Smartwatch Fans Podcast 00 - Ground Zero!

By Adam Zeis on 3 Jan 2014 02:31 pm EST

In our inaugural episode of the Smartwatch Fans podcast, Kevin, Phil Nickinson of Android Central and Rene Ritchie of iMore join me for a quick podcast to get things started. Unlike our last podcast where I could barely get a word in, Kevin didn't talk over me too much on this one so I couldn't resist posting it. There's plenty more to come, but for this round we talk about the launch of, our recent visit with Pebble as well as what to expect from CES for smartwatches (LOTS).

You can find the feed below and subscribe in any way you choose, then give this one a listen and let us know what you think in the comments! Be sure to head over to for all the smartwatch news you can handle!




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Smartwatch Fans Podcast 00 - Ground Zero!


But until they mature and reach their potential they will continue to be a very niche market. Also they need to be smaller. I really don't want something that big one my wrist. It will come with time I'm sure....

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Apparently, big is in. I prefer thin watches, but the trend these days is large chunks of blingtastic metal with half a dozen dials. If they can make a thin, elegant smart watch, with bb10 support I would be interested.

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I agree. It's a silly gimmick.

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I can see the 'value' in smart watches, but not in a sense that it will be a big market. I do think it could be a niche market with certain potential (read: revenue). Entertaining nonetheless! Keep it up

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Yea I'm beginning to get frustrated seeing the smartwatch articles on CB. I won't ever wear one and that's all there is to it. I sometimes miss a feature (dumb) phone where life is much more simple and my phone doesn't need charging but every 4 or 5 days.

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I thought Pebble was only for ios and android?? So it will work with bb10 as well?

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When the aliens come from the Pacific Rim and blast off an E.M.P blast cutting all digital least my analog quartz watch will still be working.

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Lol! I know....that was pretty random. I just saw Pacific Rim and loved it.

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Total waste of time and space but that's just my humble opinion. Maybe these guys know something I don't. I just can't see a logical future in this though

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You are probably right, the most logical technology to replace both, smartphone and smart watch would be smart glass .

But in the meantime time let's have some smart watch toys to play with.

I'm thinking of patenting a smart condom, never want to miss another text, phone call or tweet.

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You have those that dont wear watches and those that do. Those that dont wear wont by and those that do wear are split to cheap, not so cheap and expensive.

The gullible lower classes will think this is a great thing to have due to marketing (look at iphone) however can you really see people giving up their tag, acurist,rolex,brightling etc?

So with the mass market at the lower end of the evolutionary scale all we'll be looking at is continued dumbing down tech and a wasteful draw down on natures commodities in building and shipping these.

What benefit do these provide?

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Most crackberrians seem to agree that smartwatches are a passing fad at best. Not sure what management knows that we don't.

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No, you don't get the point!!!
In the podcast didn't you see the poster behind Adam?
It was a poster from back to the future, and look closely, the actor is looking at a watch!!!

Bet it was a smart watch too.


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I'm not allowed to use my phone at work. Can leave my phone out of sight and see text and email on my arm. I might be able to use one at work, but that's about it.

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Depending on the industry and environment, if I was responsible for phone policies in the work place and had determined that smart phones were banned, not dumb phones, the same policy would apply to smart watches since it's the distraction factor I'd be looking to curb. Obviously, there's many different environments which means each would have to be assessed on its own merits.

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The way some of you give your 2 cents about smartwatches are what majority of the people say about BlackBerry. Obviously one of the biggest neg about BlackBerry is that they can't do everything that iOS and Droid can and here we are trying to ride that wave and it's getting knocked on... Sure it's for some and not for all, as our phones. It's just great to have this option.

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I'll be a lower if someone wants to send me one. I mean I wouldn't want anyone to tarnish their e-image. :)

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Congrats Adam on your new venture. Interesting to find out the history of Smart watch development has deep Waterloo connections. Did BlackBerry pass on it or how come they didn't invest in the early stage development? Obviously he was looking for funding.

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I remember Kevin talking about where his nice rolex was stolen off his wrist in France. Kevin got the watch back but had to kick some ass and deal with police. Maybe a smart watch won't be so desirable to thieves.


Maybe even more so for identity theft or if NFC payment data is stored on them. Depends on how the whole thing is moving forward.

I for myself could not get used to the feeling of having something strapped around my wrist again after putting watches off in favor of having a quick peek on my mobile.
(That was early 2000, I had a Nokia 7110. Revolutionary for its time, first WAP "internet" device. 14kb, not even GPRS.)

Another thing, you can get rashes under the strap here in the tropics fairly easily (North Queensland). If I ever get one, might need a custom wristband.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I agree, I stopped wearing a watch for the same reason, that my phone can do the same function.

But, I'm constantly checking my phone for missed messages, whereas at least the smart watch I won't miss any messages.

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I'd be up for one, just broke my watch strap.
Wireless charging mat would be a must, take it off at night and it is ready and fully charged for the morning

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I enjoyed the podcast. Not sure if I'm exactly sold on the smartatch thing but I see the potential.

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Great podcast can't wait for the next one. I think the smart watch is here to stay. I believe the smart watch can help push NFC.

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Congrats Adam. Does this mean you can talk over everyone now instead of Kevin?

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