Smartphone Round Robin Roundtable Podcast #2!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Dec 2008 12:10 pm EST
Smartphone Round Robin Podcast
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Here it is podcast listeners - our second Smartphone Round Robin Roundtable podcast. The show was broadcast live on Tuesday (thanks to all those who tuned in!) and was a h00t! If you missed the live action, you can download the recording and listen to Casey, Rene, Dieter and myself discuss, debate and argue all things smartphone (geek talk to the max and proud of it!). The focus of this episode was the Fuze and G1, but we also recap Roundtable #1 and close out with some final wishes for our home platforms. Enjoy the show! 

Listen to Special Edition Smartphone Round Robin Roundtable!

Show Details:

  • Recorded: Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 @ 8:00pm EST
  • Show Length: 1h23m30s

Music: Our Slanted Voices by DoKashiteru

Big Thanks: To Dieter Bohn, SPE's Editor in Chief (and Windows Mobile Lover!) for keeping us under control and prepping the podcast to go live!

More Information:

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Reader comments

Smartphone Round Robin Roundtable Podcast #2!!


That live podcast was great, you guys should definitly do that from time to time, shake things up a bit.

this was a blast! funny that we talked out the Storm not being wireless and then Rogers & Fido drop one on us (maybe)

He obviously meant Wifi. That one was of the big drawback of the device and seems to be fixed on the GSM/HSDPA version Rogers is getting.

Grabbing it now for a listen. Feels like it's been an eternity since the first Round Robin (2008) Podcast...though it's only been a week or two.

Man... when I am working long hours during end of year activity, you make it just a little easier when content like this is provided. Thanks and keep it up

I want that Bold! I am about to get a Curve through work, but I would definitely prefer the Bold, of course.

This round robin was very interesting! It was nice to see various smartphones from different perspectives!

1.5 hour podcast. A little extreme there. I use podcasts during my commute, and 1.5 hours is way over the top.

I know what the focus is of the show but the Bold is still the best unit. Gotta have it. Come to me Bold.

i would chose the same thing the bolds screen if i could and the iphones os fun to use. keep up the good work and hope everyone at crackberry had a great christmas.

great point on the android os, the flexibility of the os makes it very interesting! the bb homescreen is just the icons and hit the app, but the android os does a lot more simply on the homescreen!

First CrackCast I have heard. Are they all this long? I know the subject is interesting but my attention was wandering... needed a popcorn break!

I just love listening to all of the geeks talking about these devices! I had been a Palm person for years and recently went Crack. I know I have not fully realized the potential of my Curve, but I already have bought the Crackberry Addict book to assist in my new habit. I need to buy a BB for dummies book to learn more. Thanks geeks.

I am now getting into the blackberry repair business. my obsession has become a part time job...just by someone asking...hey can you fix this? Yikes!

To be honest, I'm not usually much of a podcast junkie, but these latest few are the kinda stuff that're totally worth checkin out!



Really informative and cool to have all the editors talk about their favorite features from other smartphones.

I'm going to try and comment again (since my first didn't go through).

This is my first comment on any of these (mainly b/c I just joined the site not long ago). However, I'm enjoying letting others test the gadgets that I could possibly want, but without having to go through the trial and error myself.

That being said -- someone would have to pry my crackberry curve out of my cold dead hands...unless I won a crackberry bold that is! :)

I couldnt take it anymore. I ordered my Bold. Itll be here in a couple of days. Waiting for it is the worst part. It would still be nice to win one though. haha. Two of something good is always better than one.

I wonder how they are tracking all the posts from various round robin topics and can choose winners at random? How many total posts are there?

You guys did a great job evaluating the pros and cons of all the phones...I found it interesting that Rene and Kevin would use the others phone as a second choice.


very nice any one know how i can downloads to my xm pioneer inno makes a great listin while im driving cross country

Dieter really seems to hate any proprietary software. I'm surprised he isn't an Android fan. But as BIS and Apple's app store show, proprietary software can lead to easy, simple, and effective experiences.