Smartphone Round Robin Roundtable Podcast #1!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Dec 2008 03:59 pm EST
Smartphone Round Robin Podcast
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OK CrackBerry Podcast listers... I know we've left ya without CrackBerry Podcast for a few weeks now (November was an insane month) but we're making up for it today with the first of two special edition Smartphone Round Robin Roundtable podcasts!

The editors of the Smartphone Experts websites, Casey, Rene, Jennifer, Dieter and I all came together to discuss three of the Smartphone Round Robin devices: The iPhone 3G, the Treo Pro, and the BlackBerry Bold!!! We had a lot of fun recording this roundtable discussion, and we hope you enjoy listening to it!

Listen to Special Edition Smartphone Round Robin Rountable!

Show Details:

  • Recorded: Monday, December 1st, 2008 @ 6:30pm EST
  • Show Length: 1h33m

Music: Our Slanted Voices by DoKashiteru

Big Thanks: To Dieter Bohn, SPE's Editor in Chief (and Windows Mobile Lover!) for keeping us under control and prepping the podcast to go live!

More Information:

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Reader comments

Smartphone Round Robin Roundtable Podcast #1!!


this is such a great idea and i appreciate how honest the reviews have been. really good insight for those trying to make a choice.

Blackberry's have keyboard shortcuts for applications. M = Messages/email, B = browser, etc. You have to turn off the default "dial from homescreen" option in the dialer. In the podcast you mentioned no dedicated email button, but it's there via shortcuts.

I have to say, i enjoyed this podcast, especially since people were willing to trade some blows in honest discussion.

It's funny to me how much these palm and winmo guys and ladies like BB so much. Come on and convert to BB already. And the truth will set you free . . .

WooHoo!! A nice podcast, especially with their being no CB dedictaed podcast this one comes at a good time.


Hope you like the G1... I can tell you that the absence of an all-in-one media player and lack of full copy/paste ability will DEFINITELY make you miss the Blackberry. (That's what took me the longest to adjust to...)


Hope you like the G1... I can tell you that the absence of an all-in-one media player and lack of full copy/paste ability will DEFINITELY make you miss the Blackberry. (That's what took me the longest to adjust to...)

bold was really the turn around on this for me in see it from a different view that really is a great idea like i said before. but i dont think i could do it lol!

It was interesting to hear the good and bad of each system. Blackberry and iPhone, two very different phones, were really shown the love. I really think iPhone could do the job with some tweaks, but until they make more business and productivity apps, I'm still a Crackberry addict.

It was nice to get all the editor's viewpoints in one long discussion. This was a good idea!

I really enjoyed the format for this month's podcast. I enjoyed hearing the various points of view, especially about my old Treo.

Well I've nvr actually listened 2 a podcast b4, but 4 a new BoLd Im def in! lol But it was actually pretty cool I guess...seems like the Bold has been much more well rec'd than the curve last time around, so thats a good sign and a step in the right direction!

I absolutely love the "Our Slanted Voices" track. It's quite soothing to listen to.

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised because I'm guilty of listening to the track before the Podcast *blush* and thought I was going to be hearing Kevin's, Dieter's, Jennifer's,Casey's and Rene's voices being distored LOL sort of like the voice in the What Would You Do for a Storm Videos! Great work!

Thanks for the ideas and opinions on so many different devices. I appreciate you can give real opinions and not just bash on a phone because it's not yours.

I used it myself for a week. A lot of fun, but I felt like I was taking 3x as long to do the things I used to do. Sure, I could type fast, but god forbid I make a mistake the autocorrect couldn't fix. I hated editing on that phone.

I really enjoyed the different views. Some were hard to understand.(cough palm cough) I tried to keep from picking sides but I still think Blackberry comes out on top as a company. Funny and informative, can't wait for the next.

I just started listening to these podcasts, i am very pleased with the forums ability to impact the site. More sites should follow in suite.

you guys take on each others phone of choice. and I always enjoy your podcasts. my question is when will the android site start having a podcast as well? the Crackberry, TIPB, WM experts are good but I still have room for a android podcast as well. Good work guys, thanks

finally another podcast! you can only listen to all 24 podcasts so many times lol. this will be a good listen, thanks guys!

glad you guys got together to talk about the phones, BB WTF! and a Bold for me hopefully! (or can i hold off for a javelin?)

I must say, I really enjoyed the Round Robin podcast. I'm a recent listener of the podcasts (just subscribed via iTunes) and I'm just loving the discussions. I mean, at 1 and a half hours, you'd think it'd drag on, but gosh, if I didn't wish it carried on for longer!

My ears automatically perk up when the conversation slides over to the 'Berry but I enjoy hearing about the recent developments and more general thoughts on Apple, Palm, Google, HTC, and Windows.

whether you like it or not, the iphone did raise the bar on all other devices, which is a good thing.

My initial thought was that this was going to be far too long, but it actually turned out to be a saving grace while sitting in traffic. Thanks!

Kevin...1st, awesome round robin!!! 2nd....I totally thought about....what if you get into a car accident or any emergency & somebody else has to call 911 or even find how to call 1 of your contacts!!?? So happy you brought that up!!! But the iphone did force developers to step it up! Also, there's no reason why iphone couldn't of added a back button next to the 1 button it does have! It used to be that Blackberries were only for big business men and so expensive and not for your regular consumer! As well as Palms! The development of all these new smartphones have made it possible for everyone to buy the one that suits their own lifestyle & needs! And I'm sooooo happy you brought the copy paste!!! LOL!! AND that RIM is coming out wit the touch screen blackberry with qwerty keyboard!!! I cannot wait for that!!! I think the Storm received so many negative responses because of the over flood of hype!!! So of course it would be a disappointment after everybody put it up on a pedastil!!! All in all, awesome podcast!!!! OH and...I do agree...I think the Bold is a little too big! They wasted a lot space that they could of used to make the screen bigger, like the top & bottom have so much wasted space!!! BUT otherwise, I absolutely LOVE my BOLD!!!!!

Will be listening later...thanks for doing this for all of us! Ohyeah, even though i jsut got a Storm, I wouldn't mind having a Bold too! :)

Wow an hour and half?
You guys must really be getting a lot of work done.
I can't listen to it now but I'll make sure to check it out when I get the chance.

Very nice reviews and discussions. I cant wait to hear part two.

a couple coments...
the lady said it was hard getting to the apps? hello? there basicly just like the plam OS. there is that main screen that shows all the apps. just hit one.
there was the comment about the email button. program one of you side convenience keys.
another coment was about the menu or settings being all over the place with the blackberry. i think it was the lady who uses the palm os. the palm os is the same way. options within options. just takes some getting use to no matter what phone your on.

i think one week really isn't long enought. for two reasons... i find some devices are really cool at first, but later i start to find things that really start to bug me. this is where i love the 30 exchanges. a few more weeks with the blackberry for the other users would have really got them hooked. one week may not be enough.

thanks, cody

I just got my first hands-on experience with the bold the other day and before I couldn't see how it could live up to the hype - I mean how beautiful can a screen get anyway?

well I was wrong - I was blown away. It lives up to all the hype and then some.

I have owned both the original and 3g version of the iPhone, and the segment starting at 20:30 (approximately) is the BEST and most honest explanation of why the iPhone SUCKS as a communication device. Granted, it is THE BEST MEDIA DEVICE ever invented, given the cheap and effective gaming API and iTunes integration, but it fails as a communication device. Everything takes much longer to do (from email, to SMS, to MMS - oops, sorry, no MMS here, to making a simple call) than it does on any smartphone with a real keyboard.

Add to that the FAILURE to include cut/copy/paste; MMS; noes/task sync; and you come to what you really have, a great personal gaming handheld that happens to get calls and email. If you have anything more to do than listen to Leona Lewis and play Cro-Magnon, the lust(er) of the new device wears off quickly.

That's why I'm back to my old Curve and saving pennies for the Bold...

It was a very entertaining and informative way to end my day, I think its good to know what kinds of phones are out there on the market so the consumer can make a informed decision. Thanks for all the smartphone knowledge. Oh and one more thing CRACKBERRY RULES All (insert evil laugh here).

Go Bold!!!

Go Bold!!!