Smartphone keyboards is our topic on today's Talk Mobile hangout!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Jul 2013 12:49 pm EDT

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Smartphone keyboards is our topic on today's Talk Mobile hangout!


I don't like where the send button is on my Z10. It's too close to the back space button. I've been embarrassed more than once for inadvertently sending incomplete, error filled messages. Other than that, it's darn near perfect for a virtual keyboard.

Physical keyboard is the best. If anyone wants to give me a Q10 and have my Z10 in place of it, let me know :)

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After the post about Keasy earlier, I'm too busy trying to fit a webcam to my Z10 to worry about keyboards anymore! :))

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Yup I've touched send by mistake several times along with a number of other 'buttons'. Touching the screen is a reflects part of holding it or just an absent mined thing to do ,but causes it to do something unexpected. I'm totally used to having my thumbs on the keyboard of my 9900 and just sliding them around and pressing. Four months of daily use on the Z is not enough for me.

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A physical keyboard is superior for comfort, control, and accuracy. Why else would we see so many iPad and tablet owners spring for add-on keyboards for their devices?

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I love my z10 but, the qwerty is pretty awesome on the q10. More friends of mine prefer the qwerty, hands down and, the add on qwerty cases just look awful.

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Q10 keyboard is the best keyboard I've ever used, of any keyboard. Q10 is the best smartphone available on the market today. Close second is the Z10.

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I choose the Q10 because of its hardware keyboard. Came from Android and can't understand why manufacturers don't build at least one smartphone with keys. There really are enough models for those who prefer a touch screen to input their texts.

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For me the Keyboard and Design/feeling is the one reason i always use my Q10. The keyboard i take over my android devices with full hd screen any day..:)

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Coming from a line of Keyboard-toting BBs, the Z10 offered a smooth touchscreen typing experience unmatched by the competition. I've had the Iphone 4 then switched to several Androids for my secondary device for media consumption. It took a mere day or two to become as quick a typer on my Z10 from my 9900 but sometimes muscle memory gets in the way. My hands got used to knowing where I am on the keyboard by touch alone. Now I gotta look at the screen. But compared to Android, I STILL look at the screen and not the keyboard. The Z10 keyboard is a joy to use and it encourages you to type full words instead of auto correct because it's just that fun to use. When I type on my Android I rely heavily on auto correct because I can't seem to get as precise as I wanna be. I think part of it is caused by the size of the phone and the keyboard layout. BB really got that hands down no arguments perfect. Plus swiping auto correct and word finishing gives me a very different but very reliable typing experience. I can't believe how my Z10 seems to really know what I wanna say even when using 2 languages. I'm still not as fast compared to my 9900 but that's hardly noticeable now. And my Z10 still makes me type a whole lot faster than any other touchscreen keyboard

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It appears RIM paid CrackBerry to work on their keyboard device campaign.

I am a keyboard user. If you do a survey out of this website and among the general phone users, only 1% will sacrifice screen size for keyboard.

RIM must focus on big screen.

Of cause big screen + keyboard is the best. No slider or any moving part though.

Keep moving; keep innovating.


It's horses for courses, some people will prefer a keyboard and some a touch screen. I for one have tried to live with the Z10(thanks Crackberry) but I cannot cope with the touch screen. Too many mistakes are made and sent before I realise. For me the other thing is the quality of the screen, not the size.

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For the ones who are on the move - physical keyboard is the best...
For gamers and else...The touch screen display works best...
In the end its the buyer's perception...

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For physical keyboards BlackBerry wins uncontested.

I never liked touch screen keyboards much until I tried a Z10. I now have a Z10 and even after trying a Q10 I can't see myself giving up my Z10. Sure it's keyboard could do with some improvement like line breaks where it isn't available now but it can only get better and that's from being the best touch screen keyboard I've used. There are some good Android keyboards available but the Z10 comes standard with it's keyboard out the box.

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I like both physical and touch blackberry keyboards. The zed 10 virtual Keyboard is a dream to use, and I feel comfortable using it. I come from a long time of physical BlackBerry keyboard use too-starting with my 7250 way back when.
I'd love to own a Q10-that keyboard is NICE...but I love my zed 10 as it is though.
Bottom line-throw it at me blackberry, I'll like it!

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