SmartWiFi Automatically Turns Off WiFi to Save Battery Life

By Adam Zeis on 5 Jan 2010 01:19 pm EST

If you are a power user that constantly feels the drain WiFi can put on your battery, SmartWiFi from S4BB may be just what you need. The app combines cell tower and Wifi data and automatically turns off WiFi when you aren't in a "hotspot area". The app remembers your locations (home, office, etc) and shuts down WiFi when you aren't in a service area to save on battery life. When you arrive at a known hotspot, the app powers up WiFi again allowing you to reconnect. The app features:

  • Saves battery by turning off WiFi when not needed.
  • Remembers the WiFi locations you use.
  • Up to 100 WiFi locations supported!
  • Powers WiFi back on when you are back at WiFi coverage.
  • Saves battery by avoiding to constantly check for available WiFi hotspots.
  • Displays useful information: BSSID, SSID, Data Rate, Radio Band & Signal Level.
  • Supported mobile devices: GSM / GPRS, CDMA and iDEN.

Check out the video above for a quick look at how the app works. SmartWiFi is on sale for just $4.99 through January 29th (regularly $9.99) in the CrackBerry App Store and is available in App World.

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Reader comments

SmartWiFi Automatically Turns Off WiFi to Save Battery Life


What drugs are these developers using? This app should be .99. On sale for 4.99? Seriously? Seriously?! FAIL.

Common Craft originally makes the "something in Plain English" videos. This is such a rip-off of their idea.

I purchased Wifi Hero right after the reviews and it definitely needs some work. I will wait and just manually use my QL toggle for now, this is too much for me. Nice review though

I've been using it for about a week now, and honestly have to say it does help my battery life a bunch. I'm sure crackberry will hold a contest/giveaway for people get ready. If you're not into contest, I'd say grab it now while it's on sale. But, this is only an opinion.

Funny, because the Blackberry does not constantly search for Wi-Fi signal. Search is user initiated. Wi-Fi will not impact battery life as many suggest or think. Mine is on 24/7 with no battery impact. These people are simply trying to rob people.

I totally agree with you. I leave my wifi on all the time, and I can still get a full day with super heavy usage. $4.99 does not justify the price. If it was .99 or even 1.99 I would probably get it.

This is one thing I do like about the Storm - that the network connection stuff (and thus the WiFi on/off part) is easy to access and is always right there, from the Home Screen, and in either portrait or landscape as well. Just a tap up there in the right, hit the WiFi part of the popup, and -poof- it is off (or on). Saved myself a little coin.

Sure I get the point of an app like SmartWiFi but I'll say that the way the Storm UI works negates the need to have such an app.....

Just my thought.

To think that RIM engineers haven't already optimized for this is a bit of a leap. I think they are scamming people. And the fact that they are asking $10 for this?

I don't think apps like this are for more advanced users, believe it or not there are thousands of people that don't know all of the functions of their phones. You've seen it plenty times within the forums, this app would help someone who doesn't know how to turn it off manually...sure they can find out by asking but some have too much pride to ask.

Come on dude; buying, installing and setting up this app cant be as easy as turning wifi on and off. I appreciate your thought, but this is a rip off and the "sale" price is an insult to our collective intelligence.

I hope you only paid 4.99.

This app needs a free trial..
Not going to spend that much $ for it without first trying it... Have tried other 'auto wifi' that turn it on based on location that didnt.. Want proof it works for me before spending that kind of $ for the app...

I purchased this program a week or two ago for my Sprint Blackberry 8530 that has wifi. First off the initial release didn't even work on CDMA, which they didn't state, and App World said it worked and let me pay and download it for 4.99 I then sent about 4 e-mails complaining and about 7 days later they e-mailed me back with a new version (1.5.0 I think) and installed and downloaded it only to be let down again.

The program works partially, but does not turn off wifi EVER! I'm an experienced blackberry user and I've tried all the little tricks of install, re-install, battery-pull, and such.

Basically the program will connect to your wifi connection that you set up when you come into range of the cell tower you use while geographically located to your wifi. However when you leave that location - and go even many miles away - say 60 miles, the wifi will not turn off.

I'm really mad about this and I have to manually turn my wifi off myself. I have e-mailed the company a few times about it not working properly and there only reply to is re-install it. So LAME!

Don't waste your $5 bucks.

Unless someone knows how to get it to work correctly, then pass.

I do wonder if the wifi logo is up in the corner, is your phone searching for a wifi connection? I'd say it has to be.

$10 for this junk?

The BB doesn't actively scan for WiFi networks.
RIM has already optimized this for probably the longest battery life already.

It's shameful that RIM has twice the market share as Apple yet the iPhone passed 3,000,000,000 app downloads today. If RIM and the App World want to even survive 2010, we better get loads of real quality apps stat.

I would actually be all over this if I had any other phone, but after owning the 9700 for less than a month now I have no problems with wifi and battery life. The 9700 battery life is amazing!

Completely agree. Have only had my 9700 since monday but, obviously, haven't put it down since. Wifi has been on all this time to use home spot but I've been all over the place - also places with no network coverage at all. Not only is the phone a mind reader - so intuitive - but the battery just keeps going strong. Don't think I'll bother with this app.

Lots of comments complaining about the app price, don't blame the developers, it's not easy making a BB app as you should know by now. It's not easy make ONE app that works flawlessly across TWENTY (15+) different devices with slightly different OS versions...reminds me of PCs, lol.

In regards to the app, to be honest, this is something BBs should have been doing out the box a long time ago with WiFi enabled devices. Here's hoping RIM buys these guys and implements it as a standard. In theory though, sounds like a great app.

I pretty much leave WiFi on 100% of the time, and don't have any issues with WiFi "draining my battery." RIM has put considerable effort into optimizing their radio code for maximum battery life.

If you think WiFi is draining your battery, you probably have a commonly used network name (SSID) setup in your BlackBerry's WiFi profiles. (such as linksys, NETGEAR, etc.) Your BlackBerry will see those networks frequently as you move around town and waste battery trying to connect to them.

I've honestly known for the longest time that people are stupid. But this honestly just takes it to a whole other level. In all honesty, how hard is it to scroll to the manage connections icon and turn wifi off? you would rather spend $10 of your hard earned money on possibly the most useless app ever designed? you might as well just leave that $10 in a dumpster and hope that a bum finds it.

To get angry and hurl personal insults at people just because they value convenience more than you borders on antisocial. Perhaps if you learned people skills, $10 wouldn't be so hard for you to earn.

This feature should come standard in the OS. I hate when I have to buy an app to do something that just makes 100%, obvious sense.

if your not smart enough to turn the wifi off in ur managed connections then you should not have a blackberry. what a way to rob ppl of their 5 bucks way to go smrt..

This app fits my needs well I would say. Kind of a "fire and forget" thing. Not that I use WiFi all that much but for when at home, but to date the program has done what it claims to do.

Does the app automatically establish the connection or does it just turn on the wifi radio.

If it automatically establishes the connection - then it would be a great app as I can't figure out how to get my Storm2 to automatically connect between two different hotspots (work and home) I always have to scan and connect.

It would be nice if it also could toggle 3G (based on holster status, time of day, location, or running apps). 3G really drains the battery compared to WiFi.

The high price and the lack of a free trial are the deal killers for me.

Seems like if you keep your Wifi set to Single Profile Scanning, you won't have a problem with battery life.

But - if you are like me and use multiple hotspots (home/work) and turn off Single Profile Scanning, your battery will go dead much faster.

That is where this program comes in handy.

On the 9550 it does not turn off wifi when 5-10 miles out of range of the access point even if you are out of range for an hour. It also remains open even if you click "Deactivate SmartWifi". Unless you deactivate it, it will turn your wifi on even if you manually turn off wifi. I asked for a refund.

PS: If you look at the BB documentation the Storm2 WILL continue to scan for networks unless you shut wifi off!

S4BB sent me an update which is still 1.5.0 and it now works. Not as close to my network as I'd like since it shuts off/turns on within 2 miles but since I have 9 cells that I connect to while on my network the 2 miles makes sense. Be patient wih S4BB. They are in Japan so the response time is a bit slow due to the 14hr time zone difference.

I had Smart Wifi installed on my Verizon Bold and when I would try to use the camera the phone would reboot. Removed Smart Wifi and phone back to normal.Wrote to Smart Wifi about this as it was also posted on other forums. They replied that they were aware of the issue. Have not heard from them since.

S4BB is the master of having known issues that basically make the app useless to some phones. They still mark them as compatible though, so they can continue to sell them to people with those phones.

I will not buy anything again from S4BB. (Unless they really change things around)

yea while ostensibly convenient you can manually just turn wifi on/off really no need for app though I would consider because AT&T charges for data and wifi is unlimited no charge for usage. Cant consider paying for the price IT AINT THAT SERIOUS!!! i concur with former comments....dude this bb apps just dont compare to droid or the iphone you should be selling this for a dollar esp simplistic ones as this.