Smartphone Round Robin Extended!

By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Dec 2008 08:15 am EST

Smartphone Round Robin

I think this is the start of a tradition! Last year we extended the Smartphone Round Robin deadline by a week and we're doing the same thing this year! Between the holidays, some shipping delays, getting prepped for January's big events (CES coming up and Dieter/Rene will be hitting up MacWorld too) and just being swamped in general, we're going to keep the Round Robin going until January 10th. This is good news for those who have taken an active role in participating - this gives you an extra 10 days to visit each SPE site to make a comment on a Round Robin post or forum thread to gain an extra contest entry ballot... that's 50 more chances to win!

What's left to come in the Smartphone Round Robin? My Back on the Crack articles! It's time to review the BlackBerry Bold again plus throw it an official welcome home party. Will my perspective on the Bold have changed now that I've tasted the forbidden fruits?? I'm guessing you all know the answer to that, but you'll have to hang on to find out for sure. In the meantime, especially if you've missed out on the Round Robin posts to date, take this opportunity to look at the articles of the past month:

And heck, just to make it easy for you to get one more chance to win a BlackBerry Bold, let's make this an official contest post! Just be logged in and leave a comment and you could win a BlackBerry Bold, Spare Bold Battery and Case Mate Second Skin (thanks Case Mate!!). Need something to comment on? Tell us what your favorite part of the Round Robin has been so far!!!

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Keep up the good work Crackberry!

As an ex-iPhone user I especially liked the iPhone 3G final review. Loved the history/background part too!


Hook me up with a Bold to compliment my Storm!


Since my silly company will NOT buy company phones with cameras without a written (in triplicate) approval from god, please send me a Bold. I'll hug it and love it and squeeze it and name it George.



I'm looking forward to reading your "Reunited and it Feels So Good" Bold review!


I have really enjoyed the reviews, makes me glad I have a blackberry!!


Yeah 1 more chance!


curious about the next year round robin, Storm 2 vs. 3rd generation iPhone? Which Android phone? can't wait to find out


Hi guys,

Happy New Year.
For the survey, I check your website everyday since I dont have a phone to review. Haha, give me one.
Thanks. Bye.


I wanna know where da Bold at, I want da Bold, gimme da Bold!


Dude, yes! +1!

By the way, to get it you have to rent a backhoe and uproot that tree!


I totally enjoy this forum. I am not happy with G1 I think it was a bad design and I have played with it for a while and ended up sticking to my curve. I recently switched to Verizon and gotten the Storm and other than the Bugs I am happy with the phone. I think this phone has alot of potential and what better site to keep uptodate than Crackberry. Round Robin keep up the good work and thanks for the knowledge and test base.

Happy New Year everyone.


I think the round robin series has been great in giving insight into other device choices. Great Job Guys!


Kevin Rocks LOL keep on Crackin


Happy Happy Bold Bold!

Happy New Year!


A new crackberry is always good.


I love the round robin series. A great way to see what else is out there. Alas, I still LOVE my BB too much and a Bold would be even better! :)


Oh what a wonderful start,
To have a new Bold in my hand,
And you know the best part,
It was given to me free, by the best site in land.
Thanks. ;)


can't decide between waiting for the 8900, buying a bold, help make my decision easy!


I am so happy that the contest has been extended! I really want an new phone especially the Bold! Leaving comments to possibly win a new phone is the best part of it :)!


SmartPhone Round Robin Frakn Rocks!!!!!


woo for official contest post!!


Blackberry Bolds Rock. I cant wait to get my hands on my very own!

Trader Z

As someone who has been a iPhone fan for 2 years, I got my first Bold partly on your reviews and I love it. I was able to add it to an AT&T family plan but wondering how I can get out of the iphone contract or maybe just give it to the wife so I dont pay for 2 bills. As much as I love the browser and screen on iphone, the complete failure of iphone's email app forced me to make the switch.

By the way, I hear Crutchfield is giving $400 credits if you trade in your old iphone 3g. Looking promising.


I got a Pearl last September and was hooked. Just got my wife a Curve (her idea) and she's lovin it. My daughter is jealous and is trying every way to upgrade her phone to a BlackBerry.


half way in the article i had a feeling it was going to be an official post.


I guess my favorite part about the round robin is to finally see how the other sites view other phones. Also the contest to win of course :). I want that Bold! Please! Cmon, cmon, I said please, :D.

Trader Z

I couldnt wait for the 8900...had to get a bold.

Great device. Just waiting for my 4gig micro sd to ship.

Also, I know many Mac owners are concerned but the new pocket mac on RIM website is great. Got to sync the berry with my mac (which then subsequently synched my iphone OTA with mobileme) seamlessly. Plus you can upload playlists from itunes pretty easily (DRM free only though :( ) and iphoto pics.

Only thing I dont have is the pinch squeeze touch feature I have on my iphone but since I email and text more than I need to pinch, the bold wins.

Vacuus Dilectio#CB

I am now a month deep in to BB's and I love them. Never getting a different kind of phone. I have to say I was really looking to get a bold already so winning one would be even better :)


Meet a guy on this site in the same country as i am. When i collect my 8900 we'll do a little round robin thing to hes has a 9530.


Meet a guy on this site in the same country as i am. When i collect my 8900 we'll do a little round robin thing to hes has a 9530.


Meet a guy on this site in the same country as i am. When i collect my 8900 we'll do a little round robin thing to hes has a 9530. :D


This round robin was really good. I can't wait for next year's.


I've enjoyed reading the differing perspectives very much.


Well, it was fun. Can't say I really learned anything as I tend to research the heck out of things before I purchase. I am disappointed at the complete and utter nonsense that has happened with the comments due to the contest. We cannot have meaningful discussion on any of the Round Robin topics due to "Give me a Bold" posted every 17 seconds.


Yeah, there really aren't very many useful comments on these posts. But those aren't required to win, so I can see why. Ah well, cheers and happy new year!


yay for extended contests!


Kevin, we all know your opinion isn't going to change. Well, you might end up loving the blackberry more.


With my contract up soon, I've been pondering the future. My poor Pearl is looking tired, and there's soooo much techno goodness around. The Round Robin couldn't have come at a better time!

I've eliminated WinMo. Desktop OS on a mobile device is a recipe for disaster and I just want something that works. I don't have the time to tinker with a device for hours to make it do basic stuff.

Palm was never in the running. (Frankly, I'm surprised they're still here.)

Android is awfully temping, but it still needs time to mature. No Exchange/OWA access is a deal killer.

That leaves CrackBerries and the iSmudge. As sexy as the iSmudge is, I want a multi-tasking device that knows it's a phone first. I constantly switch between apps.

So which CrackBerry? Bold or Curve 8900 I think.


I think the biggest surprise to me, was your Palm review. Saying that if the Bold didn't exist the Treo Pro would be a winner.

That is a huge statement in my eyes, and really made me look at Palm in a different light. Though I couldn't kick my poor battered Pearl to the curb for just a Palm, it was a real eye opener to see how much they have progressed, and to be acknowledged in that way. Really shows that the smartphone group is starting to think a lot more about consumers and what their phones can do, and how it's done.


I enjoy reading the smartphone philosophies... It makes you think about the way people function with their devices.


Sweet. Round Robin was great. Can't wait til next year's version.


i hope everyone has a happy new years!!


After reading all these posts I know I made the right choice by getting a berry.


If i win a Bold I swear to hand down my 8100 as well as my 8300 to Blackberry Virgins. In hopes of converting them, so that the BlackBerry GODS will be pleased..


I really like the OS of the G1, but the looks and feel just dont do it for me.

I hate Palm, I hate Windows Mobile. So that leaves the Fuze and Treo Pro out.

iPhone 3G is interesting, its pretty easy to use. You get that sweet app store.

But I played around with my Friends Bold last night, and its so awesome. The processor is so fast, the OS is great, the screen is amazing.

So in other words, I'd like to win the Bold please :)


I loved the Round Robin. I can't wait to see what the next one will bring.


I love the round robin. I think it's interesting to read what other smartphone users think of blackberries. I think it'd be sooo cool to have the 8900.


Please let me win this BlackBerry Bold for my husband.
Thank you.

I enjoyed all of the reviews.

My choice of phones in this order would be:
1. Blackberry (of course)
2. iPhone
3. Palm
4. Fuze
5. G1


Fuze over G1? Really? I'm not bashing, just surprised, especially after Kevin's video of the Fuze. I cannot knock it, because I have never used it. But, I was honestly horrified after watching Kevin's expierence with it.


i know i won, so send me my phone!


I would like that Bold to go please!!!!!


hmm my favorite was the outlook on the iphone...oh my how kevin dissed that phone hahaha


It's a Booooooolddddd neeeeewww wooooooorld! Yes, I am trying out for American Idol this season.


I haven't even bought the bold yet but I've already started buying accessories for it. I want it!!


I think that between this and other reviews of the Fuze, the round robin has shown me that you can't beat a blackberry!


Favorite part was the iPhone and Bold reviews.


I don't think that's a bad idea, extending the Smartphone Round Robin. I've really enjoyed every article (and video) so far, as well as each podcast.


Ah, frenemies. It's hard to ignore the symbiotic relationship the Bold and the iPhone could possibly be involved in.


I love reading very detailed reviews of tech products, especially ones I own. It helps me learn more about the ins an outs, and it makes my lust for new devices more bearable. It is not just the quantity, but the quality and depth that the reviewers took in these reviews. I love how you guys look at things with a trained eye. It makes your posts more relevant, because you see things that we would look for ourselves. Also, Many other reviews don't put bias in, but that's what makes yours interesting and more helpful.


Thanks for the great Round Robin series. Not only is it informative, but entertaining as well. Just another reason to love Crackberry. Happy New Year Everyone!


love the ahh frak phone, but love the storm more. can't get enough of the crack.


I think you guys should add the nokia e71 to the round robin....thats a nice phone as well

Sir Twilight King

Thank you for the hard work you put in this year Round Robin. I hope 2009 is even more productive and prosperous for you.


One of my favorite parts of the round robin has been the information I've received regarding phones and carriers. I want a little of each phone in my DREAM phone and the best carrier to carry it at a great price Just call me a dreamer. Happy New Year!!!


I have enjoyed watching how your initial impressions vs your final reviews. It's also been interesting to see how when certain features or things weren't working the way you wanted with the phones the community would step in with power-tips.... but in the end nothing has been able to match the awesomeness of the berry. :)


Yeah I'm definitely hoping this contest works out well for me and getting a few more chances is something to be happy for so I'm cool with the extension.


Whoah, cool.
I'm not sure if my chances are higher or lower now.


I loved how everyone got their say. It makes me happy.


My company recently gave me an 8830 WE to use. But all it's doing is making me want a Bold. GOTTA HAVE ONE!


I finally saw my first Bold in the wild the other day. It really isn't as big as I thought it was going to be. It's super sexy. As much as I love my Curve, I admit that I cheated a little and lusted over that. The keyboard, the bright screen... sorry Curve, don't kill me.


I loved this round robin. It was my first. I was so hoping that "Extended" meant more devices! That would be so cool. I love the info I get on the devices and all the prespectives.

It would be cool if we could add:

1) Blackberry Storm
2) HTC Touch HD
3) Lenovo Android Phone (yeah russia only but its android)
4) Palm Centro
5) yeah that leaves out the iphone blog, but hey, thats not our fault!

any one else down for this idea? or maybe a midyear roundrobin?

or maybe a midyear modified round robin. where its the same put slightly less grueling for the editors. maybe they can use their regular phones still for the mid year round robin.

Dieter if your reading, what do you think of this? the mid year doesnt even need to have prizes, the info we gain is enoguh!


This is a great format for checking out the pros and cons of each unit. Thanks for the matrix of the articles for us.


My favorite part was the T-Mobile G1 Final Thoughts review, very helpful in choosing my phone!

Allyson Kazmucha

I never win anything so I won't hold my breath, but I bet you are sure glad to have your Bold back, eh?


If so then sign me up! Its just utterly ridiculous how much I want to try all these Blakberries. And although I've been a faithful reader of the crackberry site and forums for about a year now, I've only had my Blackberry for 2 months and I'm addicted.

Truly, I've just gotten to know my little red Curve Sophieberry and already I'm salivating over at least 2 other models, the Bold and the Javelin. This is just ridiculous, hopefully my Sophieberry won't get jealous and walk out on me if she catches me reading just one more review of one of the newer phones.

And ssssh! (don't tell her I've been such a loyal fan that I've even read the round robin reviews on other phones...) My favorite is always that such a fair review is given of other phones regardless of the potential backlash!

Ok gotta go, Sophieberry is chiming....


I've enjoyed reading about the different kinds of smartphones out there, and knowing that in the end of it all, it's best to be a crackberry addict!


I loved this years Round Robin!


My wife just got a Curve, so help a WinMo user out!


This round robin is really an eye opener for any smartphone fanboy.
keep up the good work, guys!!!


i would really love a bold ..


Yea for a few more chances!

Charlotte A

more chances cant hurt



I am not eligible to upgrade to the Bold until June 2009. The fact that we are officially in the year 2009 is reassuring. For now all I can do is walk by the ATT store and admire it through the window. I will not even allow myself to go in and hold it because it would only make the wait that much more painful. I must be patient, for I know that soon I will be "one" with my beloved.

Love Struck


My favorite was reading about the Iphone. I have never even touched one and only know about them from reading their comparison to Storm on the forums.
I enjoyed impressions/comparisons.


Thanks for this series. I find it very helpful to see the pros and cons of phones I have been hearing about and considering. I am torn between the Bold and Storm but starting to lean more to Bold. These comparisons do help a lot.


I think my favourite part will be reading about your reunion with the Blackberry!

Young Veyron

I'm so happy to hear that the Smartphone Round Robin is being extended because it is so informative.


I especially liked the iPHone 3G review.

I found another IT Journalist earlier today takes a "best of both worlds" approach by carrying a phone for phone stuff and and iPOD Touch for entertainment items. Actually his whole family has gone through the iPhone user then to a phone plus iPod Touch cycle.

Can't wait for the re-review of the BOLD having just moved to one myself (from an original AT&T CURVE) for testing for work - my first impression was man this thing is BIG! But since then its functionality has grown on me (he he).


I went out and bought the Pearl Flip...for my daughter who has been sporting a sidekick for a year. Needless to say she is so excited to start the new year as a Blackberry owner.
I have not updated from my 8100 because I am holding out for an unlocked Bold, perhaps? Please?


meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow bold


I have really enjoyed reading all the different reviews for the various smartphones on the market. I am an avid BlackBerry user and fan and will be purchasing a new phone within the next couple of months, therefore these posts have been very helpful! Can't wait to read more of them!


Interesting to hear other people's perspectives on different smart phones...Phones i wouldn't even give the time of day..
eye-opener for me :)


I wish the 8900 could have been part of this.


Let me win the bold, Please I need it


Please ol Please let me win the bold. I need it


Love the reviews. I especially like the reviews for the Bold which is the phone I've been drooling over for quite a bit of time. I hope they get it for T-Mobile sometime soon.


can I have? :)
Favorite part so far has been reading what your thoughts on the G1 was.


I've had my BB for less than a year and luv it. I have very much improved my productivity and now am so much better at keeping in touch with people. I was always "up" on phones so I really enjoyed reading the round robin of all the other smart phones out there...but I must say, even tho some of the phones and features are pretty cool...I'm sticking to my BB. I really, REALLY want a Bold. I've wanted it since I first read about it and if I do not win this contest, I think I am going to have to "settle" :) for the Tmo 8900 in Feb.


hurray for free stuff.


The idea to compare these smartphones is fantastic. I would have expected CNET to do this, rather they opted to compare only 2 of them. I would expect that Apple would not even attempt this, as it would seem to take away their luster and mystic. Thanks


The Round Robin articles are great for those of us looking to upgrade our current BB experience. It is so hard to find good reviews that you can actually trust, its great to see CB doing this. Keep up the good work!!


Good reviews! Very informative, but I still have to go with BlackBerry!


meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow bold


I did make a switch to a G1 during the round robin. I do love the OS and would love it on a device with the hardware of the Bold. I wouldn't mind coming back to BB with a free Bold from!


This entire roundrobin business has been thoroughly amusing to me thus far! I missed last year's one, cos I wasn't on "the crack" back then, but totally been digging this one.

I must say, I truly loved the roundtable podcast to sum up, that really did it for me.

Annnnd just generally watching different smartphone professionals fighting it out has been pretty darn amusing too haha!


Yea for another chance.


extended !! sweet !!


I like the round robin because it helped me to realize even more that the bold is superior!!


and therefore could no longer wait to win a bold. I went out and bought one for myself, and broke contract with tmobile to do it. I love my new Bold. I love 3G. Get one people, even if you dont win one.


Your back on the crack articles, but of course!


So the thing I love about this whole RoundRobin thing is the fact that its all these people who are experts on their own platform experimenting on something they're probably going to be opposed to.

What I'm wondering is... If there was ONE device which was viewed more favorably by other writers in this RoundRobin, which would it be? If there were a "winner" in this thing, and ONE phone were to receive more praise than the others in the reviews... why phone do you people think woulda taken out the award?


meow meow meow meow meow meow meow bold


Great chance, thank you!


Like it wasn't enough to wait with bated breath for a year before AT&T released the Bold, I'm now so addicted I'm trying to figure out how to get a backup. A day without a Bold...well, I just couldn't stand that.


Come on give a girl a break I mean a bold..


I'm a new BB user this year. (A Verizon Pearl 8130) I just got back from a trip to see my paternal unit for the holidays. I always take the train so I have some 'me time' to relax. Alas, my normal MP3 player (with its 40+ hour battery life) broke 3 days before the trip. So, I got a couple extra 8Gb MicroSD cards, loaded up the music & videos and I was ready to go. (Fortunately I bought a spare battery from CrackBerry a month ago, in planning for the trip, so I was prepared.) On another MicroSD card I had all of the software to install on her computer and my entire photo archive to show. When I got there, I found myself using the Berry for all of those internet searches more than the actual computer, since she only has dial-up. I showed her YouTube videos, on the phone, we watched a few of the movies I brought with me, etc. I was able to keep in contact with friends, and my e-mail and news feeds stayed relatively in check. Huge success. So, all-in-all, I'm officially addicted to the Crack. Now I want a Bold :D (But not a Storm so much -- touch screens and I don't get along.)


My favorite part was watching Kevin "attempt" to use the Fuze. Where's the trackball when you need it? lol


meow meow meow meow meow meow bold


if I win that would be a great start to 2009


After the nightmare of Windows mobile I ask myself why I ever left the BlackBerry world. Glad to be back and Curve is so nice and stable to me!


Original post went up twice for some reason. Edited this one.


i love all the videos!! it really helps me fully understand each phone and let me compare them myself without actually needing to have the phones in my hands. love it!! thanks a lot!!!!


yeah a free bold, sweet!!!


About the opportunity to win a bold. Amazing phone, and hope to win one. If not I will in time get one... once I save up for it...


meow meow meow meow meow bold


yeah a free bold, sweet.


Do you guys want to pop my blackberry cherry?


Excellent i ho pe i win.


Roses are red, violets are blue, God made Crackberry's beautiful, what the hell happened to you?




there should be one every 4 weeks.


i want to win.
any of those prizes would be nice.


meow meow meow meow bold


I wonder what blackberry goodness we will have to offer by the time the round robin comes around next year !!


to win it!!

This round robin has totally kept my spare time filled. Ha ha.


but when will we get the bold? sigh...


Morning Crackberry!
Bold please :D


oink oink oink bold


yeah a free bold, sweet.


yeah a free bold, sweet


yeah a free bold, sweet


sorry folks .. but the bold is MINE !!


yeah a free bold, sweet.


yeah a free bold, sweet.


yeah a free bold, sweet.