers) to determine your WiFi hotspot locations. When you are not in these locations, SmartWiFi will turn your devices WiFi off. This saves a tremendous amount of battery, that would normally be spent searching for a WiFi signal.

If you use your devices WiFi frequently, SmartWiFi is a must, especially if you find your devices battery not making it through the day. It is now on sale for $4.99 (normally $9.99) at the CrackBerry App Store. It is compatible for all devices running OS 4.6 and up.

Contest: We have 25 copies of SmartWiFi to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

More information and download of SmartWiFi

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SmartWiFi now 50% off - 25 copies to be won



I've tried it but this app doesn't even work. The guys at S4BB make crappy software, and software that doesn't even do anything usefull. Go back to your themes you third rate HACKS!

The problem is that all apps like this use your tower to determine you location.

In my area, there is only one tower for any given network. You have to drive 20 minutes out of town to find another tower. That means that whether I'm at home, at work, at the store, etc., I'm always on the same tower. So Wifi would always be on, using battery to run wifi AND the app.

Now if an app like this used GPS instead, it would actually be useful. I'd set it to turn wifi off outside of 50yards from my house.

Until then, an app for it is just a waste of battery.

I'd love to win a copy of this! I didn't used to use Wifi as much, but not that I'm listening to more podcasts on my BB I don't want to use my mobile data.

I've always eyed this app, seems like it would be quite useful for a UMA warrior like myself. Just could never stomach the $10 cost when I make it through (almost) every day with juice left to spare.

However, I have recommended it to my colleagues that have a smaller battery then the Bold. So if I got a copy for myself then I'd probably chat about it more as well. :)

(Maybe first too?) - Hell no, if it takes more then 5 seconds to write the post... Forget it! :)

This is a must-have app for me.

There are only a couple of places I go where there is wifi, one being my house, so to have it on the rest of the time is a waste.

Great app to solve this problem and save on battery life to boot! :-)

There is one major fault with this app that everyone that uses it should be aware of. If your phone is connected to WiFi and you shut it off or your phone automatically shuts off, Smart WiFi will keep the WiFi radio portion active. You will still receive emails and hear the email chime (if setup) even though your phone is off. Took me a while to figure out what was going on. Just be aware.

It really is a pain, especially if you're asleep and an alert goes off. Deal-breaker, had to delete it. Customer Care told me they would correct it with an update which they haven't yet.

It sounds like a great application and if you are like me and always forget to turn off the WiFi connection when you don't need it; it is a must have application.

I live for WiFi sites. This app will keep my phone happy, consuming only when signals are available. thanks!

Crackberry guys, I need this sooo much I can't explain work and my home is so near and I travel to home and backward to work maybe 5-6 times per day couse my little doughter -:))),, so I need this to safe my battery draining ......

Ty for the opportunity !!!!

Question: Does having WiFi on really use up that much battery life? I'm wondering if this has improved at all with OS6. Thoughts?

i love crackberry and all there contest and please pick me because i have the curve and and the battery drains out so i guess this is the problem im having

What an awesome app this would be with internet spotty in some areas I travel in the city having the wifi go on and off when it needs to would be great.

Smart WiFi would work great with the new BlackBerry Podcast. Whenever Smart WiFi connects your Podcasts are automatically updated.

With WiFi at home, here in the office, and roaming on NJ Highways between Optimum hot spots, this app would be perfect for my Bold 9650

Just what the Dr ordered.... I'm on the road for my job and at times I know there are "hot spots" around, but its a pain to have to turn on WiFi on and off to save my battery.... This would be very nice to have.

As I am always forgetting to charge my battery, so if this will make the already great 9700 battery last even longer then that's all good.

Leads to increased Camera ReBoot issues. Don't take my word for it though. Check the forums and check it out yourself. If it doesn't, its a great app to have. Had to delete it from my phone for that reason

Good to know, I thought it might be QuickLaunch.
Something else, when you power off the device and someone sends an email, you hear the alert eventhough the device is still off; not good if you're asleep, so you have to "deactivate" it every night hopefully you don't forget.

I just got my 8530 and since I've had it I go through 3 batteries a day, not that I mind but it would be nice to not have to swap out my battery and wait for it to reboot.

I am new to the world of a wifi enabled phone and am already hooked. This would make it even better and also a nice x-mas gift from CB.

I would love to have this app. It would prevent me from turning wifi on/off (and occasionally forgetting and adding to the battery drain). turn off my wifi when I leave the house killing valuable battery life on my storm2. I need this. Thanks and merry Christmas!


I would love the app for my 9800. I always forget to turn off wifi when I leave my house. When I use my bb is when I notice my battery is half gone. Please please can I have one.

LOL that was awesome. Left Convenience key (QuickLaunch) + TW, quickly toggles for me though. After you do it all the time its not so hard to remember.

I'd like to try out this app. I have my Wifi on all the time, so would like to know how much battery life this can save. Thanks :)

would love to have it on my blackberry bold 9700! a must use app for every bb!
thanks CB :)
and gluck all!