Smartphone Round Robin: WinMo Dieter Goes Bold!

Dieter Bohn on the BlackBerry Bold!
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Nov 2008 03:38 am EST

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It makes my heart hurt a little to see my BlackBerry Bold in somebody else's hands, but I'm at least happy to see WMExperts Dieter's first impressions of the Bold are quite postive. Dieter likes the hardware, loves the Bold's display (he'd be crazy not to!), and was more than happy with the snappiness of the 624mHz processor. But as a hardcore Windows Mobile guy, Dieter still found a few things to nitpick on the Bold and BlackBerry platform. Click the image above to head on over to and see Dieter's video hands-on.

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Smartphone Round Robin: WinMo Dieter Goes Bold!


I would like to know how many participants change their level of affection for their previous devices. Maybe even switching from one device to another after the round robin is complete. Be honest!

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I have to say that the last Windows Mobile device I used was through T-Mobile with the HTC Excalibur, or Dash. It was my first smartphone, and absolutely loved it throughout the time that I had it. It wasn't until I got my first Blackberry, though, that I felt like I was using a professional device that did everything I needed it to do on a daily basis..and it did it well. I've become pretty spoiled by push e-mail, and I could never (not even for a month of round robin fun) go back to having to refresh every five minutes to check my e-mail.

Having to pull your email is such a waste of time. It's kind of like before you had a smart phone and you would constantly go on the computer to check your email. It's just plain unproductive. It's helpful to let the emails poor and have your hip vibrate. I can quickly see who and what it is then decide if its worth responding to this very second or later.

Dieter is slowly, but surely becoming a BlackBerry addict, if it was'nt for the issues with IMAP, I'd say he'd already be deep into an addiction lol.

Hey, fair is fair, you began the collectibles market for Dieter's laptop, now he's begun the same for your Bold.

Like Emilio Estevez, you're making each other famous. :)

My heart would be a little out of wack too if someone ELSE had my phone. but then again, i dont have a bold yet. lol

This was supposed to be BBB review, they guy would not shut up about his WM phone. Did not like it at all. WM sucks, period!!

i wonder how many of these people end up secret blackberry lovers after this is all over with... especially since they are gonna be using the bold.

this guy is fighting it, but the bold is winning him over.

I originally am waiting to grab the BB 8900 once it comes out in either Canada or the US, but seeing how people are commenting on the Bold, I'm starting to think I should get the Bold! If I win the Bold, I can finally put in my pros and cons. I know instantly the con for me is the kbd but the pro would be I'd say the 3G and everything else!!

Suprised that messing around with the Bold wouldn't instantly change someones mind and make them want to keep it.

I desperately want to Storm, but I need to put my hands on it first to see how one-handed operation is. I can live without wi-fi, but 3G I think is going to be a must. I won't switch to Verizon for it, either, so I will have to wait it out and hope the AT&T GSM version has 3G.

As for the Bold, it is very much on my immediate want list. My wife and I have first-gen 8300 Curves. Her trackball click sensor is completely dead, and she won't let me send it in. I am simply ready to move up to the Bold since I cannot get the Storm.

Now, if the economy would just pick up a bit...

...that a WIndows Mobile user review of the Bold would drive me back into the arms of Blackberry! I was really impressed with Dieter's review, particualrly the speed of the OS and the great screen on this device. I just wish it were in a Curve size package...

He makes a remark that there are not enough "Multiple hardware button shortcuts."

If he turned off dial from home, then he would have a plethora of shortcuts.

I think this is a great idea of everyone testing the others device. It shows you what you like about your favorite platform and improvements that the others have. A great idea and has been fun reading the reviews of all the phones. Great Job!

I agree with Dieter on the buttons. Take a look at the Nokia E71, that is the ideal, right there. Perfect Hardware. Too bad it runs S60. But the idea of buttons next to a D pad that are dedicated to email, calendar and perfect a fit is that with the whole Blackberry experience. Yet RIM has never done it. I'm a Blackberry user, but I recognize the strengths of other platforms, including WinMo. I also think a D pad would be a big improvement over the trackball, which I still don't like.

My music theory/band director says I'm obsessed with my BlackBerry... I can't say that I think he's lying, because I absolutely LOVE my BlackBerry : )! The obsession would only grow if I had a bold!

I dont know if begging works with Kevin but for a BOLD and to be able to go 3G!!!!! this is me begging! (if begging does not work for you disregard this!)

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than a snappy UI with no lag. I think he'll be very impressed with the Bold. I only hope the folks at Waterloo iron out the OS going into the Storm and it gets a bit quicker!

I need that Blackberry Bold in my life.
Damn T-mobile!!!!!
I'm torn between getting an Unlocked bold, or just waiting for the 8900. any ideas?

I love the bold's screen. I picked up one at Bestbuy to play with and I thought it was a sticker on the screen but when i moved the trackball, the screen responded. I was shocked how crystal clear the screen was. Absolutely phenominal.

I think Dieter has a good point when he mentions that it can get a little crazy with the settings, at least for a person new to blackberry. It could be a little overwhelming at first.

What a great thing to do! I'm excited to watch all the reviews. Though no matter the reviews I love my Bold! Thanks CrackBerry for the great articles!

One thing i do agree with the guys from is the lack of a "home screen" in blackberry devices. Some may say that the "today" theme can double as that. but it just doesnt display enought information.

I would like to see a home screen with more than the last two received emails and appointments. it should be customizable. maybe include facebook and myspace notifications (for the social focused user);what about including the memopad or tasks feature on that home screen aswell...

any thoughts on this?

I find it refreshing to see a review from a non BlackBerry user that is fair and not bashing. The world can learn from this. Can't we all just get along? lol :)

It's pretty cool to get someone from Windows Mobile to evaluate the Bold.

I actually went from a Windows Mobile device to a Bold and I prefer a Blackberry.

It seems to me that alot of these WinMo user's are always talking about changing and tweaking seetings. I know that bb has alot of possibilites when it come's to changing and tweaking, but seriously is all that necessary. I feel that your phone should meet and exceed your expectations, but when you start nit picking and digging for unnecessary changes it is all a waste of time.

I would like to where I can find out what new audio and video codex the new Bold supports? Also, if others can be installed.

Still deciding between Bold or Storm as my upgrade from the original (day it was released) Pearl. Getting a free Bold would make that decision VERY easy ;)

I still would like to see a Nokia E71 in the round robin just to see how it compares....oh and I still want to win a bold.

Nice review; I love getting other user's points-of-view. It certainly helps me determine which OS I'm going to use.

"Things I'm not missing so far: OS lag. "

That's why I want a Blackberry.

No, he's the Dieter from Minnisota. :P

And judging by the amount of times he says "Eh", you'd swear he was Canadian, but he's not lol.

If only this was on verizon i would have totally got it but its not so i look forward to getting the storm :)

Of course they are going to FIND something they dont like about the Bold, they are winblows mobile freaks and have to say that. I think they need to stick to their crummy winblows devices and leave our Blackberrys alone!!

I myself went from a Motorola Q9h to a Blackberry Bold. I love my new Bold, I love the fact that it was docs to go. I can now open all of my email attachments and store documents on my memory card. Also att has added cellular video which is something I loved on the Q9h, when I was bored at work I could watch full tv episodes.
I definatley will stick with blackberry. I also LOVE the bright colored screen :-)

Good review. i think Dieter will miss the great features and benefits of this Blackberry Bold. You never really miss something until its gone.

I will comment on anything that gives me a chance to win a Bold. Can't afford one right now so winning one would be awesome.

bb was my first smartphone so, I liked the shortcut buttons that are on a WinMo phone. I wonder if bb will ever consider adding them to a future handset.

The screen makes me jealous. We were all excited about 320x320 on Windows Mobile, but that just seems silly now, and my Treo 800w, while still a superb device, seems a bit longer in the tooth...

i would say that the "blackberry way" is by the far the BEST way, and that windows mobile does not even compare. the feel and experience of a blackberry is unbeatable..

Great review. I am a former WinMo user, and I agree the flexibility to adjust settings and change every little aspect of the user interface is nice. I prefer the BB's user-friendliness, though.

He is going love the Bold so much that you may loose it (Lol). Considering it's first impression I think he will be a switcher soon. I once had a windows mobile phone and was ok, not great but ok.

He is absolutely right about the email situation on BlackBerries. It does not really seem to just pulls new ones in and lets users reply. That is certainly enough for most users but some of us do want a little more. With the BlackBerry, unless using it with an Exchange server, that is just not an option.
No folders or subfolders, no synchronization of sent messages, no junk folder, you can't set a signature using the device and it shows up at the end of all messages in a reply instead of the one you have written...

My favorite platform/OS for work email via Exchange is Windows Mobile. I actually prefer BlackBerry as my personal device. My Nokia E71 is currently doing an EXCELLENT job at mixing the two for now...but it is missing a little of each while adding a few things that neither offers.

interesting to see the positive reactions of a winmo user...
I, for one, have always appreciated the lack of the need to constantly tweak things to work on a BB as is often required by WinMo...

Did he just say that there are improvements on the Home screen on the way?
Something about weather updates and stuff?

Where did he get that info?

The last windows mobile phone I used was the HTC Wizard, I believe, and the touchscreen on the phone bites. The stylus is a bit unwieldy, and I just much prefer the trackball for navigation.

Lack of shortcut keys on the BlackBerry?

Could someone let Dieter know about turning off the dial from homescreen option and the shortcuts such as M for Messages, A for Address Book, T for Tasks, O for Options, etc.


After 5 years of using WinMo smartphones i converted to blackberry the day i first touched the curve. Dieter, i m with you. Join the bright side of life!! Let WinMo go!!

g, with windows mobile you gotta dial #777 every stinking time you get to the web, my curve is instant bookmarks page- answering tech support calls for sprint, the main problem with windows mobile phones is the dreaded "cannot connect with current connection settings" - uggh

I'll take bb anyday

When you're connected to an exchange server, you're data connection is active all the time. No dialing #777 to connect to the network. But then again, constant data connection takes a toll on the battery life....

And you don't *actually dial* #777. You open the web browser and a little bubble pops up to let you know that the device is connecting to the network. No physical dialing. But again, with an exchange server, the point is moot.

I'll be going from WM to RIM with the Storm - interesting to see a "pro's" take on it all before I make the leap.

As always the Bold looks amazing. His qualms about there not being a lot of buttons is kinda nit picky. Less is more, less buttons more sophisticated style. I think if all I had was a jog wheel I would want buttons to. The trackball makes everything more easily accessible. The processor beats the hell out of the Treo Pro. If I had to choose between a slow phone with easy button access or a fast phone with a few extra scrolls I pick the latter.

His hardware review made me fall in love with a bold. I was never wild about the bold because of its keyboard and slightly large size. I physically prefer the Curve 8900, but this video made me think twice. I went to try out a Bold today and it wasn't that much bigger. It's very sturdy and it's blazing fast. Makes me want to ditch my sprint contract.

Its good to see someone who's not into BB have almost all good things to say about it. Doesn't the Bold have a theme that would put up something like his WinMo Today screen? I know I have used it in the past on my 8830.

Square Robin, in the end you need a Blackberry in your hand. Windows Smartphones are nice but there is something missing. Could it be that Windows Smartphones are so utilitarian whereas a Blackberry phone is Smart 'n Sexy?

It still looks like the BB OS is slightly faster than Windows Mobile 6.1. I've messed around with a few devices running WinMo 6.1 and they just seem to lag if you try to do a lot at once...
WinMo6.1 has some good features though... But it all depends on your preference.
Nothing is perfect though, to gain something you have compromise something else.

it's a shame this event just missed out on the Storm, although the Bold's OS is more refined and been out longer.

my best friend and i do everything together, but he got a wm device right about the same time i got my blackberry and he just doesn't seem to be able to do as much as i can on his phone. now it could definitely be that i spend far too much time on and i have downloaded 3rd party apps to help me out, but i've had my hands on his device and i'm not convinced.

i definitely enjoyed dieter's review but i might be more looking forward to kevin's review of the wm.

I originally had a palm treo on WM (whatever the current version is) up untill a month ago, when I finally made the switch to blackberry. WM is a good operating system for a smart phone, you can still get a lot done with it. But all in all the functionality of it pales in comparison to the Blackberry, especially the bold (my friend got one and we switched phones for a week, but I still like my cure). Blackberry is the better phone system hands down, but I do look forward to Kevin's review of WM.

Contrasting the review with Kevin's, what amazing praise from Dieter! I think he's really close to becoming a convert. The speed, the amazingly well-built hardware, and the improvements in the OS just makes me want to upgrade ASAP. I want to hold onto my 8800 for as long as possible, but gosh!

* Put me in for a Bold!

Fair review Dieter.... but I'm not convinced!!! I can almost feel the deep longing in your soul to cry out YES, YES... I love this Bold - and I don't care who knows!!!!!!

i agree with what he said about the home screen

if we had something vivid like the WM home screens

it'd be love at first sight

and every sight after that

something thats lively

but that hides away so that you can see the background image

since i usually have some dope wallpapers

He brought up some valid points. Yes, some settings can be hard to find, not knowing if its a system setting, or a program setting, or if the program has a settings area under options. Also, a good point about the home screen, that would be nice to be able to get more info on the home screen, but I really like being able to see my wallpaper as well. All in all, I think he did a very fair review.

I wish I could get my husband to try a berry for one month. All he ever complains about on his WM device is how it freezes every day! I'm sick of hearing it! Any suggestions? Maybe I should hide it and say it walked off on its own? Then he'll be stuck with my old 8703e! Hmmmm...

Saw this video on the WMExpert site as well...I can understand his adjustment, as I was once an WM junkie, but I will not go back to a WM device...

I want a bold!

And a storm...LOL...when I can use it on ATT

i think that i wouldnt mind doing the round robin but to give up my blackberry for a month and id go crazy. love rim keep it up and ill buy stock shares lol

It is just one fast solid device. I also think he will like the stability of the operating system. As I recall I had some problems with that before in WM.

this is awesome! i am currently looking at getting either the bold or the fuze.. I would have done both if i didnt have to subscribe to different data plans for each.

Having never used a blackberry before and being a long time winmo user, this should definately help me out and show me the bold from a winmo users point of view!

Someone please let him know about disabling dialing from the homescreen so he can have more one button access to applications that WinMo allows.

This is exactly what I mean, and what I wrote about in my other post. The OS and the way the BB was designed is for quick and efficiency! I have no idea how Kev is holding up without his Bold... all this review showed me was how much I love that device!

I'm planning on switching from my trusty old Moto Q to a new Blackberry Storm at the end of the week, so I'll be interested to see if I have any of the same feelings regarding "adapting myself to blackberry" vs. "adapting the blackberry to me" as that's an interesting way of thinking of the two different paradigms.

Having a phone filled with too many navigational buttons makes it way too cluttered. On other devices, i just find them too clustered and small too use. I personally use the shortcuts available for one-touch use:

m - messages (email)
n - BB messenger
l - calender
o - options
s - search
c - contacts

Nicely done RIM.... keep up the good work

I was unable to watch the video because I am at work, but do you guys just reconfigure each others phones to receive your email, etc? Tell your friends your number is xxx-xxxx for the next week?

I wonder if blackberry's will ever be able to order groceries on your balckberry and have it delivered. Now that'd be sweet but i'd feel to lazy at the same time..

Looks to me like the Bold is probably the way to go, but I just truly enjoy the size and keyboard on my Curve (8310). Does anyone know if AT&T has support for UMA - that might give me the final reason to upgrade to Bold (WiFi) and ditch AT&T at home?

Oh, I so want the bold. After going to an AT&T store and looking at one, it makes me want it so much more. Just wish they would have came out with a better Deal on the Price.

I cannot decide if I like the Bold enough to give up my curve. I will have a while to wait though since I am with Verizon.

I <3 Dieter

p.s. I hate the captcha to post. How can I tell if it's a lower/upper case for letters like c, x, s...

Are you eventually going to do a round robin with touch screens in the future? i.e. Storm vs iPhone vs WinMo flavor of the month?

You gotta admit, every editor in this round robin can't wait to get their hands on the Bold.

I have a G1 but I admire the bold a lot! If only it was available for t-mo, I think it would sell like hotcakes!

man, the chrome all the way around the phone really looks nice, and the camera inset on the back as well as the flatness of the face with the bevel of the back - wow -this is the sexiest phone out right now hands down. The led light is SO bright too- I would do anything to have this phone

man, the chrome all the way around the phone really looks nice, and the camera inset on the back as well as the flatness of the face with the bevel of the back - wow -this is the sexiest phone out right now hands down. The led light is SO bright too- I would do anything to have this phone

CB email me as soon as you can when I win the BB BOLD.
WinMo Dieter, Check the streaming of live video and live radio between BB Bold and WinMo. Please

I have to say I am very impressed with the Bold. I am a first time BB user and found it hard to want to switch. I am a Mac or Apple Fan boy big time and I have to say after using the Iphone for a short period My new Bold really shows what a "Work" phone is supposed to be. It clearly is a work phone first and a "Toy" or "Game Boy" 2nd... I mean I like the iphone and all but sorry trying to type on that phone while driving is next to impossible. Trying to text message on it for any length of time is a nightmare and really makes you question why does anyone really want a touch screen in the first place? That said I can say my choice of giving black berry a chance was the best decision I made. I am very rough with my phones and I don't feel like I have to baby my phone like I did with the iphone. I was always afraid of the "Cracked" screen thing with the iphone. I am only maybe halfway through the BB OS and its features and how everything works and really love it so far. It really hasn't been a hard thing to switch OS or types of phones as I feared. Every were I go people are always asking about it and its the "Storm" and I have to tell them its not. Then when they so oh its NOT.. I show them the "SpeedRacer" demo with the speakers on the bold and they say "What Storm" LoL. I make my living taking photos so the screen is hands down one of the biggest reason I got it. It didnt dispoint me when I loaded it with photos. So being a Newbie to Black Berry world I can say I have not regret it in the least. Here is photo of my new found bliss...

I took my old 8310 to compare to the new Bold, and yes, the screen is incredible (as is 3g speed) but I was somewhat underwhelmed. Don't get me wrong, I'm still thinking seriously of upgrading (if I can swing a contract deal) but the size was a turn off, adn the keyboard is just not as easy to type on as the miniature Curve.

I was told today by a reliable source that Verizon actually had code changes up until yesterday so any reviewer that got a device before yesterday may not have actually gotten a production firmware version to review. I'm going to wait until I see what the real reviews say once the firmware versions of test devices are all announced and compared.

WOw, that phone is looking pretty.
I don't have a blackberry yet but I've been following the site for quite awhile and this bold seems like it would be an excellent introduction to the blackberry world.
I don't mind getting addicted to some crackberry.

I would like to kmow how good the live tv is seen on the BB Bold. I hope it is better than the sprint BB Curve 8330.

Looks like the Bold just might make a believer of those WM folks once they get a chance to use it... nice to see a WM person appreciate the BB platform... even if he has to get his digs in for WM

I felt dieter overall did a good job analyzing blackberry strengths and weaknesses. I also found it interesting that windows mobile's browser is worse than blackberry's. However, he got a few things fundamentally wrong which made me wonder what else he got wrong.

First he states rim has never had to rewrite their os. He implies rim just keep layering os features on
And incrementally improving os. He fears for their ability to rewrite. I'm probably going to get a lot of this wrong so I apologize to veterans and those who remember more.

By my count rims has overhauled their os twice. The original was on a cannibalized very cheap but extinct cpu that at best could run ms-dos. Using ms-dos or assembler code the 975 etc came out. They were wireless email with poor man's organizer. The next rewrite was jumping to cell phones with additional rewriting to include outlook/lotus synch. Finally, we have an os that now runs java apps. This would seem to be an os that is not just evolving but making leaps.

Along the same lines he describes backwards compatibility. Huh? The curve can run 975 software?

Finally, he criticizes rim for leaving in paging components. This is still one of their strengths compared to competitors. Paging remnants allows for pin to pin communication which is the only device to device(pin to pin) communication for wireless handhelds. Pin to pin does not go through corporate email though some corporate monitoring software is starting to catch up. Nor does pin to pin require using generic im software. Pin to pin supports special alerting.

In summary the paging remnant provides feature function that allows those of in enterprises to still have a relative cone of silence. Pin to pin benefits the enterprise in paging in emergencies as well.

Dieter is right that iphones stripped down desktop os with desktop os browser gives iphone browser app advantage. However with above mistakes, I wonder if dieter got anything else wrong.

haha. he won't be missing pocket ie, and winmediaplayer, I'm not either, by no means...

the bb mediaplayer is far from perfect, but its not that bad...