Smartphone March Madness Continues: Vote for the BlackBerry Tour to Take Down the Motorola Droid!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Apr 2010 04:53 pm EDT

* Update: It's looking like the Tour will be bowing out to the Droid on this one. At least it had a good run, knocking out the iPhone 3GS. So that's it for the BlackBerry Smartphones in this year's Smartphone March Madness. It'll be interesting to see who's in the running next year! *

After the BlackBerry Bold 9700 took an embarrassingly close loss to the Palm Pre Plus in the last round of Laptop's Smartphone March Madness, today it's the BlackBerry Tour going up against the Motorola Droid. The BlackBerry Tour already managed to knock out the Apple iPhone 3GS, which the bookies had favorited to make the finals, so the Tour has momentum going into this battle though it's trailing a little as I put this post live. BlackBerry lovers cast your vote for the Tour above and let's bring that Droid to the ground!

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Smartphone March Madness Continues: Vote for the BlackBerry Tour to Take Down the Motorola Droid!


I tried to stop myself, but I couldn't. The Droid offers so much more than what the Tour can. I voted for the Droid myself.

I really hope RIM steps it up some. Otherwise when my NE2 is up, it's over to the Android camp for me.

... so RIM is better off without customers? How do you figure?

... I'm on my third Tour. While I love how much better it is than a standard phone, it just doesn't compare to the competition. Essentially it comes down to one thing: Wi-Fi. The Droid has it; the Tour does not.

Then you would need the BB 8530 Curve... the WiFi is awesome and the phone is super fast!!! And despite what some say this is not a entry level BB I've had the World Edition and the 8330 Curve and the 8530 is WAY better of a smartphone... :)

You're comparing a 4 year old top tier smartphone to an entry level one that just came out a few months ago... if cours it will be better. But seriously compare it to the Tour and the 9700 and there is NO competition. I'm not saying it's bad because it certainly isn't but when you say stuff like that ....

I'm a consumer.. and I own a tour, voted for the Droid, because hands down in Tour vs Droid.. the Droid has it.. so much more to offer in a device than the Tour.

As for loyalty to RIM, that made me giggle.. RIM IS behind in software interface and design, I still love my berry because it does things that other devices don't and its a berry.. staying loyal to a device manufacturer is like following GM through their crisis, minus all the greediness and corruption.

So any smart consumer will not go down with a sinking ship. I really want RIM to do something to revive their place int he market with something new, functional and radical that will change the way people see RIM and Blackberry devices.

That being said, this is my second Tour, and 4 9530's before that, and I had an 8330 before that. I love Blackberry, and I'm not an Android fanboy, just callin it like it is.

UM, Newsflash: BlackBerry is STILL the #1 selling smartphone in the WORLD!

RIM just has a different business model than the competition. They are more about EVOLUTION (gradual change) than REVOLUTION (radical change) than Android is.

I'm currently on my 4th Tour, last time i had to get a replacement i tried to convince Verizon to give me a Droid, next time, and there will be a next time, i have to replace my Tour i will either get a Droid or cancel my contract. it's not worth it any more to struggle with a phone that is so obviously flawed. I voted for Droid, the Tour was the worst blackberry i have ever owned, and possibly the worst smart phone i have ever owned.

Bonehead I couldn't agree any better!

The tour is my first BB but after playing with my friends droid it made me wonder. The truth is that a while ago the Tour was really the best smartphone you could buy on Verizon. While yes I love the Blackberry experience how everything is organized, also the Keyboard is absolutely phenomenal.The OS leaves a lot to be desired, I'm sure that by the next 11 months (when my next upgrade is) RIM will hopefully have at least OS 5.2 out. But as for right now OS wise Palm, Apple, and Google are wiping the floor with RIM. RIM makes great hardware which is one of the reasons why I LOVE the Tour, but I would like to see them put all of that hard-work and creativity into an OS!

I know that RIM can do it or I wouldn't of kept my Tour this long and I would of already jumped ship.

Despite all the glitz the most important thing with a smartphone is usability (remember Kevin's Hierarchy of Smartphone Needs from the Round Robin?).

Pre may be fast but it is inherently limited due to the fact that it is a web based OS. iPhone learned this with version 1.x and quickly moved away from that, but hasn't changed since then.

Have you ever actually tried to USE (as opposed to just play with) and Android device? Email management is atrotiois (even BB's GMail client is better than the one on my Droid), the physical keyboard sucks big time and the virtual one is nice but slows you down. Oh and don't even get me started about battery life. All those wonderfull widgets that make it look so nice also sap energy. I don't even get a full day of moderate use on my Droid without swapping out the battery.

And the Devour? Keyboard is easy to use, but the character positioning sucks. Oh and I can't even find a replacement battery for that one. If I take it with me unless I remember to turn it off when the battery gets low, it WILL die on me.

The tour is a very solid device and does what it does very very well and there is really only one thing that it is severely lacking and that is a good browser.

Let face it Verizon is like a really hot chick that just lays there during the hanky panky, a huge disappointment!
If I had to choose Take the TOUR BABY!

Am I the pnly person on the planet that thinks the storm2 is better than the iPhone, and the droid, and any other "slider" crap. I have the latest ipod touch and its fun to play around with, but its nothing compared to the storm2

To stay on topic i voted for the tour.... LOL

The IPhone is the single biggest waste of money and time. Anyone who bought an IPhone needs to write a letter to Apple and say what Gives.....Cant I get at least a full Apple on the Phone, some has already bit in to this .......The FREaky Steriod driven Blackberry SRtikes Again!

I think the Droid is better than the iPhone. Just start with the network. Since no one can create any app and then install in on the phone that is enough of a qualification. Instead Apple applies its censorship on what they feel you should be able to do and see. Most of the popular apps on iPhone can be found on Droid. Atleast the ones I want.

As for Droid vs Tour it is not close. The Droid walks away. I had the Tour from the first week it came out. Had it replaced Twice. After missing call after call on vibrate, memory leaks and poor call volume enough was enough.

1. Exchange Email without using a specialized server.
2. WiFi-Although not a big deal to me it is for others.
3. 5MB Camera- With the ability to show near DVD video and LED Flash the Droid is much better.
4. More memory on internal and SD card included
5. Faster Processor and with modding even faster.
6. Both Virtual and Slide keyboard are better than the Tour. To date I have used my slider three times. I type much faster on the virtual.
7. Open Source is the final factor. With Open Source you will see more apps and other items.

Just the latest one to post on another berry competition about the Storm2. I did the same thing a few days ago when the Bold went against the Pre.

Keep in mind that what we're seeing here is not a sampling of berry users. Most folks here are "early adopters"/bleeding edge gotta have the latest and greatest. I truly feel that most berry users just haven't seen the Storm 2 in action with someone who can show it's true potential. It's far too late to show them now since those that right it off have their minds made up. THE MOST UNDERRATED SMARTPHONE AWARD goes to BlackBerry Storm 2. I guess it will just be our (1 million + our) little secret

Not bashing but seriously asking for your opinion... How does the Droid not compare to the Storm 2? Why is the Storm 2 better?

I was a avid bb user for two years (8330 & 9530) with Verizon. Then recently I tried out a Droid. It's been night and day. Part of the advantage thought for me is that my company and personal email addresses are both with google apps/google mail, so that helps a lot. For me, an Android-based phone is the way to go right now.

The Bottomline is dont be a joker, take Tour, the BB will never let you down! Or sell your future! and Even stand up to the Russians!

As others have said, this poll unfortunately means nothing. The Tour should have never beat the iPhone, and the 9700 should have NEVER lost to the Pre.

I think he meant to say that it is not a fair judge of the true merits of the devices and in that I agree. There was no pattern to how devices were paired up. There is nothing to stop avid users from voting multiple times (many did) an from following this on twitter and the blogs it is apparent to me that a good amount of this contest was simply a pi$$ing contest (err.. friendly rivalry) between the blogs on the SPE network with some Laptop Mag readers thrown in for good measure.

I hate to say it but now is a good time to dump RIM stock! Android devices are far superior to and blackberry device!

as a blackberry user and lover, it sucks to say it but, Blackberry's suck compared to the current phones on the market.

and have tried several Droids and although I like some aspects of both devices, it appears that this is as far as the Tour is going to go at this time. I still voted for the Tour :D

They would never compare the droid to the storm 2, the storm 2 killed the i phone and it will also kill the droid.
Pole it I dare you!!!!!!!!!

Sorry but I voted for Droid. No way the Tour beats it; seen too many issues with a co-worker who has one, and let's be honest, BlackBerry OS looks positively antiquated compared to Android. And for the record, I love my 9700.

Assuming you mean an Android-enabled Phone, rather than, you know, some newly-developed android about to take over the job market or worse, kill us, I fail to see why you think that it's a big deal and some horrible conspiracy that the photo of Kevin faking a kick to the groin of the Android bot mascot was taken with an Android phone. How does that not make sense to you? Kevin is obviously busy doing the fake kneeing, how would he be able to use his blackberry phone to take the picture?

Also, believe it or not, Kevin is a BB user, abuser, and addict, but he does have friends with other devices, such as Android devices. You should listen to the podcasts posted on here; they'd be eye-opening for you.

I think it was probably meant as a jab at the quality of the cameras on BB's VS Android devices, but it's not a very good one since the Tour's 3.2 MP camera blows the Droid's 5MP camera out of the water clarity wise. More MP does not equal a better camera.

The Droid is such a piece of crap! I do not own one nor am I a VZW customer but I have friends who have/had the droid. They all have problems, they are always pulling the battery out to get it to unfreeze. I know people have this unfounded love for google but even the pre is a better phone and a better OS than the droid and the android OS.

I will not say you are wrong at all. I currently have a Storm unlocked and on AT&T. But I am going to buy an unlocked HD2 soon. I have no love for any one phone maker, but I haven't seen anything with the Android OS that has impressed me over the Blackberry OS or any other OS really. (for how I use my phone that is)

Yeah this is a "fair and balanced" pole. Whose is the ad wizard who decided to compare these phones together? It's like comparing an apple to an orange.

I just found out today that Android does not have voice dial over Bluetooth! This was such a shock to me. 10 year old Razrs have voice dial. What's up with that?

actually I think that's just Motorola Android devices. Apparently there is some kind of licensing issue with Nuance who wrote the software for it...

i'm still on my first tour from VZW, and i left sprint to get on VZW with the Tour. not only that, but the Tour does everything i need, and with grace and style.
VZW's service in my area is stellar, all my friends that i know with AT&T and the iphone, cant hardly make calls, or even browse the web in our building, and barely when we are outside.

my tour and VZW never drops a call, browses the web no matter where i'm at. plays my music, and videos, delivers my work email (i'm BIS, not BES). i even manage to download sizeable files with my bb.

the ONLY gripes i have is them switching to the micro USB standard, and where they put the USB connector on the phone..
ive dropped my phone, banged it, beaten it up (mostly sands case.. thanks to seideo's crappy cases) and it still keeps going, no trackball issues, no fluctuating signals.

so VZW doesnt suck, the tour doesnt suck, they both do their job and very well for me..


MicroUSB will eventually be the worldwide standard for phones, or at least any phone they want to sell in the EU. Other than my iPhone all of my current phones use MicroUSB.

I own both of these. While I'll admit, the DROID is a good phone, it's not something I could rely on. I can kill off the battery with moderate usage in 2-3 hours. My Tour, I can use it all day doing whatever I please with it and feel at ease knowing my battery life is there to back me up when I need it most.

What good is a phone if you have to carry spare batteries and a travel charger everywhere you go?

BlackBerry's may not be fun, and may not have any Zippo apps, but I can at least rely on it. I don't need or want to use pull email on a phone that can't stand a day of use to begin with. The DROID has a full QWERTY physical keyboard that is harder to type on that the virtual keyboard; that's just bad engineering. I could go on and on, but to sum it all up, RIM knows hardware and software, they make the better PHONE.

(Let me break it down for those who may not understand. BlackBerry: smartphone with other capabilites. Android Platform/iPhone: Multimedia device with phone capabilites.)
Phones were made for communication. PMP's were made for entertainment. There's no perfect in-between, but the better PHONE, the Tour. ;)

If comparing them as PHONEs only, then yes I would say the Tour will edge out the Droid, but as a multi-tasking, multi-functional device, the Droid is a better device. It may not be as polished as the Blackberry solution is, but it will only get better. RIM has held stagnant with their technology upgrades (aside from all these devices they are wasting time on). Google is constantly in a forward movement and making the technology/life blend easier and more enjoyable to manage. RIM just wants to make a bunch of devices and leave the technology where it was 5 years ago.

I agree. But until they workout their major issues, their phones aren't reliable. They really need to focus on power consumption.

I open the Browser for 5-10 minutes, the battery drops to 90%. I usually (between classes) will browse the Market and look up a few things on the internet. In about 45 minutes my battery will drop from 90% to 60%. This is all between 9am - 12am. I have tried new ROMs, I have done everything I can to conserve battery. Android is just a battery eating OS. Bottom line.

There are only a few things that keep me from completely switching to Android, but those things are major problems with it.

RIM, I love the way they have their phone set up. I love everything about my BlackBerry, and I don't expect anything fun from it. I can tweet and use Facebook all day long and not worry about battery. I get Facebook notifications, not emails saying, "Click this link to view the wall post." (I know it's push email that simply renders differently, but it works perfectly.) Using Twitter and Facebook on my DROID is a nuisance.

Neither is perfect, but BlackBerry is more refined and has less kinks.

The battery issue isn't just a software issue (thought that is part of it) but a Motorola issue.

moto = crappy battery life. I've hard some of the new dumb phones are pretty good now but the razor sucked, razor max sucked, and that moto vcast multimedia phone everyone was so gaga about a couple years ago also sucked.

Droid will get this win hands down. Better multi-tasking, phone quality/clarity is comparable to the Tour (I noticed no difference in my trials), while email did not "push" as fast as the Tour (on BES), a few seconds was the difference and negligable. Email look and function was better on the Droid. I love my Tour, but when it comes down to a my taste, the Droid is better.

I feel the users who use these phones are completely different and it's unfair to really put the two against each other.

The problem with these polls is that they associate a carrier with the phone (although some phones only have 1 carrier i.e. iPhone), but obviously people with VZW will have more people voting for their carrier/phone. I guess the argument goes down to, is it the phone they're comparing or is a phone only as good as its network?

Android is unstopable right now. On a major BB site, it won the poll. RIM pay attention. Hope that 6.0 can keep up. It is what it is. Don't hate on someone who post about the droid OS being great. RIM needs to learn how to mix business with pleasure.

How some of u guys going to come in a blackberry forum and choose a droid??? I'm going for the tour all the way is the droid even a world phone? Plus those of u guys talking about wifi this wifi that I bet most of the time yall don't even use it or forget yall have it in a everyday basis

World phone? So what? What percentage of customers do you think fly around the world so much that they need a world phone?

Plus, I guess you wouldn't know how useful wifi can be since you haven't used it. There are tons of coffee shops and places with free wifi, and even when I get full bars WiFi is much much faster.

This is dumb, the droid destroys any blackberry, some of you people are jackasses choosing blackberry just cause you own one. keep it real everybody knows android is taking over do yall even know what android/google is getting ready to do? they have so much going on right now that i feel bad for RIM.

And stop saying "it should be storm2 vs droid" because the storm2 doesn't stand a chance either and once rooted and overclocked the droid becomes a super super super smart phone crushing all others. android is now quickly becoming king of the mobile world apple is so afraid of googles takeover that they are trying everything to derail them. the takeover has already begun and as time goes on its going to become more and more evident.

The slew of androids thats slated to come out is nothing short of amazing all packaged with features supporting 3d platform gaming with playstation 2 graffics, 8MP camaras, robot controlling and live video confrence calling (check out the vphone on youtube)just to name a few. yall can be fanboys all yall want but the truth is the truth.

I have a droid a rooted and overclocked one at that and the battery life is awesome, it never reboots and/or frezzes and i never have to do battery pulls and far as it not being a world phone, so what more than half of you don't regularly travel the world so just cut it out.

It does everything a blackberry, iphone and palm pre does and it does it better. the only thing BB has thats better then the droid is email and thats not a big issuse because droid's email isn't bad at all it just not better then blackberry's in fact its nearly close to being equal as BB.

U droid fools probably travel around with chargers in ur pockets lol apple isn't worried about yall so is rim.... the android ui isn't smooth like apple, droid ui freezes wayy too much on top of that its a motorola !!! Rim got wayYyy to many blackberries in the market to worry........... TOUR TOUR TOUR I go to africa Brazil and europe with no problem and I'm with sprint !!! If I had a droid (wait there not even world phones ! Lol ) droid sucks get out of here

Yes Crazy, @antdagod, you're nuts...hands down. Droids are a cool phone, no doubt. But man oh say it's better than everything!?? Uhh well even though I have loved and used blackberries for years now, I have also had a couple other phones in my time as well. My buddy has a droid and I borrowed it for the evening. Man....I thought it was cool, and then I realized how unhappy I became as I used it more...and then laughed as it died that evening from me playing on it when I received it with 90% battery. Didn't like it, the end. Same feel I had for an iPhone, unreal browser!! the rest?....blah! short.....opinion's are like a$$holes, everyone's got em. It's the people that don't know when to stop $hitting that are quite lost and unrealistic.